Cara Hosting Web Laravel

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In the previous article, you learned how to install Laravel on hosting. Another thing you need to learn is how to upload Laravel to hosting. With this guide, you can do it quickly and easily. If you already have a website file created with Laravel, see the following guide.

Cara Hosting Web Laravel

Cara Hosting Web Laravel

There are two ways to upload to Laravel hosting: (1) Merge the “public” folder with the “laravel” folder. (2) Separate the “Public” folder from the “Laravel” folder. For convenience, we use the first method.

Cara Upload Laravel Di Shared Hosting

By default, Laravel will access the Laravel root folder and not its public folder directly. Therefore, it is necessary to create a path so that when accessing the domain, direct access is directed to the index.php file in the “public” folder.

This method is one that can be used. Another way to host Laravel is to modify the .htaccess file in the Laravel root folder on the hosting.

The next step is to compress all the Laravel files into one file. To extract it to cPanel, use the .zip extension on the file.

The next step to upload Laravel files to cPanel is to access cPanel. You can open cPanel by accessing the URL: https://domainname/cpanel.

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So the zip file from local will be uploaded to that folder. You can upload the zip file to public_html or any other folder you want to use to access Laravel files.

If a zip file has been uploaded, right-click on the file and select “Extract”. Then the arrangement of files and folders will be as above.

The last step in the Laravel hosting method is to check the upload results. This can be done by accessing the domain or subdomain used to store the Laravel files.

Cara Hosting Web Laravel

Yes, remember to have a high performance website and don’t choose the wrong hosting provider and service type. If you want to make it safe and easy, make sure you use a cloud hosting service

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You always want free hosting with great performance. I myself always use Heroku when it comes to hosting issues. Heroku is a free hosting that offers many add-ons and doesn’t have many ads. So it’s not too distracting for the presentation ๐Ÿ™‚

PHP and Composer are the main things in Laravel development. Without PHP and Composer, you can’t create a Laravel project and if you clone the project from Github, the application still won’t work.

Heroku CLI is a tool from Heroku to interact between Heroku and your PC. You can perform php commands like login to the Heroku CLI and then perform tasks like creating projects, logging and migrations. To install the Heroku CLI, see this link: Heroku CLI | Heroku Dev Center

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If you want to upload a Laravel project, obviously the project exists ๐Ÿ™‚ You can create a new project or your old project.

To create an app on Heroku, you can open the dashboard page from Heroku, then click New, and then there’s a dropdown, then click Create New App. Then a page like below will appear.

There is no index.php in the Laravel root / main folder, the file is in the public folder. HtAccess is a mode for the server (as far as I know about the Apache web server) to change the action when the user opens the web. In this case, HtAccess is a mode, so when you open this web application, it will be redirected to / The target file is public/index.php.

Cara Hosting Web Laravel

So to change htaccess, you need to create file in root/main folder of laravel project. For example like the following image

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Heroku offers various add-ons such as database and analysis tools. In this case, you need a database to store the data in your Laravel. For Laravel, you can use MySQL database (JawsDB Maria, JawsDB MySQL, ClearDB MySQL) and PostgreSQL (Heroku Postgres). But MySQL requires (but doesn’t charge) you to provide a credit card and that can be complicated. Then we use Heroku PostgreSQL.

Of course you will ask “lo sis. I usually use MySQL. I can’t use PostgreSQL.” take hold If your development is correct, such as using the Eloquent model, the code matches the database you’re using.

Such a page appears, and you do not have to fear expense issues. Heroku Postgres does not charge. In the App to provision column, select the app you just created. And click Submit Order Form.

First, we log in. To login, you can use the command “heroku login” and then the following page will appear.

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Here are the scenes during the push. When they push, they simultaneously install the requirements (dependencies) that exist in the Laravel project.

After pushing the application, try to open the app. Of course there will be a 500 error. Because your NV is not correct. Laravel has env in its project. An error will occur if env does not exist.

Therefore, you need to set some environment. Like app key followed by app url, database name, username used in database etc. To set such things, you can go to settings page and click reveal configuration vars. You can start changing your env. The env I use looks like this:

Cara Hosting Web Laravel

For example, if you use an old project, you need to make changes to the database, such as table (migration), then planting, etc. You can use commands

Cara Install Laravel Di Hosting Dengan Cepat Dan Mudah

Bird house Here are some ways to upload a project to Heroku. Thanks for reading this article with lots of pictures. I hope this helps. If you have questions, please ask in the comment column. I love reading ๐Ÿ™‚ Laravel is a php framework that helps you create web-based applications. Laravel can be obtained and used immediately for free – simply because it has an open source license. As of the writing of this article, the Laravel version has reached version 8, and the latest version will appear once every 1 year. But you don’t have to worry about skipping, because the changes in each version are not very significant. In order to use it online, Laravel must first be deployed on web hosting.

In this article, we use shared web hosting as a demo, and besides the low price, this type of hosting is sufficient for small projects. Disadvantages of this hosting, we cannot use CLI and a composer is not available, so if you want to update the package you have to do it manually. There are also PHP extensions that are generally not supported by some providers. Here’s how to deploy Laravel on web hosting.

First check that the hosting used can run Laravel without problems. Some things to check are the version of PHP, the web server being used, and whether the hosting can create databases. Don’t forget to reserve storage for the size of the Laravel project that will be uploaded later. There is a PHP extension that needs to be activated so that Laravel can run, the minimum specifications can be seen in the image below.

The above minimum specifications are the required specifications for a new Laravel project, the required specifications may be different if you have added another Laravel plugin. To be safe, use the latest PHP version to maximize compatibility.

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After ensuring all the minimum requirements are met, it’s time to upload the Laravel project to the web hosting. There are many ways to upload, the easiest is using FTP. First make the laravel project folder a zip file and then upload it using the file manager located in the used hosting panel. Upload this file to the root/home directory of your web hosting

Usually web hosting does not have a terminal facility, the lack of this facility makes it impossible to use commands like composer or php artisan. So, make sure that the project folder you uploaded already has a vendor folder so we don’t need to use the composer command anymore. After the upload process is complete, unzip the folder. Move all content from “public” folder of laravel project to “public_html” folder in your hosting cpanel or “httpdocs” if you use plesk. The folder structure will look like the image below.

Although the project folder is uploaded, now we can’t access the website, now an error appears if accessed. To fix this we need to edit the index.php file. Then replace all the lines below and add the name of the folder created when uploading the file. In this case our folder name is laravel.

Cara Hosting Web Laravel

Now the website is accessible and Laravel will display the default view or main view depending on the previously uploaded project.

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If the Laravel project you are creating is an application that uses CRUD, we need to create a database for the application to function properly. Create a database using PhpMyAdmin or other software available in the web hosting panel. When creating a database, the information to be entered is the database name, username and password to access the database. After the database is successfully created, we are ready to move on to the next step.

Now we need to connect the laravel project to the database we created earlier and open the .env file in the laravel project folder with the information we saved. If you can’t find the file in question, use the .env.example file, but don’t forget to rename it to .env after you’re done editing. Change the settings in the .env as follows.

The last step is to edit the file system.php in the “project/config” folder. This file needs to be edited to make it easier when uploading files and calling them using Laravel. Adjust the following lines as needed.

After that we need to create a symbolic link connecting the storage folder

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