Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

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Do you want to know how to create a monetized blog? Congratulations. Because you’ve come to the right place! Here are the steps you can take to create an attractive blog.

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

Do you want to create a website or blog? So, before discussing how to create a blog. Let’s understand the differences between a blog and a website first.

Cara Menggunakan Yoast Seo Di Blogger Atau Blogspot

Besides that There are a few more differences that we examined in → 7 differences between blogs and websites and examples.

In fact, there are many blogging platforms that you can use to create a blog for free. However, here we’ll take a look at how to create one. Because this single platform is proven to be the best and used by many bloggers and professional companies.

A niche blog is a specific theme or topic for the blog, so all you need to do is focus on creating content on the same topic.

This encourages your blog to be recognized as an expert on a particular topic. and get referrals from a lot of people As a result, more traffic to your blog and easier to earn money from Google Adsense or referrals.

Semua Bisa Jadi Blogger Bersama Ardhosting

Choosing a subject that you are good at will make it easier for you to come up with ideas. One day you may become an expert in this field.

Make sure your favorite topics are in line with internet trends too. To avoid wasting your blog content, you can use Google Trends to look at potential topics that are popular and search for them.

How will your blog builder be used? (remember not so you will need a separate hosting service.

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

When choosing a hosting service You should not be underestimated as it will affect the performance of your blog. So choose the most reliable hosting service possible.

Tutorial Migrasi Blogspot Ke WordPress

Because early blogging doesn’t require high server resources. It’s also easy to manage and supported by carriers.

In addition to hosting You also need a domain. Your domain is the blog address you use to access your blog, for example, your domain name. gives you the freedom to choose your domain name, unlike and Blogspot, the default domain extension is or In addition, change costs a lot of pockets. Gives you the freedom to choose your domain extension. For example:

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for domains anymore. Because Indonesian web hosting services offer free domains.

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During the payment process You can choose to install your WordPress website automatically. This feature is free and does not require you to manually install WordPress.

But don’t worry if you didn’t select this feature at checkout. This time we bring you a tutorial on how to create a blog by installing WordPress manually.

You can choose premium SSL feature or Whois Protection. Premium SSL feature is probably better in terms of security than Let’s Encrypt free SSL, of course. You can buy cheap and reliable SSL at

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

At the same time, Whois protection, or Whois privacy, protects your data as the domain owner. Doing so will ensure your privacy.

Cara Migrasi Blogger Ke Simple WordPress

To do this Log in to the Members Area > click the orange button that says Manage Hosting > automatically go to the cPanel tab > click All Features.

After arriving at the cPanel dashboard, scroll down and click the WordPress logo in the Softaculous Apps Installer section.

Next, you need to choose the WordPress theme you want to use. You can select any of the themes and change them later once the installation is complete.

At the end of the installation process You will receive a successful installation notification that includes your blog address along with the login URL to your admin dashboard.

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First, you need to login to your WordPress dashboard by visiting Or click Members Area > WordPress Administration > Sites > WordPress Login.

The first action is to go to the Posts menu and Hello World! Delete these posts and pages by clicking the trash can on the post.

You cannot delete this category before creating a new one. So our next task is to change the name.

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

Then go to the Edit Category page, change the title and URL name in the Category Name and Slug columns, then click Update.

Cara Mempercepat Loading Blog/web Dengan Efektif Dan Ampuh

WordPress date and time still follow the default European time zone. The third task is to convert it to the time zone of our location.

To do so, click Settings > General > Change Time Zone to UTC +7 (for WIB) > Select Date Format > Time Format > Save Changes.

You can set the number of posts to be displayed on one page. Go to the Settings > Reading menu and change the blog pages to display in the top column.

We recommend summarizing each post to keep your blog looking clean. To do this Click the Summary option in the Contains column for each post in your feed.

Cara Memesan Layanan Hosting Dan Domain

To prevent comment spammers You need to set up a comment column, so all incoming comments will be awaited for your approval before being posted.

To do this Go to the Settings > Discussion menu and select the Comments must be manually approved option in the column before comments will be visible. Then save changes.

URLs in WordPress initially have default settings, such as However, these URLs are very inefficient. Because you can’t see what’s in the URL and it’s bad for SEO.

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

This can be changed by selecting the Settings > Permalinks > Post Title Options menu. This option is best from a search engine optimization or SEO point of view.

Panduan Langkah Cara Install WordPress Via Cpanel Hosting

When you want to comment or reply to someone else’s opinion. You can customize your avatar. To do this, go to the Gravatar page and log in using your WordPress email, username and password.

Therefore, you should choose a theme that is suitable for your specific blog, customizable, mobile-friendly. and have good navigation

If you still want to experiment or experiment with your blog. You can try our free templates first. We have compiled a guide to the 50 best free WordPress templates.

However, if your blog starts to grow. We recommend upgrading to a paid theme. The goal is to make your blog look more professional and SEO optimized.

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (diuji 2022)

Next, you can search and select the theme you want to use. You can preview the theme first. And just when you think you’ve found the right template. Click install.

In this step, we’ll start with the most awaited step: how to write a blog post. Here you can put all your thoughts into the body of your article.

Are you ready to blog? when creating a blog You may be familiar with the terms posts and pages. These two are often interpreted as opposites in blogging. So let’s understand each other well.

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

For example, consider the image below. Posts marked with red boxes are published articles.

Perbedaan Blog Dan Website Beserta Contohnya

Thirdly, you need to specify some post settings, for example permalink, category, tags, featured image, etc. It’s all done in the editor.

You can preview articles before publishing. Click Preview at the top right of the screen > Select Preview > Click Preview in New Tab.

You can preview in desktop, tablet, and mobile views, so you can be sure your articles will look comfortable on different devices.

Finally, you can click Publish next to the Preview button. before actually publishing You can choose from the following reader groups:

Materi Pembelajaran Blogger Atau Blogspot Terbaru ( Gratiss!!! )

Plugins are one of the main strengths of WordPress when creating a blog. You can easily add functionality to your blog using WordPress plugins.

Then search for plugins in the search section. This time, let’s install the Yoast SEO plugin, then click Install Now on the plugin you want to install and activate.

A blogging platform is the medium you will use to manage your blog from publishing to optimization. Now this platform has made blogging easy.

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

However, several blogging platforms have sprung up. Some blogging platforms you may want to consider include:

Langkah Cara Install WordPress Di Hosting It is free and open source software. Therefore, a hosting service is required to access this software via the Internet.

In other words, it’s the only thing you need to pay for hosting and domains. then install the software is free.

WordPress is the most popular CMS. The platform is already used by 35% of blogs and websites across the internet.

That’s why we recommend WordPress. Although it’s easy to use, the blogs created by WordPress are not fake and are the most customizable.

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In fact It’s a free way to create a website. but using a subdomain that is the default I’ve never seen such a domain before.

Blogger or Blogspot is a blogging platform owned by Google. As a result, Blogger can integrate with other Google products as well, for example, AdSense, AdWords, Google Analytics, etc.

Another way to create a blog for beginners is by using the Weebly platform as Weebly has a simple system and user interface.

Cara Instal Blogger Di Hosting

However, SEO takes effort because Weebly doesn’t offer many optimization options, unlike WordPress, which can be maximized using plugins.

Cara Membeli Domain Di Blogger

In fact, each platform has its pros and cons. However, if you’re a beginner and want to create a blog quickly and easily, then WordPress is the right choice for you.

In addition to the easy installation process You can also enrich your blog with many interesting plugins and themes. You can get this freedom by using or

Still, packages are too expensive (minimum IDR 298,000 to install themes and plugins), so if you are just starting out, you should choose

The journey of our articles on how to create a blog is not yet over. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to make your blog a success.

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But don’t worry because we are here.

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