Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree

Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree – There seem to be many websites now that offer free hosting to their customers, of course they must have their pros and cons, luckily they may have customers who will one day be these loyal customers. Get comfortable with this hosting, then upgrade and pay. for premium. Hosting here, but the downside is that they provide free storage to manage our website, subdomains, DNS, servers and other services, nothing to lose? Thus, in this free service, InfintiFree advertises income so that you do not lose …

With free hosting, we use it to learn about the website before we buy premium hosting, it’s a shame we don’t know anything about building a website, but we bought premium, if you can’t, how do you manage it?

Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree

Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree

If you want to create a ready-made website and get it online at Infinityfree free hosting, you must first create a website account to customize your website, so you can get a free domain (subdomain). .

Pengalaman Suspended Account Free Hosting !

Here you got a subdomain from, you can choose a subdomain, if everyone clicked create account, there is and

If you want to use another registered domain, for example,,, you can put it here, choose your own domain, nameservers or use it. listed on the registered domain. Previously registered. Read here for details Create WordPress with Freenom Domain and InfinityFree with Filezilla

5. If it’s been a while, just refresh your browser, if it’s not active, refresh until it’s active.

If you want to install website, just click Go to Control Panel, you can’t go directly to file manager / download website file directly, because after clicking No Approval, there is no. You will be asked for approval first, click approve

Cara Hosting Di Infinityfree » Berbagi Informasi Teknologi Hari Ini

This is what cpanel looks like from, the name is also free, of course there are ads everywhere, if you want to go directly to cpanel, yes. login.php, but don’t forget the username (epiz_ …) and password when registering.

If you want to upload Infinity files, you can’t just panel your account, later they will be sent to Mosta FTP, because there you can upload .zip file directly without using FileZilla ftp. available, so the upload process is fast.

Remember to download, place the file in the htdocs folder and delete all the files in the htdocs.

Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree

However, extracting the zip file also takes the same amount of time, so I prefer to use Filezilla FTP because the software can detect duplicate or wrong files so we need to replace it, and it’s also easy to use. – InfinityFree has a lot of great features for you to enjoy and we think it is one of the best free hosting platforms out there.

Contoh Kasus Manajemen Proyek Sistim Informasi

We use InfinityFree, which can create a website with a free domain and web hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Also, you won’t have too many annoying ads. You can enter a custom domain name or choose a free subdomain name from 25 domain extensions.

This article is about how to post on InfinityFree, we write it well so that readers can understand what is in this article, here are the steps.

Step 2 Enter your email address, password and re-verification (see image). Once everything is filled, click Create New Account.

Cara Upload File Website (localhost Ke Hosting) Dengan Hosting Gratis Dan Filezilla Ftp

Step 4 After completing step 3, you will be taken to a new view. Click Create Account to create an account.

Step 5 There are two types of domain types namely internal domain and custom domain. If you have a custom domain, you can enter it and change the nameservers at your domain provider to point to InfinityFree. For a custom domain, click the Custom Domains tab, enter the domain name, and click Search Domains.

In this tutorial on using a subdomain provided by InfinityFree, click the Subdomains tab and enter the subdomain name and domain extension of your choice. Then click Search Domain.

Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree

Step 1 Click File Manager and you will see a window like below. Now go to your htdocs folder and upload your files here.

Membuat Website Gratis & Bisnis WordPress

Step 2 Click the Download button, three options will appear. File upload function to upload files, folder upload function to upload folders, zip upload function to upload .zip types. Then find the file you want to upload. We have successfully uploaded file named index.html.

Visit your site to see the results of successfully accessing the uploaded files or not. This is our site that you have successfully accessed. Note: This tutorial only loads static HTML and CSS type files. Like PHP files, you need to create and configure a database for professional use. conclusion

We can provide all this for you, if you have any difficulties or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

Control Panel Web Hosting Gratis Yang Bisa Dicoba

So that’s the article on how to post on InfinityFree, thanks for reading and I hope it’s helpful. Stay tuned for our next content.

Etgar Kurniawan Hello! I am an owner and author. I like WordPress, graphic designers, technology, blogging and programming. I’ll help you understand some technical stuff 🙂

Adblock detected. Please support by disabling AD-Block in your browser to continue reading this blog or sign up for the whitelist. Thanks 🙂 Refresh Page Hello Netizens, Greetings to all of you, so this time I am going to share my experience when I got suspended from InfinityFree. That’s why InfinityFree is a free hosting provider and the features offered are also very interesting. Previously, I learned how to create a website and save data on free hosting, because I thought it was important to learn, so there was no need to buy expensive hosting, now I started to create my own website. . did Here I used WordPress CMS and learned how it works, so how to optimize for SEO and others.

Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree

So, long story short, after blogging for 1 year from 2018-2019, at the end of December 2019, I switched to using WordPress, and now, as I said before, I started learning how to optimize the use of the website. Then on December 29, 2019, I suddenly registered for Google Adsense, then suddenly 2 (two) days later, I registered on January 1, 2020, to be precise: New Year, my application was accepted by Google Adsense, I was so happy that I received the following email when…

Layanan Web Hosting Gratis/murah Dan Unlimited? Buruk?

So after receiving the email, I was motivated to write content, then I try to update my website every day with interesting content and after 2 days I upload the content to the website. Yes, suddenly something terrible happened. before me: Terrible, I received an email like the one below

That’s when I suddenly wondered if it’s just called learning to fly by crashing the plane, I’m already happy that there’s an announcement on my website that cheers me up hahaha another problem appeared Yes, then I immediately opened my account InfinityFree and my account is as shown below I found out that Infinity Free is discontinued.

There I thought my struggle was in vain, even though my website had just been accepted by google adsense, and the worst part was that there was not so much data when I did the last backup, at which point I clicked “Done” and wondered how much it mattered. . Data hosting and database backup are free. This hosting, due to the name of free hosting, of course has its weaknesses, and if we buy hosting services in some services, we have to follow their different rules. I told myself why didn’t I back up earlier or buy a hosting service at the time, so this wouldn’t happen, but the rice is thick, I have to find a way around it. My account may be temporarily activated by Anant Mukt so that I can backup all my data

So when I reopened the account, I saw that we can appeal the account suspension. It looks like the picture below

Penyedia Hosting Gratis Terpercaya 2022 Pilihan Kami

So their language was there, my website violated their policy, I was asked to explain it by clicking “View Support Ticket” and then I tried it for fun with my minimal English skills. :cool

First, I sent a support ticket message in complicated English, which translates to “Don’t take down my website because it’s my first website.” Then a few hours later, Infinityfree responded to my message via email. like this

The answer is blah blah blah blah because I violated their free hosting policy. And then I got even more nervous, there’s no mercy for these people, right? I didn’t give up until then. Then I sent another reply via support ticket, at that time I replied to them in English, which was even more confusing, if translated into Indonesian, “Give me 2 days to get my website back up, this is my first web my site. , please, you can delete my data after this” to make it more believable (even though it’s really sad).

Cara Hosting Melalui Infinityfree

So they began to show kindness and advised me not to have a nose, what is a nose? Then I quickly researched what a faucet is, so a faucet is in some ways like giving away free bitcoins, even though I’ve never done it, but I have a post that brings a little bit into digital currency, but it’s no nosebleed with the subject of minergate Mining experience.

Cara Mendapatkan Web Hosting Gratis Untuk Belajar WordPress

Anyway, after the above incident, I forgot to mention that I suddenly bought paid hosting, so I won’t be suspended anymore.

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