Cara Hosting Pada Aplikasi Zya Cbt

Cara Hosting Pada Aplikasi Zya Cbt – Today there are many online exam programs that offer a variety of interesting tools. Start for free or pay a relatively high price.

This possibility exists in the area of ​​the online examination program, which has an extensive infrastructure and can be used in schools or other educational institutions. The online exam program is called ZYA CBT.

Cara Hosting Pada Aplikasi Zya Cbt

Cara Hosting Pada Aplikasi Zya Cbt

The ZYA CBT online exam program is based on the popular CodeIgniter system in the web programming world and powered by a MySQL database. ZYA CBT currently offers support for three types of questions, namely multiple choice questions, text answer problems and short answer problems.

Cara Membuat Aplikasi Ujian Online Berbasis Android

Currently, the ZYA CBT online exam program provides excellent hearing (audio) support. Audio files supported by the ZYA CBT online exam program are MP3 format files only.

The ZYA CBT Error Data Export/Import tool is used to easily share error data with other servers that are using ZYA CBT and have similar problems. Like the application of the exam conducted by the school school together with its members or others.

The distribution of XAMPP Portable with ZYA CBT can only be installed on the Windows operating system. This section makes it easier for colleagues who are new to Apache and MySQL. Instructions for using XAMPP Portable are in the xampp folder after extracting the file.

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