Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database – In this regard, I will take steps to upload hosting files from PHP, HTML and Mysql project files to, which can only be accessed via localhost or offline. At 000webhost you can do HTML, PHP, Mysql web hosting for free without normal fees.

How to upload a website to 000webhost, we need to have an account and do the login process first. Hosting a website at 000webhost, they give us a sub domain for free hosting, starting with free hosting in files or files and domains. 000webhost is one of the favorite free services on the Internet because it can host a localhost website in the form of files exported from localhost and transferred to a live website by uploading to 000webhost via XAMPP via FileZilla.

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

As for account on 000webhost, friends, you can directly visit 000webhost Login or Register page at, the login process is very easy, because you can use Google/Gmail or SSO account. . Facebook.

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If you do not have a 000webhost account, you can register for an account at The process can use an SSO account in Google/Gmail or Facebook. against media.

If you registered during the account registration process or if you already have an account, you can immediately log in and continue to open the file manager page and configure the website for free live access to the Internet.

After completing the login or registration process, we continue to open the website configuration panel to make web hosting settings in html and php, so that users can use the web screens for free without payment.

000webhost provides uploading via FTP, where I use FileZilla to upload files from the website of 000webhost hosting so that they can be accessed online. To access FTP on 000webhost, have the following configuration:

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The file I am using is the file from the post Learn how to create a login form with PHP, MySql and HTML. Downloading Files for Tutorials Websites need hosting first, for example 000webhost free hosting used here, there are actually many other free ones. hosting providers, but in this example I will use 000webhost.

If you want to know other information about free hosting or free web hosting, you can first read the article “Free Web Hosting”, “Create a website with zero Rupiah fees”.

If you don’t have an account yet, click REGISTER FOR FREE, then fill in the content according to your email, but if you already have a 000webhost ACCOUNT, just login …

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

In the case of using free hosting, I recommend buying hosting anyway, because mostly free hosting is only for testing / not good for website competition problems, website is also vulnerable to hacking, but you already use it and it is not a problem. again if you want to buy free hosting from scratch please buy from here because they are really the same product

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Now the only thing you need to do is to export your website data, for example I have a website that has already been accessed through localhost, I open it on localhost and make it online, enter PhpMyAdmin, the SQL data in the export your website.

You already have the SQL data… you go back to 000webhost, then back to PhpMyAdmin on 000webhost, so later we will transfer our website’s SQL data to 000webhost.

In the image below, please import/enter the SQL file data from the website you saved earlier, then scroll down and click GO / SEND.

After that, some scripts usually change because the SQL data that was previously on localhost is now moved to 000webhost hosting.

Esp8266, Nodemcu Kirim Data Ke Database Hosting Gratis

To bind the SQL data earlier, we changed it to SYSCONFIG.INC, which is probably somewhat similar, which is a script that binds the data.

The code is more or less the same, you just need to change it according to the database of 000webhost that we created in the database creation step, even. Then save…

The last step is to download the website, the way to go to 000webhost is to go to FILE MANAGER ==> SCROLL DOWN ==> DOWNLOAD THE CURRENT FILE.

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

After clicking the button to download the file, wait for it to finish, you will be directed to the file manager 000webhost, where the files on the website are stored.

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Then open the prerelease folder on 000webhost… Then copy all the files in the website folder to public_html.

If it is finished, click on the public_html file above, then click on FILE SELECT, and delete the folder in my website, because the content is empty until all the files are moved to public_html, that’s it .. .000Webhost is one managed by Hostinger. free site hosting services. 000Webhost has a very interesting feature, namely 2 databases that can be used for free. The database provided by oooWebhost is MySQL / MariaDB.

Each account using free hosting from 000Webhost provides 2 MySQL database units to create a web-based application system (website) hosted on the same hosting.

Not bad, you can create or create your own website using 000Webhost free hosting with full features, you can even use mail server services.

Cara Memasang Domain Gratis Di 000webhost

MySQL is the world’s most widely used relational database for building small and medium-sized application systems.

Recently, MySQL has been replaced by a viable alternative, MariaDB. The problem is that MySQL is an enterprise relational database system. The usage of MySQL and MariaDB is almost the same.

This database itself works to store data for a certain period of time and at the same time manages the data necessary to display this data on the website.

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

Capacity of tables and data for a good database, ie 1000 tables and 1GB of storage for each database.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Self Host Gratis Di Hosting 000webhost Lengkap

For those who want to test your website with free hosting, you need to import the database first, then you can test the website on the hosting.

With a MySQL database you can create or create your own CRUD website with website system information, membership website registration, website portal, website news, websites that implement REST APIs that retrieve data using JSON, etc.

8. Enter the database, username and password according to the rules of 000Webhost. Try to use characters before and not after characters for passwords. For example, your password is Anatasari8877_, entering such a password will definitely be rejected, you can change the password, that is, _Anatasari8877. Next, click Create.

After creating a new database, you can access the database through PHPMyAdmin to create new tables, import databases from another location.

Mysql Database Connection Failed

You can create a new MySQL database with up to 2 databases provided by 000Webhost, so you can create your own website using a MySQL database to store data for a period of time.

From a MySQL database on 000Webhost hosting, you can connect to your website using PHP on the same hosting.

I’m no expert. I just want to share what I have learned before. I hope this is helpful. 🙂WordPress doesn’t really need an official login. WordPress is very well known as the blog platform that is fast catching the attention of every webmaster.

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

If you are new to the world of web development and want to get used to knowing and understanding what is going on, you should know that WordPress was first launched in 2003.

Cara Buat Website Gratis Pakai 000webhost Dan Freenom

WordPress is designed so that users can easily add content to their website without the need for any code. Very true! You don’t need to write any code to create a website with WordPress. In this WordPress tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to create a website with WordPress!

Since then, WordPress has become the largest independent website builder in the world. WordPress is used on millions of websites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. Currently, approximately 74.6 million websites rely on WordPress.

However, if you already have coding knowledge, having a self-hosted WordPress website will allow you to add your own PHP code, change themes using CSS, data It is useful to make changes to your site directly by executing requests MySQL on the database and many things. more. .

So you should make sure that WordPress is the best choice for your website or blog. Without further ado, let’s get started with this WordPress guide for 000webhost.

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Of course, installing WordPress on 000webhost is the right choice. 000webhost is a free and easy-to-use service — you don’t need to spend money on web hosting anymore, especially if you’re just starting out.

And most importantly, installing WordPRess on 000webhost is not that difficult, even beginners can do it effectively. The easy-to-use interface system allows you to do the entire installation process without any problems. Let’s try together.

The installation process can be done through the WordPress installer, which takes a little time (a five-minute WordPress installation and the manual WordPress installation guide you can find here) or 000webhost through the automatic installer, you can do the following:

Cara Hosting Di 000webhost Dengan Database

As you know, installing WordPress is very easy. You will immediately be redirected to your WordPress admin dashboard. Use one of the following URLs to access the WordPress admin area:

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In this section, you can access everything you need to get started with WordPress, such as writing your first blog or adding an “about” page or revising your site, configuring widgets, comments, and more.

If you don’t see Welcome to WordPress, or if you accidentally deleted it, tap on Display Options in the upper right corner and check Welcome.

Let’s take a look at the basic settings you need to know to use a WordPress site. When you hover over Settings in the navigation bar, you’ll see:

Click the Add New button to create a new post

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