Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy – Strategies for accessing intranet websites from the Internet (local webserver accessed from the Internet using Microtik and Speedy)

In the following, I will share some of my personal experiences and tricks to make our local webserver (intranet webserver) accessible from the Internet using MIKROTIK ROUTER, Telkom SPEEDY connection or other ISP connections. If you have previously shared port forwarding tricks from a Linksys ADSL modem (without Mikrotik), this time we will make Mikrotik our local WEBSERVER (even several local webservers at once) controller.

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

Well, we use Mikrotik as our router and this Mikrotik can be accessed from anywhere using our public IP. If we use SPEEDY, we can make Mikrotik settings like in this tutorial:

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Now, after setting up our Mikrotik public IP as shown below, we can do more, including setting up our webserver’s local intranet so that our Mikrotik router can be accessed from the Internet. Wewww… this is cool… you can have your own webserver without hosting…

Second: Change the WWW services or services that are actually / generally used to access Mikrotik webbox from port 80 (default) to the port you want, for example in this example I am using port 1007. The target port 80 is what we can activate. Local intranet web server.

Fifth: Before we go into further NAT rule settings, here we have created a local webserver at IP address Be careful and understand carefully the IP address and NAT settings, because this is where the success of our port forwarding web server lies.

Also note XAMPP (Apache Webserver & MySQL Database Server) status is already running and local websites at IP are accessible from local network as shown above.

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Sixth: From Winbox menu -> Firewall -> NAT -> then GENERAL tab menu, we will add a new NAT rule, select or set as below menu:

Seventh: After the above settings are done, we check access (from the Internet) to our public IP and then…. Taaaarrrraaa…

Well, let’s start again, from the Winbox menu -> Firewall -> NAT -> then in the GENERAL tab menu, we add a new NAT rule, select or set as below menu:

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

After completing the above settings, we check our public IP (don’t forget to write the port like that, yes) from outside (from the Internet) and then… Taaaarrrraaaaa …

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After our configuration is successful, we need to configure it with our domain name server. As in the guide below, we can access our websites name directly, no more access to public IP…

Well … this tutorial is clear enough, you can try it on your MicroTick. If it still doesn’t work then contact the nearest hospital immediately… Best wishes… Before blaming TM 100% it is better to do a little check on the equipment we are using.

Obviously, there are many ways to speed up the Internet, which we are left to learn ourselves. The tips below are more suitable for home users.

You want to know what your internet speed is now. Paying the bill every month is a waste if you don’t get the rate you deserve.

Laporan Kerja Praktek

I am sure there are still many people who are confused with these two terms. People often refer to megabytes as megabits.

As another example, if you download a 30 MB file at 1 MB at a time, the download will take less than 30 seconds to prepare.

This is the first thing you should do now. Check if your wifi has password or not.

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

Before blaming others, make sure you look around first. It is not good to accuse without evidence.

Penutupan Port 25 ( Smtp) Oleh Telkom Speedy

Copy (burn) to a CD/DVD and save on mobile hard disk or delete unwanted data.

If you have a budget, you can upgrade the RAM to 4 GB or more depending on the maximum RAM support in your computer.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is the name system for computers, web pages, and other things connected to the Internet.

It basically translates hostnames into IP addresses to identify computers and web pages on the Internet.

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In the Wireless Network Connection Properties window, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties at the bottom.

If you have done all of the above but the line is still wet, there is a possibility that you have problems with your phone line.

Try to pick up the phone if there is noise on the phone line (ie noise that shouldn’t be there – this is very common) This is a big responsibility for a press company and you have to be able to sit between two different interests. Appreciate our devotional work.

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

Viral – It’s common knowledge about IndiHome Telcom products but nothing wrong with Go Viral, review here now.

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Indihome Telkom internet packages are: (1) 10 Mbps, (2) 20 Mbps, (3) 30 Mbps, (4) 40 Mbps, (5) 50 Mbps, (6) ) 100 Mbps.

So, as per the title above, will Immediate Viral try to review how to find and quantify the great value of an upload? Because if the download value is specified, for example for 10 Mbps package, the download value is up to 10 Mbps, then for 20 Mbps, the download value is up to 20 Mbps. When you reach the 100 Mbps package, the download value is up to 100 Mbps.

So what is the value of the upload? For information on uploading and downloading. So uploading works when we send data to a server on the internet, an easy example is when we upload / send our videos to Youtube, upload speed works. When download works when we retrieve data from internet. For example, for example, we are watching a Youtube video, or we are downloading a file from the Internet, or we are browsing the Internet, then what is downloading.

In short, uploads will always be smaller than downloads (this applies to standard indiehome internet products, applies to WMS issues, and hopefully goes viral in the future).

Cara Membuat Ftp Account Dan Konektifitas Dengan Filezilla

Now, how to determine, know or calculate Indihome package upload value is very easy, that is, we use the following conditions: 1/5 x download value.

For example, for a 10 Mbps Indihome package, the upload value is 1/5 x 10 = 2. Similarly, for a 20 Mbps package, the upload is up to 4 Mbps, fully as follows:

That’s it uncle, the 100 Mbps package for Indihome Telcom products is now here. It is possible that in the future there will be packages with Wow and Jos, for example 1 Gbps package, it is only a short time, it is possible, please note this, direct viral typing / writing of this article September 12, 2019.

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

Yes, it is possible to change the above withdrawal value, yes it depends on Om Indihome Telkom’s policy. The value of an upload above is an immediate viral one, you know as of today, September 12 2019, so it may change in the future, again it depends on PT. Welcome to Indonesia. (LV – PP) Differences between Speedy and Indihome from PT. Telecommunications in Indonesia. Both brands have improved and added more complete and sophisticated features.

Cara Gampang Banget Memasang Wifi Speedy Di Rumah

The telco initially introduced an Internet access service called Telcomnet Instant, which was later renamed Speedy. Currently, the telecom’s latest internet service product is IndiHome Fiber Triple Play.

Speedy is a digital revolution from PT. TELKOM developed the Speed ​​product in mid-2006. This product meets the growing Internet needs of Internet users who require fast and stable Internet access services.

Speedy is an internet access service based on ADSL technology that uses copper cable media at the same time. This service transmits voice and data over the Internet over a fixed line from a modem to a telecom at speeds of up to 1000 Kbps or 1 Mbps.

Also, in its development, Speed ​​offers Internet data access services with unlimited quota at a speed of up to 5 Mbps.

Gampang Banget, Downgrade Indihome Internet Only

Speed ​​Telkom has high speed internet, LAN access (teleworking, SOHO), distance learning, video conferencing, Broadsact TV, home shopping and video demand.

In 2015, Telecom moved Speedy to IndiHome and made several changes. Initially copper wires were used as a conducting medium. Telecom later developed a new technology that was fast and relatively stable in the form of Internet services over fiber using fiber optic cable media.

Indihome Pt. Telkom’s triple-play service consisting of internet, use TV cable and home telephone and IndiHome products use two types of data transmission media, copper cables and fiber optic cables.

Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

Indihome uses a network based on fiber optic (FO) technology and can transfer data up to 100 Mbps. This Telkom service has additional features like IndiHomeView, MailOn and Trend Micro Security System. Features and Benefits of Indihome Fiber:

Cara Setting Lan Jaringan Setting Server Dan Client

Other interesting articles: How to enter a PlayStation Network account Indonesian language instructions How to subscribe to services after knowing the difference between IndiHome and Speedy

To subscribe to IndiHome packages, new customers should visit the nearest Telkom Plaza directly. Plaza Telkom now has offices in most parts of Indonesia.

Apart from registering with Plaza Telkom, you can also register with Indihome through the MyIndihome application. The telco now offers a special application called MyIndihome that facilitates the needs of customers.

Download from Google Play for Android users and App Store for Apple users. After installing the application, users can do self-registration or self-registration. Follow all the instructions until the registration process is successful.

Isp(internet Service Provider)

These are the differences between Indihome and Speedy. After successful registration, you will get feedback from Telecom about Indihome installation application. You can expect IndiHome’s installation officer or technician to follow up within 3 x 24 hours.

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Cara Hosting Internet Speedy

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