Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf – Haloo Codeigniter lovers, you must be happy when you get the news that CodeIgniter is developing from version 3 to version 4. But you should know that CodeIgniter version 4 has undergone big changes. If you notice, the CodeIgniter 4 framework has little in common with the Laravel framework, although there are still some frameworks retained from the previous version. Codeigniter 4 can also only run on PHP version >= 7.2, which means if you have a localhost with a PHP version lower than 7.2, update the localhost’s PHP version first.

Let’s go to the first step!, ah guys.. this tutorial will be easier if you watch the video.. watch it!

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

In CodeIgniter version 4, you can install Ci4 using Composer What is Composer? check here

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Install Composer normally, after that, to make sure that Composer is installed correctly, you can do it with composer -v command in CMD/Terminal of your PC. The result will be like the image below:

Then install CodeIgniter 4 via Composer via CMD/Terminal. Run CMD/Terminal and change directory to the root of your web server, because here I am using XAMPP, so my web server directory is C:/xampp/htdocs, so type the following command:

Upload the codeigniter 4 framework downloaded earlier to the root of your web server. Here I’m using a subdomain for the tutorial, so I uploaded the file to the root of my subdomain and then extracted the files.

Move all the files and folders to the web folder created earlier except the public folder so that the remaining 2 folders are available under the root ie: public and web.

Source Code Marketplace Codeigniter

Next, move the .htaccess file from the public folder to the root directory, edit the .htaccess file and replace it with the following code:

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CodeIgniter is a framework known for being lightweight and is one of the best frameworks out there. The core system of this framework only requires a few small libraries so it can save website resources. Additional libraries are loaded dynamically during the request process, depending on the needs of that process. This makes the basic system of CodeIgniter very simple and very fast.

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

This way, you can develop a high-quality website without having to demand huge resources for the hosting you use.

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So, in this article, we will explain two ways to install CodeIgniter, i.e. manually (upload) and automatically on cheap cPanel hosting. Here is the complete guide:

The first thing you need to do is log into your cPanel account. Enter your cPanel username and password and click Login.

Then type the database name. You can name the database whatever you want. Write your database name in the column without using spaces. After entering the database name, click the Create Database button as below.

Scroll down and you will see the Add New User section. Enter the username in the column provided without spaces. Then enter a new password for the database user.

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You can use Password Generator to generate random passwords. Don’t forget to enter the password generated when using this feature. After that, click the Create User button.

After that, add the user to the database in the Add User to Database section. You will see a drop down list for users and database. select the user and database you want to connect to. In this example, we will add the user u7918647_UserName to the database u7918647_DatabaseName.

Once you have finished adding users to the database, you can start loading the CodeIgniter files. Make sure you download CodeIgniter. If not, you can download the CodeIgniter file here.

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

You will then be redirected to the Upload page. Click Choose file to upload CodeIgniter and select the downloaded CodeIgniter file to upload.

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Then a new CodeIgniter folder will appear, Move the contents of the files from the CodeIgniter folder by opening the CodeIgniter folder, then Select All > click Move > Change the directory location as shown in the image below > Click Move File( small).

After that, you need to edit the database.php and config.php files. The goal is that CodeIgniter can connect to the host database.

First, open the CodeIgniter file in the public_html directory and open the application > config folder. After that, right click on the database.php file and click edit.

Below is an example of how to put the username, password and database in the database.php file. Then Save Changes to save the changes.

Cara Menghilangkan Index.php Di Codeigniter (terbaru!)

Then add the domain link to your config.php file. The goal is that when your domain is accessed it redirects to CodeIgniter. In this tutorial, we are using the domain Click Save Changes to save your changes. Examples as in the image below.

Apart from the above method, you can also install CodeIgniter through cPanel. The method is quite easy, following the guide:

You will then be directed to the Softaculous page. Then type “codeigniter” in the Softaculous search field as below and click on CodeIgniter.

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

You will then be taken to the CodeIgniter installation page on Softaculous. To start the CodeIgniter installation process, click Install Now.

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After that, you will be directed to the CodeIgniter installation process page. Wait for the installation process to complete and CodeIgniter is ready to use.

Easy, right? There are two ways to install CodeIgniter on hosting to choose from. You can choose whichever method is easiest for you. This is the guide on how to install CodeIgniter on Hosting. If you still have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments column. Also don’t forget to sign up for information on VPS hosting and WordPress tutorials.

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Before proceeding to the main discussion, let’s take a breath and drink some water to moisten the throat. hehe… For the first step, we are going to configure the database and I made this article specifically to discuss the database configuration. Please read the following link first:

Tutorial Lengkap Codeigniter 4 Untuk Pemula

To install the myth auth package, you can simply import the ThirdParty directory via codec by typing here the visual studio code terminal or git base and write the command

Then enter the code below to perform the migration. This requirement is successful if you have set up the database, yes… See the method in the link above.

Calm. you don’t need to change the table, just figure it out. Until you’re done here… continue to the code setup.

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

I have included all the directories. this directory is in the app folder in your website project, just add a few lines of code and I’ve given a comment pointer //add this

Abstract Art Titled: The Search For Freedom 1

<?php namespace Configuration; use CodeIgniterConfigAutoloadConfig. /** * ———————————————- ——————— *AUTO-LOADER* ———————– —————————————— * * This file defines them namespaces and classmaps so Autoloader* can locate the files as needed. * * NOTE: If you use an identical key in $psr4 or $classmap, * the values ​​in this file will override the framework values. */ class Autoload extends AutoloadConfig

<?php namespace Configuration; use CodeIgniterConfigBaseConfig. class Email extends BaseConfig { /** * @var string */ public $fromEmail = ""; //add this /** * @var string */ public $fromName = ""; // add this

setDefaultNamespace(‘AppControllers’) ; $routes->setDefaultController(‘Home’); $routes->setDefaultMethod(‘index’); $routes->setTranslateURIashes(false); $routes->set404Override(); $routes->setAutoRoute(true); /* * —————————————————- ——————— * Route Definitions * ———————— – —————————————– */ // We get a boost of performance by specifying the default path // since we don’t need to scan directories. // $routes->get(‘/’, ‘Home::index’); //add this $routes->get(‘/’, ‘Home::index’); $routes->group(”, [‘filter’ => ‘login’], function($routes)); /* * —————————————————- ——————— *Additional Routing* ————————- —————————————— * * There will often be times when you need extra routing and * you need it to override any defaults in this file. Environment based routes* is one such moment. require() extra path files here * to make this happen. * * You will access the $routes object in this file without * having to reload it. */ if (file_exists(APPPATH . ‘Config/’ . ENVIRONMENT . ‘/Routes. php’))

<?php namespace Configuration; use CodeIgniterValidationCreditCardRules. use CodeIgniterValidationFileRules. use CodeIgniterValidationFormatRules. use CodeIgniterValidationRules. class Validate { //———————————————— ———————– // Settings //——————— – ——————————————– /** * Stores the classes containing the available rules *. * * @var string[] */ //add this common $ruleSets = [ Rules::class, FormatRules::class, FileRules::class, CreditCardRules::class, MythAuthAuthenticationPasswordsValidationRules: class, ]?

Tutorial Codeigniter 4 Untuk Pemula Membuat Aplikasi Berbasis Website

Now change to ThirdParty folder directory, for details follow the directory below. This directory is intended for the location of the Auth.php file.

If you are playing with new user activation via email include the following code and this is also important.

‘MythAuthAuthenticationLocalAuthenticator’, ];

Cara Hosting Codeigniter Di Biz Nf

/** * ———————————————- ———————- * Allow persistent login cookies (remember me) * ————– – — ———————————————- — — * * Although every effort has been made to create very strong protection * with the remember me system, there are some cases (such as when

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