Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost – For Website File Upload Tutorial you must first have hosting, for example here I will use 000webhost free hosting, there are actually many more free hosting providers but in this example I will use 000webhost.

If you want to know more about free hosting or free web hosting first, you can read the article Free Web Hosting, Create a Website with Zero Rupiah Fees.

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

If you do not have an account yet, click Register for Free then fill in your email content, but if you already have a 000webhost account, just log in …

Tutorial Hosting: Cara Upload Website Di 000webhost

Although in the example of using free hosting, I still recommend buying hosting because it is basically free hosting only for testing / bad for website competition issues, the site is also vulnerable to hacking, but it does not matter if you already use it. . Want to buy free hosting from the beginning again, please buy here because it is exactly the same product.

Now all you have to do is export your website data, for example I have a website that was previously accessed through localhost I will make it online by opening it on localhost enter PhpMyAdmin export SQL data on website Yours.

You already have SQL data … you go back to 000webhost then go to PhpMyAdmin at 000webhost so next time we will move our website SQL data to 000webhost

In the image below, import / enter the previously saved SQL file data of your website, then scroll down and press GO / SEND

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Di 000webhost

After that there are usually some scripts that will be changed because the SQL data that was previously on localhost is now moved to 000webhost hosting.

So to connect to SQL data first we switched it for me in SYSCONFIG.INC maybe it’s a bit the same, it’s a data link script

More or less the code is like that, you just have to change it through the database on 000webhost that we created earlier in the database creation step, it is the same. Then save …

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

The last step is web hosting. The way you go to 000webhost is to go into FILE MANAGER ==> SCROLL DOWN ==> UPLOAD FILE NOW

Tutorial Hosting Gratis Dan Kenapa Anda Perlu Upgrade Ke Hosting Premium

After you click on file upload, wait for it to finish, you will be taken to 000webhost file manager, that is where the website files will be. Save.

Then open the extracted directory on 000webhost first … then move all the files in the web directory to public_html

So, if you are done, click on the file public_html above, then click on SELECT FILE, then delete the folder on my site, because the content is empty, please move all the files to public_html, that’s it … this time I will do The steps are as follows: Steps to complete the process of uploading the hosting file to from the PHP, HTML, and Mysql project directory, which can only be accessed through localhost or offline, as we normally do. At 000webhost you can do HTML, PHP, Mysql web hosting for free.

How to host a website on 000webhost, we need to have an account and be able to login first. Web Hosting At 000webhost we are given subdomains for free hosting, so overall start from a file or directory and save the domain for free. On the internet, 000webhost is a free service that you like because it can host localhost to hosting in the form of a file exported from localhost and can be transferred to the website directly by uploading via XAMPP to 000webhost via FileZilla.

Cara Ganti Versi Php Di 000webhost 2021

For an account at 000webhost Friends, you can go to the 000webhost page, login or register directly at The login process is very easy as you can use an SSO account from Google / Gmail or Facebook.

If you do not have a 000webhost account, you can sign up for an account via the link The process can use an SSO account from a Google / Gmail or Facebook social network account.

Once you have registered for the account registration process or already have an account, you can immediately log in and proceed to the File Management and Web Configuration page so that it can be accessed online for free.

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

After completing the login or registration process, we will proceed to open the website configuration tab to be able to create web hosting settings in html and php format so that users can access it through the free internet screen. Fees.

Cara Membuat Domain Dan Hosting Gratis

000webhost provides hosting via FTP Here I use FileZilla to upload site property files to 000webhost hosting so they can access it online. To access FTP on 000webhost, configure the following:

The files I use are from learning how to create login pages using PHP, MySql and HTML, of course WordPress does not need any official instructions. WordPress is known as a blogging platform that quickly attracts the attention of all webmasters.

If you are new to the world of web development and want to familiarize yourself with the ongoing development, you should know that WordPress was first created in 2003.

WordPress is designed to allow users to easily add content to their website without the need for Any code. Absolutely! You do not need to enter any code to create a website with WordPress. In this WordPress lesson we will show you how to easily create a website with WordPress!

Terbaru 2022] Cara Membuat Dan Mendaftar Akun 000webhost Di Android

Since then, WordPress has grown to become the world’s largest self-hosted web hosting tool. WordPress is used on millions of websites and viewed by thousands of people every day. About 74.6 million websites now rely on WordPress.

However, if you already have coding knowledge, a custom WordPress site will benefit you in adding your own PHP code, modifying themes using CSS, making direct changes to your site via MySQL queries. To access databases and more. .

So you need to make sure that WordPress is the best choice for your website or blog. If not careful, start with this WordPress tutorial for 000webhost.

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

Of course, installing WordPress on 000webhost is the right choice. 000webhost is a free and easy-to-use service – you do not have to spend money on web hosting anymore, especially if you are just starting a website.

Cara Memasang Domain Gratis Di 000webhost

And most importantly, installing WordPRess on 000webhost is not difficult, even beginners can do it effectively. The user-friendly interface system makes the whole installation process run smoothly. Let’s try it together.

The installation process can be done through the WordPress installer, which takes very little time (a five-minute WordPress installer and a manual WordPress installation tutorial can be found here) or through the 000webhost automatic installer, which you can do As follows:

As you know, installing WordPress is easy. You will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard immediately. Use one of the following URLs to access the WordPress admin:

In this section you can access everything you need to get started with WordPress, such as writing your first blog or adding an “About” page or browsing your website, widgets, comments and other settings.

Cara Hosting Gratis Vue Js Front End Developer Dengan Gampang Menggunakan 000webhost 2022 !!

If Welcome to WordPress does not appear or you have accidentally deleted it, then hover over Display Options in the upper right hand corner and check Welcome.

Take a look at the basic settings you need to use a WordPress site. As you move the cursor over the settings in the navigation bar, you will see:

To create a new job, click the Add New button under Jobs. You will then be on a content creator page that will be the same as most word processors.

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

The content page has two tabs: a visual view and a text view. The visual view displays the text displayed on the completed page and the text view shows the post in HTML format.

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di 000webhost

Toolbars have different features, for example: bold (to make text bold), italics (to put italics and sentences in text), underline (to specify text in question), add media (to insert photos and videos into posts) ), HTML, tags, text alignment and so on.

On the right hand side there is a draft button used to save your work so you can resume. Next to the draft button is a preview button that shows what the post will look like on the blog after you publish it.

You can then change the visibility of the hosting option, allowing you to load posts on the homepage. With this option you can also choose when to post, whether you want to show it now or later.

The WordPress category serves to organize and manage themed posts so your content is easy to find. To add a new category, go to Posts and Categories:

Cara Upload Project Ke Hosting Gratis

You can also add WordPress tags. Click on the label on the dashboard. Name it correctly and insert the slug as you wish when using the category to add a new tag.

However, there is a big difference between WordPress and WordPress tags. WordPress categories like the Categories option help you group similar posts.

Meanwhile, tags are used to create groups related to various categories. Beauty, for example, is a category and lips, eyes and hair are labels.

Cara Hosting Lewat 000webhost

Pages are designed for static content, although you can change or update them at any time. Select All Pages from the navigation section to see the current page of your site.

Mencoba Layanan Hosting Gratis Di Freehosting

How to add a new page is the same as when you want to add a new post. The difference is that you can not select a category or tag if you want to load the page. However, the page contains the main page.

So if you want to add one more page as a child (s) of another page, all you have to do is indent the page in the menu section. As a result, the child page will look like a drop-down menu item from the main page.

You must be careful that new pages are not automatically added to the menu. To fix this, go to the Menu section and add a new page in the Custom menu. Menu visible under Appearance

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