Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb

Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb – You can buy a domain and hosting at Rumahweb. But before that, you must first know how to create an account with Rumahweb. What are the steps? Check out the following guide so you know how.

Rumahweb is a domain and hosting provider that is quite popular in Indonesia. You can buy domains and hosting here at reasonable prices because promotions are often held.

Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb

Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb

As with general hosting services, if you wish to purchase a domain and hosting at Rumahweb, you must first create an account there. Through this account we can see the products we buy and access the services offered.

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The way to create an account is simple. But for those who are not used to it, it will of course be easier if there is a guide. The following describes the process to follow when creating an account with Rumahweb.

The method is very simple, right? Try practicing it yourself to prove it. If you count the time, maybe not even five minutes.

If you still have trouble following the short tutorial above, here we provide an explanation of the full version accompanied by supporting images. Complete guide on how to create an account with Rumahweb

1. Please visit the website with your favorite browser such as; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You will see the appearance of the Rumahweb website as shown in the image above.

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2. Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner to start creating an account. Why login button? Because there is no Register button visible on this main page. When you click the button, you will see the login page.

3. Click the Register button in the upper right corner. From the login page you can see the Register button. Click the button to open the account registration page. The display will look like the following image.

4. Fill in the existing fields. Starting from the personal information section, billing address, additional necessary information, password for your account, to check the terms of use. Make sure to enter correct and valid data. If yes, click the Register button.

Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb

5. Account registration was created if there are no problems with the data you entered. You will see an error message if there is missing/incorrect data entry on the previous Register page. Correct and resubmit.

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6. You will also receive an email that the account registration was successful. Save the email just in case, because it contains some pretty important information, such as a link to go to the client area page.

Until here the process ended. Now you already have an account with Rumahweb. Please log in when using the service.

So this is how you create an account with Rumahweb. The process is quite simple and does not take much time. Hopefully the above guide can help some of you who have problems. Subdomains can be interpreted as derived domains. Subdomains can be used for various purposes such as creating order pages, blogs and for specific needs. In this guide, we will share how to create a subdomain through Clientzone.

Subdomain is a name placed before the main domain. or can be called a derived domain. An example of a subdomain is

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There are at least 3 ways you can create subdomains. Namely through the Clientzone page, cPanel and Plesk Panel. For the production of subdomains, adapted to the ordered service.

For those of you who only order domains without hosting, you can take advantage of the DNS management feature at . You can find this feature on the Clientzone page. Here are the steps:

Make sure your domain status is active. Additionally, you already know the host’s IP or destination server. If you do not know the IP of the destination server, you can contact the host/server support used.

Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb

In our example, we will create a subdomain called that points to IP You can see the following picture.

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Up to this point, your DNS subdomain has been created in the Clientzone menu. If you want to create more than 1 subdomain, click the “add new record” button again, then create a new DNS record for the subdomain.

Notes. Creating a subdomain DNS takes propagation time, estimate is 1-24 hours depending on the connection used. Don’t forget that you need to create the same subdomain record on the destination server or hosting to access the subdomain.

There are times when you want to change the domain name or don’t want to make a custom blogspot domain again because the domain is expired or various other things. For this you can delete the custom domain…

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One of the services available here is domain transfer, with or without hosting. In this guide, we will explain the meaning of domain transfer and how to transfer a domain to . Before… If you open my article this time, it means you are a customer of Rumahweb, yes, on this occasion, I will share an article about “How to add a subdomain on Rumahweb.” What are subdomains? subdomain is the domain name before the main domain name, still confused? example subdomain:, the word “blog” is a subdomain, while is the main domain name.

What is the point of creating a subdomain? the answer depends on your needs, for example you want to create a category/web page with its own category, but still within the framework of the main domain, for example:, now in the health subdomain, you can create a new blog/new page with sub-health domain.

So just go directly to the discussion topic, I will give a tutorial on how to create a subdomain and how to convert blogspot to a subdomain. For the Erislabs domain, I use the services of Rumahweb. Okay, open the Rumahweb Client Zone page at, then click Sign In at the top right of the page. Look at the picture below:

Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb

Then enter your domain list, select the domain you want to add a subdomain to, click the settings icon, see the red column in the image below:

Pengalaman Menggunakan Domain Dari Rumahweb

Fill in your subdomain name, in the TTL column fill in 14400, record type select “A” and in IP or hostname use and then click on add record, see for example the image below:

Until now, you have added a subdomain to your domain, and your subdomain can be used, please log in to the blogger website, then choose settings> basic menu, change the domain name as usual, see an example of the image below:

Congratulations, you now have a blog with the address of the subdomain you created, now you are free to be creative with your new subdomain. Notes:

There is an article on “How to add a subdomain on Rumahweb” I hope this article can be as helpful and useful as it should be, if you have any question like dns error etc. please comment on this page, it is all and thanks Rumahweb is one of the hosting and domain provider from Indonesia. Based on the information on the website, Rumahweb is headquartered in Sleman, Yogyakarta. In addition to hosting and domains, Rumahweb also offers website creation services.

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Rumahweb is one of the most popular and reliable hosting and domain provider services in Indonesia, many compare it to Niagahoster which also has a similar title. I highly recommend Rumahweb to those of you who want to try buying a domain or hosting. The quality of service at Rumahweb is guaranteed, payments are not complicated, and if there are problems, we will easily communicate with customer service because they can use Indonesian, that’s right, Rumahweb is from Indonesia and uses Wakanda.

I myself recently used Rumahweb’s services, namely to buy a domain. Each domain provider has a different view of the settings. At first, I used Namecheap more often when I first set up the domain on Rumahweb, but it felt a little strange, but after a while I would definitely get used to it. For hosting, from the beginning I’ve always blogged using a blog builder that didn’t require personal hosting ~basically bloggers don’t have capital~, first on MyWapBlog and after MyWapBlog closed I switched to Blogger, so far I haven’t tried WordPress using private hosting. However, many are satisfied with the hosting services at Rumahweb, so don’t hesitate if you want to rent hosting at Rumahweb.

This time, I will provide a simple guide on how to register or create an account on Rumahweb only using an Android phone.

Cara Hosting Domain Web Rumahweb

Company name: Complete if you are creating an account for your company, enter your company name. Leave the field blank if you are creating a personal account

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This account is: There are several options, but if you have created this account for yourself, select “personal account”.

At this stage of creating an account you do not need to confirm your email, later when you buy a domain for the first time on that account you will need to confirm your email address.

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There are many questions that arise when consumers are offered a domain name creation package plus the cheaper website creation process, whether they have succeeded in presenting the best access speed that is said to always provide the best speed that is unmatched. Therefore, all consumers or potential customers of domain services for web hosting should first look at any access to information that you may obtain from the following review.

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Rumahweb itself is one of the web hosting service providers in Indonesia that still uses cloud-based computing. Therefore, the best kind of service can still support

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