Cara Hosting WordPress Ke Domain WordPress

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Who doesn’t know WordPress? This website platform is very popular, especially among bloggers and online businesses, you know.

Cara Hosting WordPress Ke Domain WordPress

Cara Hosting WordPress Ke Domain WordPress

However, with the rapid development of Internet technology, anyone who wants to start a website can create their own with WordPress (without coding).

Cara Setting WordPress Untuk Pertama Kali

After all, there are many Internet users these days, and many of them are always looking for information from the Internet.

Currently, WordPress holds the record as the website platform with the most users in the world, accounting for 64.2% of Searchenginejournal.

Although it’s free, you don’t need to have a domain and hosting first, because WordPress will give you a subdomain ( and 3 GB of storage for free.

Because it is free, of course, the features are not as perfect and beautiful as you might think, but they are enough to solve the needs of a first-class website, for example posting articles.

Menit Saja Install Website Beli Domain Dan Hosting

However, you must listen and follow all the rules and regulations of WordPress, and be prepared to accept the fact that the free version of WordPress cannot install plugins and other topics.

In addition, only 3 GB of storage means that you should be able to handle the allocation of storage used in downloading different types of files. is the full version of This version allows you to host your website for free without any restrictions.

Cara Hosting WordPress Ke Domain WordPress

In addition, in terms of work, categories, themes and the availability of plugins, can fully meet the needs of the website from a single website, to even a large site.

Cara Gampang Dan Murah Membuat Website Sendiri Dengan WordPress

For domains, you can buy cheap domains from any provider. Later your website address will no longer use the subdomain.

After that, you will be asked to enter the user’s email address, username and password. Write everything down well before it happens so you don’t forget when you enter. If so, select the ‘Create your account’ menu.

You will be asked to enter the web part. An example of a category we are developing is ‘Digital Marketing’. Create a session according to your needs, and click ‘Continue’ to continue.

You will then be asked to specify a site name. Learning Digital Marketing is an example of a site name we use. This name can be changed at any time. So, you don’t have to worry about filling it. Select ‘Continue’ to continue.

Perbedaan Post Dan Page Pada WordPress

In the next step, you will be asked to enter the domain address of your website. Make sure the domain name does not already exist. We provide an example with the name ‘PojokDigital Marketing’ which will be Select the ‘free’ option so you don’t have to pay. Please note, this platform also sells domains and hosting like many providers

The last step, there will be a selection of different settings that you can modify, select ‘Start with free space’ at the top.

In order for a website to compete with self-hosted WordPress or other websites on search engines, you need to optimize it by using on-page SEO techniques.

Cara Hosting WordPress Ke Domain WordPress

In terms of things, the two are not much different, but make sure that you follow the terms and conditions of use so that the blog is not lost due to removal.

WordPress Hosting Terbaik Indonesia Gratis Domain & Ssl

As predicted before, after reading this article you already know how to create a website with WordPress, right?

So, if you want to have a website without worrying about the limitations, consider using a WordPress hosting service from, come on.

For your information, WordPress hosting is a type of hosting service specifically designed to run WordPress-based websites perfectly.

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Cara Membuat Custom Domain

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