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Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo – UPDATE: Starting November 28, 2022, Heroku will end the free version. Therefore, the tips and tricks below will no longer be used.

Heroku is a cloud service, which provides a platform as a service. Heroku simply provides a ready-to-use platform without much hassle. This means that users only need to focus on how to build applications and then manage how those applications are deployed, without having to worry about infrastructure or anything else. So, in general, Heroku is really the same as other hosting providers based on Cpanel or similar. The only difference is how to use it. Deploy here means the build process (if needed) and automatically uploading the app / website to the server.

Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo

Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo

As of this writing, Heroku still provides free services, so you can still use Heroku to host your static website for free or even dynamic web applications that use databases. Of course, because it’s free, there are special conditions you have to agree to. This time we will only discuss how to host a stable website on Heroku for free.

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Make sure you have git installed on your computer. This is because the app/web process and many other operations on Heroku are done using git and heroku-cli. Download and install git from: Make sure you install Git according to your operating system.

To make it easier for users to use and deploy web/apps, Heroku provides heroku-cli. Install heroku-cli according to the system you are using here:

If you don’t have an account on Heroku yet, sign up first. Remember to activate your Heroku account using the link sent to your email address.

As of this writing, Heroku only supports server-based/web apps like node.js, php, ruby, go, java and others. So, if your app is just a static website, it can’t run on Heroku by default. Your website/app should be designed to be server based. One of the easiest ways is to use php. You need to include your html file in the index.php file. Like the example below.

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For example, the website we create is just a landing page that contains an index.html file and several css or js files, as in the example below.

Then create a composer.json file as if you were creating a server-based application that uses a php framework, such as Laravel. For this purpose, the composer.json file contains at least one empty object. This composer.json file will tell the Heroku server that the app/website we are creating uses “php server”.

The first step to start using is to login to Heroku using the heroku-cli you downloaded and installed above. If not, return to point number 1 above. Please open your terminal. If you use an editor like VSCode or similar, you can open a terminal directly there. For VSCode, click the View menu > Terminal.

Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo

For your convenience, in the terminal, change directory to your application/web folder (if you’re using the VSCode terminal, it will automatically be in your project folder). Then run the heroku login command.

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Then press any key when it says: Press any key to open browser to login or q to exit

After pressing any key, your default browser will open (if it isn’t already) and take you to the login page. Click on the login button.

If it appears in the browser that you are already logged in, you no longer need to enter your username and password, and you will be automatically logged in to heroku-cli. If you are not logged in to the browser, enter your username and password as usual.

If the login process is successful, close the browser tab. Here is an example of output in the terminal if your login process was successful. There is an email from the account you used to log in.

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Still in the terminal and in the application/web folder, run the create heroku command to create a new project/application on Heroku.

The above command will create a new project on the heroku server, where the result of the above command if successful is two URLs of the project. The first is the URL of the app/website, usually a URL in the format Meanwhile, the other URL is the URL of your project’s git repository on the Heroku server.

In the example above, the app/web I created will be available at url: If the url is opened in the browser, then the appearance is more or less the default view as in the example below.

Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo

Why the display is still default is because we haven’t deployed the app/web to heroku, we just created a new project.

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As mentioned above, the create heroku command will simultaneously add a new remote pointing to the git repository on heroku. To check the git remote more clearly, you can use the command git remote -v.

Once the project is ready, the next step is to push the app / website we created to the git repository on Heroku. Commit any changes you want to make with the git add command. and git commit -m.

This git push command, in addition to pushing the changes to the heroku repository, will also automatically trigger the deployment process to heroku (where you can specify which processes should be done during the deployment process to the heroku server).

5. Update and Redeploy At this point, you’ve successfully hosted and automatically migrated to Heroku. Then, as usual, you can perform app/web updates and commit as normal. And when you feel it’s time to use, do it. repeat point number 4.4 above, which is to verify (if not already done) and push to heroku.

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If you are still having difficulty with git commands, it is highly recommended that you learn more about basic git commands. So that the above explanation can be understood more easily. Start with what is git, git init, git add, git commit and git push.

Android (95) Apps (123) Apple (2) News (74) CentOS (1) Docker (1) Flute (1) Google (1) iOS (10) iPad (3) iPadOS (1) iPhone (3) Linux ( 55) Mac (6) MacOS (6) Programming (4) Reviews (41) Smartphone (1) Tips / Tricks (122) Ubuntu (47) Windows (35) WWDC (1) Free hosting services are cheap hosting services and for free. hosting aimed at students, start-ups and MSMEs. In view of the current digital developments, we want all groups and entrepreneurs such as MSMEs to be able to participate in the digital revolution so that they can grow. One implementation is to provide free hosting.

The purpose of this free hosting is to help those who influence change, such as business people and students, to have easier access to the digital world. Through this programme, we hope to bring about meaningful change and help develop individual and professional abilities.

Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo

Although this service is delivered to customers for free, the service provided is no joke. Because of course, you have considered the right specifications to use this free hosting.

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This free hosting uses Indonesian servers to make it work optimally, while for disk capacity etc., it is calculated that it is enough to build a website at the beginning of the journey.

This free host has specifications that have been considered to build a website. In this way, you can take advantage of this opportunity to create your version of the best website. Design instant creativity right now!

Build creativity and branding in digital media by creating a personal website. Fill it with interesting blogs and portfolios for personal development and hobbies. Sales and business too!

Not sure where to start an online business? Get started by creating an online store on the website right now. Attract a lot of reach as well as new customers. Try it now and expand it quickly.

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Advertising costs getting more and more expensive? Take advantage of free hosting to create a website and advertise your business here. Make your business easy to find from the business profile website and get lots of reach and new customers!

Here are some of the facilities and features that free hosting users will get. Of course, these free hosting specifications are well calculated so that they are enough to make a website at the beginning.

So far, the number of MSMEs that have started to go digital is still quite low. This is due to lack of digital knowledge and cost shock. Seeing this, it helps companies to bring their business into the digital world by providing free website hosting. This is in line with the mission to nurture Indonesian MSMEs into the digital revolution.

Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo

For business people and students who have cost issues, they can use this service to learn as well as display websites for various business and personal needs.

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Get free hosting services, use them to create the website you want to develop your professional and personal skills. Please check the following free hosting terms and conditions in full

Fill in your real identity completely at the stage of entering personal data and include an active email when entering the personal data of a potential user of the accommodation

If you manage to get a free host, we will send you a notification and activation via the registered email

Especially for free student accommodation, send a scan of your student ID card (KTM) and upload it to the ticket submission client area

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Using free hosting is a great first step to building a website and then developing a website with cheap hosting and unlimited hosting to get resources according to your needs and more optimal facilities.

Want to try paid hosting but the quality is in doubt? Try cheap hosting that uses cPanel as a panel, 24/7 customer support and hosting performance are unquestionable, but prices are still affordable.

You can enjoy free hosting for life as long as the domain is still active and the site is filled with content that does not violate the terms.

Cara Hosting Gratis Buat Demo

Especially for premium CWP hosting users, you can enjoy 30 days 100% money back guarantee. Warranty valid for 30 days

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