Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

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Uploading files is easy with CodeIgniter being one of the best systems. Get started by uploading files, photos, documents and more. However, you need to add a file upload program first.

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

For the frontend it is created using HTML form with input form file type. Meanwhile, on the backend, it uses the file upload library to process the input files sent from the form and store the files in the upload directory.

Membuat Website Dengan Codeigniter Dari Nol Sampai Online Ke Hosting

In this guide we are using localhost XAMPP to run the web server. Following are the steps to upload files using CodeIgniter.

First of all, you need to login to CodeIgniter official website. Here you need to download CodeIgniter.

In this tutorial we will be using CodeIgniter 3 version. This version was chosen because it is easier to use than other CodeIgniter versions.

Once the download process is complete, extract the CodeIgniter zip file by right-clicking and selecting Extract All. Like the picture below.

Cara Install Framework Codeigniter Melalui Softaculous

Next, copy the downloaded CodeIgniter folder to the xampp/htdocs folder. Rename the CodeIgniter folder for easy access when running XAMPP on localhost.

Next, make sure CodeIgniter is accessible from your computer’s localhost. To access CodeIgniter on localhost, how to enter localhost url in your web browser. As in the example image below.

After you have downloaded and installed CodeIgniter. Next, open the CodeIgniter folder. Then, create a new folder called “Uploads”.

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

Then, go into the CodeIgniter folder, find the Applications > Controllers folder. Once inside the Controllers folder, create a file called ImageUpload_Controller.php. The file is used as the backend of the website that creates the system and engine of the website.

Source Code Aplikasi Pengiriman Barang Berbasis Web Dengan Codeigniter

After creating the backend in the CodeIgniter controllers, you need to create a frontend view uploaded to the Views folder. The location of the Views folder is in Applications > Views.

To check if CodeIgniter can be used to upload files, you can enter the localhost url in your web browser. As in the example image below.

In the above url, the first app is the name of the CodeIgniter folder. So you can edit the url to the name of the CodeIgniter folder you created.

Then click Select File to select the image/file you want to send. Then click Upload the file to the server.

Cara Upload Project Rest Api Lumen 8 Ke Web Hosting

To view the image you just uploaded, click View My Image. To return to the file upload page, click Return to uploading images.

In this guide, you have successfully created a website file upload feature. However, the code and design of the website above is definitely not perfect. You may need to make the interface better using CSS or Bootstrap. So that the design of the website you create is not boring.

Here’s a tutorial on how to build a website file upload feature with the CodeIgniter framework. If you need help getting the code or adding the code to the CodeIgniter app, you can ask questions in the comments below.

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

Get a variety of educational articles, interesting insights and tips about the online world straight to your email. Sign up now and get success with us! In CodeIgniter 3 and earlier versions, it is easy to upload codeigniter project files to hosting. This is done by uploading the website files to the domain’s root directory, as well as uploading the database and editing the database connection. After that your website is accessible. But for CodeIgniter 4, there are additional settings that need to be configured for the website to work properly. You need to set the path using the index.php file.

Tutorial Framework Codeigniter 4

In this article we will discuss how to upload CodeIgniter 4 files to cPanel based hosting. You can apply this guide here for users of cloud hosting, unlimited hosting and shared hosting services. Here’s the full guide:

Additional sub-domains and domains have separate folders in public_html. For example, in this example, the subdomain document root uses /public_html/ci4_subdomain

For the main domain, the modified index.php file is in the public_html folder, while for subdomains/addons it is in the ci4_subdomain folder.

After the index file editing process is completed, please check the config.php file to edit the base_url and database configuration. You can check this base_url file through the config/config.php folder, to configure the database, you can follow these instructions: Editing CodeIgniter database connection.

Apa Itu Codeigniter? Pengertian, Cara Kerja, Kelebihan, Dan Fiturnya

Now the CodeIgniter 4 Download Guide for Hosting is complete. You can try to access the website to see the results of the completed confirmation.

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Sometimes, a web application installed and running fine on localhost, gets an error when uploading to the host. One of the most common reasons is the difference in the php version between the hosting and …

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

One of the deprecated functions in PHP version 5.3.x is ereg and ereg_replace(). So if your site script uses ereg or ereg_replace you get an error message “ereg is…

Cara Instalasi Framework Codeigniter Dengan Mudah

Guide how to install SSL in Plesk Panel 12. 1. Login to Plesk by url 2. Generate CSR Enter “Websites and Domains” menu, then “Secure your sites” link “Add SSL certificate “…Follow technical content writer David Kurniawan, Specialist in Virtual Private Server (VPS) , WordPress and Internet Marketing. David is passionate about helping people grow their businesses online.

CodeIgniter is a framework known for being lightweight and one of the best frameworks out there. The core of this system needs a few small libraries to be able to store web resources. Additional libraries are dynamically loaded during request processing, depending on the needs of a process. That’s why the basic structure of CodeIgniter is very simple and fast.

In this way, you can create a high-quality website without requiring a lot of resources from the hosting you use.

So, in this article we will explain two ways to install CodeIgniter i.e. manual way (upload) and automatic way for easy cPanel hosting. Here’s the full guide:

Tutorial Installasi Codeigniter 4

The first thing is to login to your cPanel account. Enter your cPanel username and password and click Login.

Next, enter the database name. You can name the data as you like. Type your database name in the column without using spaces. After entering the database name, click the Create Database button as shown below.

Scroll down and you will see the Add New User section. Enter the username in the column provided without spaces. Then enter a new password for your database user.

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

You can use a password generator to generate a random password. Don’t forget to record the generated password when you use this feature. Then, click the Create User button.

Struktur Folder Framework Codeigniter 3

Then, add the user to the database in the Add User To Database section. You will see drop down lists for User and Database. Select the user and data you want to connect to. In this example we will add u7918647_UserName to the database u7918647_DatabaseName.

Once you’re done adding users to the database, you can start uploading CodeIgniter files. Make sure you download CodeIgniter. Alternatively, you can download the CodeIgniter file here.

After that you will be directed to the upload page. Click Select File to Upload CodeIgniter and select the downloaded CodeIgniter file to upload.

Then a new CodeIgniter folder will appear, open the CodeIgniter folder and move the contents of the file into the CodeIgniter folder, then Select All > Click Move > Change the location of the folder as shown below > Click the Move Files.

Cara Membuat Template Web Dengan Codeigniter

After that, you need to edit the database.php and config.php files. The purpose is to enable CodeIgniter to connect to the database on the hosting.

First, open the CodeIgniter file in the public_html folder and open the Applications > Config folder. Then right click on the database.php file and click edit.

Below is an example of setting username, password and data in the database.php file. Then click Save Changes to save the changes.

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

Next, add the domain link to the config.php file. The goal is to reset your code to CodeIgniter when you log in. In this tutorial we are using domain Click Save Changes to save the changes. For example like the picture below.

Cara Menghubungkan Database Firebase Dengan Codeigniter

Apart from the above method, you can also install CodeIgniter in cPanel. The method is very simple by following the instructions:

After that, you will be redirected to the Softaculous page. Then type “codeigniter” in the Softaculous search field as below and click on CodeIgniter.

After that, you will be redirected to the CodeIgniter installation page on Softaculous. To start the CodeIgniter installation process, click Install Now.

After that, you will be directed to the CodeIgniter installation process page. Wait for the installation process and CodeIgniter is ready to use.

Tips Upload Web Dari Local Ke Hosting Menggunakan Filezilla

Easy, right? There are two ways to install CodeIgniter on your hosting to choose from. You can choose the easiest way for you. So here are the instructions for installing CodeIgniter on hosting. If you still have questions, feel free to post them in the comment column. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates on VPS hosting and WordPress tutorials from us.

Get a variety of educational articles, interesting insights and tips about the online world straight to your email. Sign up now and get success with us! CodeIgniter is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks today. Some RW residents do not use CodeIgniter to build their website applications. Difficulties often occur when a new website comes online. So, here we will share how to upload CodeIgniter 3 on CPanel hosting.

This guide is aimed at RW residents who have created a site based on CI 3 on localhost, then want to upload their site to hosting. For those using CodeIgniter 4, learn the instructions through the article: Install CodeIgniter 4 on your hosting.

Cara Hosting Web Codeigniter

In addition to uploading files to the website, you need a database for your website. The first step is to create a database with the article on creating a database in cPanel hosting.

Apa Itu Codeigniter? Definisi, Fitur, Manfaat, Hingga Cara Pakainya

Then you need to export and import the SQL database hosting on localhost. Step by step

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