Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip – How to Change Website Domain from 000webhost Free Hosting With Freenom Free Domain I think it’s easy because you can just change server name and change website instantly.

The website domain is a unique name like .com .id .cf .ga .xyz etc. so we can change the default url name to whatever we want like, , ad .fly etc much more. This website makes it easy for visitors to access the website, it doesn’t have to be as long as or others, that way we can make it easy to boost SEO if you want to follow. For this tutorial you must first register/login to 000webhost and already have a website or a test website.

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

If you want to create a website/blog on 000webhost, follow the instructions on how to create a self-hosted WordPress blog with 000webshot.

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If you already have a website but haven’t changed the name, you can follow these instructions as I also have a website that hasn’t changed its name.

Tutorial how to register for free hosting at 000webhost and upload website files (website online at localhost for hosting)

For those of you who have already registered with Freenom you can sign up immediately and for those of you who don’t have a Freenom account you can follow or search by name and check availability first. then register/login, such as:

Then you have to go to dot dot selection process hehehe if you choose the free ones there are .tk .cf .ga .ml and .gq i choose the free ones ..hehe how is the next article made wordpress blog with free self hosting

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And go to the next process, choose how long you want to use the name its only free for 1 year so i choose 12 months.

So, you just login / register immediately, those who already have an account where it says CLICK HERE, LOGIN, and if you don’t have an account, enter your email account…then check Freenom’s email and check it.

Then you will be prompted to write your own information wkwkkkwk.. just write it after clicking I have ………… and then ORDER COMPLETED

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

Next, go back to 000webhost and follow this picture, click SET WEB ADDRESS ==> BUY DOMAIN FROM …. blah blah blah

Wsl2 Set Static Ip? · Issue #4210 · Microsoft/wsl · Github

The domain must be registered with a valid registrar before the parking process can be completed. It only works if it is configured to point to three DNS nameservers –,

The purpose of the above is that we need to set up our name first, e.g. B. freenom by changing the nameservers from frendom, changing them to and to return to Then click SERVICES ==> my DOMAIN

Will happen, change the options to use CUSTOM…blah blah and change the NAMESERVER as, and just delete the rest.

And so there is no error or you might not like this, scroll down until you have the image below then click MANAGE ==> CONNECT WEBSITE ==> DONE – WordPress is the most popular CMS for millions of websites the Internet. If you are new to WordPress and want to learn more about it, the best way is to install it on your Android phone.

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy web servers and domains. In addition, you can learn how to create ads, build pages, install plugins, and install content.

Before we get to the steps, let’s first list the things you need to install WordPress on an Android phone.

You need a web server to run WordPress on Android. We use an application called KSWEB. The application includes server, PHP, MySQL databases, FTP and other web modules.

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

With just one click you can create a local server on your Android phone. Three web servers are available, e.g. B.: Nginx, Apache and Lighttpd. You can download it from Google Play Store or click here.

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Once the installation is complete, open the KSWEB application on your Android. You will be prompted to enter it. In addition, KSWEB application starts the installation process to install components like MySQL, PHP, Server, etc.

To install WordPress we will use the Lighttpd server because it is free in this app. On the Status tab, make sure Lighttpd, MySQL and PHP are running. You can go to the chat tab and check if the “Open Server” button is enabled.

To use phpMyAdmin you need to download some additional components. Just go to the Tools tab and click on the phpMyAdmin option. After that, the KSWEB application will automatically download, extract and install the necessary files.

When you return to the status menu, you will see two hosts under the lighttpd server. Host 0 points for

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The database is used to store all the necessary information on the website like usernames, passwords, posts, comments, pages, etc.

We create this file with phpMyAdmin. There are two ways to access it. The first way you can go directly to the address

In a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla) or the second way by opening the KSWEB application > Tools > Click on the phpMyAdmin option.

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

You will now see the login page in the phpMyAdmin web interface. The default username is “root”, leave the password field blank and click the “Submit” button to continue.

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Then click on the Database option at the top. In the Create Database section, enter a database name for your site and then click the Create button.

You can name it whatever you like, but don’t forget it later. As in the picture above, let’s call it ‘id’.

Download the latest version of WordPress files from the official website by clicking here. After the download is complete, extract the files using your phone’s file manager or a third-party application such as ZArchiver.

Next you need to copy and paste it into the WordPress folder in the htdocs folder of your storage.

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The htdocs folder is set as the root of your server. Once you put the WordPress folder in htdocs, open Google Chrome or another browser and go to the address

You will now see the WordPress installation page. Choose your language and tap the Next button. On the next page, click the Get Started button. After that, you need to enter the data connection of the data.

Database host and table prefix do not need to be changed. Once you have entered these details, tap on the “Send” button. Congratulations, you have completed all the important steps. Now you can run the installation process and continue setting up your WordPress website.

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

How to install your WordPress website on your Android phone by creating a local website, PHP and MySQL database.

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I hope the article How to Install WordPress on Android is helpful to you. If you encounter any problem in the above steps, please comment on this article below so we can help you.

By Etgar Kurniawan Hello! I am the owner and author of . I love WordPress, graphic designers, technology, blogging and coding. I will help you to get a simple understanding 🙂 Dynamic DNS or as we know DDNS is a way to change hostname IP. Then what is the function of DNS and how to create it?

In this guide we explain what DDNS is and how to create DDNS for free on noip. Here are more tips.

DDNS (Dynamic DNS) is a way of updating the IP of a hostname in DNS (Domain Name System). By using DDNS you don’t have to manually change DNS when the IP of the connection used changes.

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DDNS is usually used in devices that have a network connection (switched) to servers that only allow access via static IPs (allowed), e.g. B. Cheap Hosting remote databases.

Now there are many DDNS services that can be used, for example FreeDNS, Securepoint DynDNS, Dynu, DynDNS Service, DNSdynamic,, no-ip, etc.

6. In order for DDNS to always update the computer’s dynamic public IPs, please download “Dynamic Update Client (DUC)” from the “Dynamic Update Client” menu

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

9. The Dynamic Update Client (DUC) installation is complete, the DUC application will be released after connecting to the hosts created from this IP.

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Registration and DDNS configuration with no-ip is complete. You have already created DDNS with the corresponding host, in the example above it is

When the connection IP used changes, the DNS IP of the DDNS host also changes according to the actual IP.

To create remote file for hosting server please register DDNS host created for email [email protected]

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Have you ever heard the term virtual host or vhost? What actually is a virtual host and what are the advantages? In this guide we explain in more detail what a virtual host or vhost is and how to set it up…

In the previous article we explained what the inode is in hosting. In this tutorial, we will show how to check the number of inodes when hosting using cron jobs. Was this article helpful? Click… Some websites like e-raport and dapodik are designed to work locally. These conditions require the user to continue to connect to the network using the local server. By onlineing localhost (local server), the application can be managed anywhere as long as the user is connected to the internet.

To get localhost online you need a public static IP. But unfortunately there is a price that must be used to get a public static IP. Another solution for online localhost without public static IP is to use a dynamic DNS service like No IP or a tunneling service like ngrok. However, both services are still vacant

Cara Hosting Website Localhost Dengan Noip

Another way to have local online capabilities with your own domain is to use Cloudflare’s tunneling service. This tutorial focuses on the Cloudflare service. Some things that need to be prepared are: local host that will be online and domain name that is connected to Cloudflare.

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The above website is running on localhost port 8000. The next step is

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