Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting – Seafile is a file sharing and cloud storage platform with special features such as synchronization from multiple platforms (cross-platform systems), privacy protection with file encryption, support for Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), commands, file locking and online editing. , and many others. Seafile is written in C and Python programming and offers features like Dropbox, and more.

In this tutorial, I will show step by step how to install and configure Seafile server with Nginx web server and MariaDB database. We will install sea file under Nginx web server with HTTPS SSL Letsencrypt enabled using latest MariaDB on Ubuntu 20.04 system. Prerequisites

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

Before installing seafile server on your system, the first step is to install its dependencies. Seafile is a python based application and requires python 3.x to run on the server.

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As a result, all Seafile package dependencies are installed. Step 2 – Install and configure MariaDB

Seafile offers SQLite and MariaDB database server support. In this guide, we will use it to install the MariaDB database server. We will use the latest version of MariaDB to use the ocean file.

After installation, start the MariaDB service and allow it to run regularly on the system.

Next, we will create a new database for the Seafile server. We will create 3 records in each section of sea files and create a new user. We will create a new user named ‘seafile’ which will have full access to all 3 databases ‘ccnet-db’, ‘seafile-db’ and ‘seahub-db’.

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Now update new databases ‘ccnet-db’, ‘seafile-db’, ‘seahub-db’ and create new users ‘seafile’. Then assign access to all 3 files to the “filesea” user.

Installed the MariaDB server, set the default password, and created the directory to mount the files. Step 3 – Install Seafile Server for Linux Server

This tutorial will run the seafile server as a service on systemd and run as a non-root user.

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

The installer will run python module checks. Make sure all dependencies are installed and press Enter.

How To Install Seafile With Nginx On Opensuse Leap 42.1

It is for setting up data. You will be asked 2 options: let the script create the record for you or use an existing record.

File server installation and configuration complete. Also, the seafile file server will run under port ‘8082’ and the seahub service will run under port ‘8000’.

The first time you run the “” startup script, you will be prompted to create an admin user and password for the seafile server.

Also admin user and password created – now check ports ‘8082’ and ‘8080’ for seafile and seahub services using netstat command.

How To Install The Seafile File And Sync System On Ubuntu

You will also see seafile server and seahub server running on Ubuntu 20.04 system.

For this tutorial, we will run Seafile as ‘’. To do this, we need to edit the Seafile ad.

In ‘SERVICE_URL’ option, replace value with local name and change HTTP protocol unsecured and HTTPS secure protocol as below.

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

In ‘[fileserver]’, specify the server IP address of the file server. The file service works at the address below.

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After setting up Seafile will run under the username ‘’. Step 6 – Run Seafile as a system service

After installing seafile and localname, we will configure seafile and seahub as system services.

As a result, Seafile and Seahub are configured as system services. Step 7 – Generate SSL Letsencrypt using DHPARAM

In this step, we will create an SSL Letsencrypt and DHPARAM certificate. We use certbot tool to generate SSL Letsencrypt and openssl command to generate dhparam certificate.

Installer Et Configurer Seafile (client) Sur Pc Et Smartphone

To create SSL Letsencrypt, make sure you have a real domain name and specify your server’s IP address.

This results in an SSL Letsencrypt and DHPARAM certificate for the Seafile domain name. Step 8 – Install and configure Nginx as a reverse proxy

In this step, we will install and configure Nginx as a proxy for the Seafile service. The Nginx web server will run over a secure HTTPS protocol with SSL Letsencrypt and a DHPARAM certificate generated on top of it.

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

As a result, the installation and configuration of Nginx as Seafile’s proxy is successful.

How To Install Seafile With Nginx On Centos 7

For this tutorial, we will run Seafile with the UFW firewall enabled. It is also necessary to add SSH, HTTP and HTTPS services to the UFW firewall configuration.

You will now be redirected to a secure HTTPS connection and the Seafile login page will appear as below.

As a result, installation and configuration of Seafile and Nginx web server and MariaDB database on Ubuntu 20.04 is successful. Orientation

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As the files on your device grow, having cloud storage to keep your files safe and accessible is a common limitation for your access and collaboration. Traditional storage services (such as Google Drive or One Drive) take up less space than modern needs and require large gigabyte fees. Seafile and Raspberry PI can provide a cost-effective solution for consumer devices

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install and install Seafile with a Raspberry PI using Docker, which makes it easy to install.

Seafile is an open source file sharing software with server and client software. This is the server part that makes your Seafile page available. This tutorial will run our Raspberry PI software. The client allows you to access Seafile from any external device. From clients, you can view and collaborate on your files using a simple web browser.

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

Seafile adds a security seal to the files stored on the server: they can be encrypted with a password of your choice, so that even the program management cannot see the files when using external hosting.

Installer Et Configurer Seafile (serveur) Sur Ubuntu/debian

For this tutorial, I’ll be using a Raspberry PI 3 Model A+ board, but you can use these steps for newer Raspberry PI boards.

If you need to access Seafile from the Internet and you have a public IP to do so, you can use a free No-IP domain with my help on how to install a No-IP DUC service on your Raspberry PI, just be careful when setting the port. For port 80/443, forward it to your home router.

Going forward, I recommend adding all the necessary tools to your favorite e-commerce retailer from now on so you can evaluate the value and decide whether to proceed with the project or remove it from the auction. So the tools will only be as follows.

Start preparing your operating system. Note that we need to use a 64-bit operating system to access the MariaDB container directly from Docker. If not​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​un, we need to modify our configuration file according to the instructions in “Creating a MariaDB container server with Raspberry PI and Docker”.

How To Install Seafile In Ubuntu

You can install Raspberry PI OS Lite (get a quick, headache-free operating system) or you can install Raspberry PI OS Desktop, in which case it runs from within. For smaller Raspberry PI computer models, Lite OS is recommended.

Here are a few examples, especially for Lite installations on RPI boards with less than 1GB of RAM.

Finally, install docker and do docker-compose according to the instructions below: Set up Docker environment using Raspberry PI OS Lite. Installing Portainer isn’t necessary, but it’s a handy tool for managing Docker environments.

Cara Instal Seafile D Hosting

Installing Seafile is very easy as docker and docker-compose are available on Raspberry PI. Create a new folder on your Raspberry PI. This includes a file remover. I’ll use “Seafile” because the created containers will get the original name from this file name, but you can use any name you like:

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Note that this mapper mounts a fixed volume on your Raspberry PI stack, so packages will be preserved even if you delete them. These volumes are located in your /opt/ folder and contain the Seafile files (/opt/seafile-data/) and the database files (/opt/seafile-mysql/). You can map these volumes to external storage to get more space, and be sure to always mount the external volumes to the same path when duplicating. afu

After configuring and configuring, save and close the docker-compose.yml file, and Seafile can be fully installed with the following command (run in the “Seafile” folder):

Please wait

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