Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting – Seafile is a file hosting and cloud storage system with advanced features such as cross-platform (platform) compatibility, encryption and embedded file storage, and two-factor authentication (TFA), version control, file locking, online editing, and more. others. Seafile is written in the C programming language and Python and offers features similar to Dropbox, and others.

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how to install and configure Seafile server and Nginx web server and MariaDB database. We will install Seafile server under Nginx web server with HTTPS SSL Letsencrypt enabled, using latest MariaDB on Ubuntu 20.04 system. It is necessary

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

The first step we need to do before installing the Seafile server on the system is to install its prerequisites. Seafile is a Python based application, it requires Python 3.x to run on the server.

How To Install Seafile On Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial Xerus)

As a result, all packages depend on Seafile. Step 2 – Install and configure MariaDB

Seafile provides SQLite and MariaDB database server support. For this guide, we will be using the MariaDB database server for our installation. We will deploy the Sefile server using the latest version of MariaDB.

After installation, start the MariaDB service and enable it to start on system boot.

Next, we will create a new database for the Seafile server. We will create 3 databases for each Seafile area and create a new database user. We will create a new user named ‘seafile’ and he will have all access to the 3 databases ‘ccnet-db’, ‘seafile-db’ and ‘seahub-db’.

Ispconfig (web Hosting Control Panel) Linux Portal

Now create new databases ‘ccnet-db’, ‘seafile-db’, ‘seahub-db’ and create a new user ‘seafile’. Then grant ‘seafile’ user permissions to all three databases.

The MariaDB server has been installed, the root password has been set, and the database for the seafile installation has been created. Step 3 – Download Seafile Server for Linux Server

In this tutorial, the seafile server will run as a service in the system environment, and will be under a non-root user.

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

The installation script will perform a Python module scan. Make sure all dependencies are included and click Apply.

How To Install Seafile With Nginx On Opensuse Leap 42.1

Now for the database configuration. You will be asked two options: let the script create the database for you, or use an existing database.

Seafile server installation and configuration completed successfully. The seafile file server runs on port ‘8082’ and the seahub service runs on port ‘8000’.

The first time you run the ‘’ startup script, you will be prompted to create an admin user and password for the seafile server.

An admin user and password have been created – now check the seaafile and seaahub ports ‘8082’ and ‘8080’ using the netstat command.

How To Install Seafile Server On Wsl Windows 10 Subsystem For Linux

You will also find seafile server and seahub server running on Ubuntu 20.04 system.

For this tutorial, we will use our domain name ‘’ to create Seafile. To do this, we need to edit some Sefile settings.

In the ‘SERVICE_URL’ option, change its value with a domain name and make sure to change the default HTTP protocol to HTTPS as below.

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

Under ‘[fileserver]’, specify the ‘host’ IP address of the seafile service. Seafile service will work with local addresses as below.

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When the Seafile configuration is complete, it will run under the domain name ‘’. Step 6 – Run Sefile as a System Service

After creating seafile and domain names, we will configure seafile and seahub as system services.

As a result, the configuration of Seafile and Seahub as a system project is complete. Step 7 – Create Letsencrypt SSL in DHPARAM

In this process, we will issue SSL Letsencrypt and DHPARAM certificates. We will use the certbot tool to generate SSL Letsencrypt and we will use the openssl command to generate the dhparam document.

Seafile Net Work Attached Storage Installation (seafile Nas)

To create a Letsencrypt SSL, make sure you get a valid domain name and note your server’s IP address.

Therefore, the SSL Letsencrypt for Seafile domain and the DHPARAM document have been created. Step 8 – Install and configure Nginx as a proxy

In this step, we will install and configure Nginx as a proxy for the Seafile service. The Nginx website will run under the secure HTTPS protocol with the Letsencrypt and DHPARAM SSL certificates created above.

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

This concludes the installation and configuration of Nginx as a proxy for Seafile.

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For this tutorial, we will use the UFW light source to create a Seafile project. But we need to add SSH, HTTP and HTTPS services to the UFW firewall configuration.

Now you will be redirected to a secure HTTPS link and you will get Seafile login page as below.

Thus, installation and configuration of Seafile on Nginx web server and MariaDB database on Ubuntu 20.04 is completed successfully. Reference

Muhammad Arul is a systems engineer and technical writer. Has been working in Linux environments for over 5 years, Open Source enthusiast, highly motivated in Linux installation and troubleshooting. Works on RedHat/CentOS Linux and Ubuntu/Debian, Nginx and Apache web servers, Proxmox, Zimbra Administration and website optimization. Now to learn about OpenStack and Container Technology. Seafile is a private cloud application that offers features like Dropbox, and others hosted on your own server. Sefile is based on Python programming language and released under an open source license, you can create your own private cloud and it will be more secure.

Seafile With Raspberry Pi: Self Hosted And Open Source File&sync Solution

Sefile supports encryption to keep your data private. To hide files in a library, you must set a password when you create the library. Passwords will not be stored in the Seafile cloud. Therefore, even the server administrator cannot see the encrypted data without the password.

In this tutorial, I will install Seafile on CentOS 7 with Nginx as web server and MariaDB as database server.

Seafile is based on Python, so we need to install Python first to install it. Seafile has support for SQLite and MySQL/MariaDB databases, I will use MariaDB here as the database for seafile as it offers better performance than SQLite. Nginx is used as a redirect proxy for Seafile and Seahub.

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

In this process, we will install several Python packages, MariaDB and Nginx. We start by installing the EPEL repository on our CentOS server.

The Perfect Server

In step 2, we have already installed the MariaDB server, we just need to start the service and configure the root password now.

We will create a new user ‘seacloud’ and password ‘yourpassword’. Replace your password with a secure password! Advertising

In this process, we will install Seafile. Seafile will run under the nginx user so that nginx can be used as a proxy for the seafile and seahub services.

In the ‘/var/www/seafile’ directory we will install seafile under the nginx user, create the directory and put it on the cd.

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Seafile is now installed and running, we can access Seafile from a web browser on server IP and port 8000 (in my case –, but we won’t now because we will be using a reverse proxy for seafile. we will use the server and system service file to run seafile.

We will run Seafile as the nginx user, so we need to change the owner of the seafile installation directory and the seahub_cache directory to the nginx user:

Make sure there are no errors and check that the seafile and seahub services are running on ports 8082 and 8000.

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

For this tutorial, we will run seafile through the Nginx proxy, and Nginx will provide a secure connection (HTTPS) to protect the data. We can use free SSL certificate or paid SSL certificate, this is not required for configuration. In this process I will create an SSL certificate file signed by OpenSSL in the ‘/etc/nginx/ssl’ directory.

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Fill in the details requested by OpenSSL such as your name, country, email address, domain name etc. Then change the registry and document file permissions.

In this process, we will configure Nginx as another proxy on ports 8000 and 8002 for the sefile server.

I will use ‘’ as the domain name. Please replace it with your domain name in the configuration above.

Next, we’ll add a domain name to the seafile configuration. Go to the seafile directory and edit the configuration file.

How To Install Seafile To Sync And Share Files On Ubuntu

In step 7, we configured Nginx to use HTTP and HTTPS ports. Now we will open the Firewall ports by adding them to firewalld.

Open browser, type seafile domain name, in my case, you will be redirected to https link.

Among the various cloud applications available today, Seafile is an ideal cloud solution to use today. With library/storage level encryption features, you can store your data securely on Seacloud servers. In addition, Seafile is easy to configure and deploy on your server.

Cara Instal Seafile Ke Hosting

Muhammad Arul is a systems engineer and technical writer. Has been working in Linux environments for over 5 years, Open Source enthusiast, highly motivated in Linux installation and troubleshooting. It works on RedHat/CentOS

Running Seaf Error: Current User (0) Is Not The User For Running Seafile Server · Issue #1045 · Haiwen/seafile Client · Github

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