Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting – Hello, hero! In this guide, we will discuss how to install Automatic SSL in your cPanel. You may use this SSL on the Service for free.

An SSL Certificate or Secure Sockets Layer is a security system that should be added to your system. The main purpose of installing SSL is to keep the connection to your site safe or secure. Data transfer and data security.

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

Almost every website on the internet uses an SSL connection and there are many benefits when you install this SSL certificate on your site that we will discuss in this article.

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SSL is a security protocol that works to protect data on your website, such as logins, usernames, passwords, and credentials left on your site.

SSL is specified in the https protocol link in the browser URL. and marked with a green lock means a safe or secure connection.

Now, there are many free SSL providers like letsecrypt, cloudflare and many other SSL providers that you can find on the internet.

However, you can use it for free even after purchasing a hosting product such as a web hosting provider.

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This Auto SSL will automatically issue your site’s certificate, usually issued by letsencrypt, sectigo or Default SSL from cPanel.

For beginners, this feature is highly recommended because installation is not difficult, for all my friends who want to know how to install. Here’s a tutorial on how to automatically install SSL on your site.

Now, how to install Automatic SSL on your site. Now you can use https links on your site for free. This SSL is not free forever, but you can use the trial and you can still enjoy free SSL services.

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

Well, maybe we can talk, except, thank you. Good luck and luck. Cheers, guys! Here you can find #CanBaget tutorials from all over the world on VPS websites. So, worry no more, my friend! Don’t forget to give feedback about the course so we can provide the best one for you

Cara Mudah Install Ssl Di Vps

SSL is a technology that works to secure an internet connection and protect sensitive data being sent between two systems.

Nowadays, most websites on the internet are using SSL, my friend. Since July 2018, the Chrome browser has marked websites without SSL as “not secure”.

For a caring world. SSL can be installed on hosting by installing SSL on CPANEL hosting or installing on VPS.

By following this guide, you can install SSL on a VPS using Apache webserver. Follow the tutorial bro!

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The private key is the key to unlock the CRT and CA bundle. Now you will get/save this key when you start generating CSR. Check out this first step SSL activation tutorial.

Most importantly, the file name does not contain the word CA. what it is See the CA-Bundle explanation below.

A CA is a certificate authority that indicates that this SSL certificate issued by an authorized authority is authentic. This usually contains two or more CA files, which must be manually merged to form a CA bundle.

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

So, when you download the file, it’s a zip file that contains three CA files and one CRT file.

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Basically, there are 3 other files that contain parts called CA, and they need to be merged into one bundle.

The trick is to open individual CA files, copy and paste the contents into a new file (a text editor like Notepad or gedit).

Update the end result of this process, you will find three files including private key, CRT and Ca-bundle. Rename it and place it in the same folder to make it easier.

After all the preparations you have done, next you install SSL and Apache webserver. Fix the web server you are using friend!

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Apache is assumed to be installed on your VPS server. Then access your vps via ssh. Use the ssh how-to guide

Next you will need to create a folder, to place your local SSL certificate. You create a private folder under the /etc/ssl/ directory using the command:

Next, upload your SSL certificate to the server, and you can use filezilla to upload the files. In the Host Settings section you can enter something like this:

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

Then on the left is your local computer/laptop, select all and drag the SSL file to the remote location

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It is assumed that Nginx is installed on your VPS server. Then access your vps via ssh. Use the ssh how-to guide

Save and exit the file by pressing CTRL + X > Y > Enter. Then restart the Nnginx server by running the following command:

To ensure that SSL is properly installed on your Nginx server, open a domain with the https protocol in your browser, for example

By default, to install SSL on a VPS, you need two certificates, CRT and Privatekey, CA-Bundle is optional.

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Web Hosting 9,000/mo – Free Money, Divi Premium Theme (Page Builder), and SSL by hosting 9,000SSL stands for Secure Site Layer. In short, it’s a standard method for protecting Internet connections and protecting sensitive data that is sent between two systems. Nowadays, SSL is an important part of creating a website.

This guide will show you an easy way to enable SSL in your Directadmin group for free. Let’s go to the guide!!

The first and most important thing before enabling SSL is that you must first log into the right control panel.

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

Check out the domain you can SSL on points to the best NS. A lot. Because you don’t you will get an error when SSL is enabled.

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After the SSL activation process is complete, you can check access to your website. Make sure it can be accessed using https://. Make sure your domain name has a closing sign next to it when entering it into the browser

If you face these problems during installation, don’t panic. There is a solution. First enter the local setup menu

For details, the free SSL provided by Directadmin is Free SSL Encrypted. Unlike SSL, Cpanel uses Sectigo.

From Let’s Encrypt’s point of view, there is a rate limit or limit that enables Free SSL. The rate zone is 50 key zones in 1 IP. SSL was released on Monday 25th and Friday 25th.

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So, if you’re having trouble while trying to activate your SSL, it’s because of Let’s Encrypt’s rate limit. You can try again next Monday or Friday.

If you have the opportunity to always activate SSL for your domain, another solution is to use Premium SSL, which you can order through the SSL order page. After that you can use the SSL installation guide in Directadmin.

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Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

Hello everyone! After completing the SSL order, there are a few steps you need to take before you can activate and use your SSL.

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After running this guide, you will get private key, crt and ca-bundle. All three are valid certificates for your domain name.

When you get to the next page, scroll down until the menu shown below appears, then click on the blue “Click to Configure” section.

The “Server Information” page will appear, in the Server information section > Web Server Type (there are many options, ask yourself where you plan to install, edit the web server) for example IBM HTTP Server .

Right on the same page, then press the Create CSR button. If everything goes well, now the CSR and special key fields that were empty before will be filled.

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Copy all lines of the private key code and paste it into your favorite notebook or text editor. Then store it in a safe place, don’t lose it.

Also, in the Settings section, there is a column to fill in the DCV (Domain Validation). The DCV is used by a CA(Certificate Authority) before issuing an SSL certificate to verify that the applicant is authentic to use the associated domain.

In the “Management Exchange” section, this contact information will not be included in the certificate, this contact information will be used with the order and information related to the update.

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

After completing the administrative tasks and issuing the CSR you can proceed to this stage. This is indicated by the appearance of the “Finish Configuration” message on the next page

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Now verify using email, select the email option and then select the email that will be used for verification. Make sure this email has been created and can be used.

Now check the email you selected in the previous step, find the email with the Control Panel… , follow the instructions:

We currently authenticate using HTTP/HTTPS. After selecting Http/Https option you will get download button. In the Http/Https method, you are asked to upload certain files to certain folders to be accessed and authenticated.

Next, upload the file to the .well-known/pki-validation folder in your local root directory. For example, if SSL and domain are installed on cpanel hosting, you can install them first in the file manager. After that, you can click Settings > Show Hidden Files to find the .well-known / pki-authorized folder.

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If the process you are doing is correct, you will see that the url looks like this

If your domain is on Jagoan hosting you can add DNS CNAME using Jagoan hosting DNS Combination. For the example above you can add DNS like this:

If the DNS CNAME has been added, you can click Confirm to continue. If you have any problems

Cara Instal Ssl Jagoan Hosting

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