Cara Hosting Client

Cara Hosting Client – Username and password, this is a type of account access rights, where we cannot enter the account without knowing the username or password. Cpanel, for example, where the user must / know a username / password to be able to install cpanel and manage hosting.

For this reason, both should be confidential to protect hosting or site data within cPanel. Especially for the password, since the username is usually visible in the login column when we try to enter, so it is not unusual for the hide password column showing only dots or stars when a letter is typed.

Cara Hosting Client

Cara Hosting Client

Why should we keep cpanel passwords secret? Certainly because we don’t want someone irresponsible to damage the website and even delete your hosting data. So what happens if the cpanel password is deemed leaked and what do other people know about it?

Cara Edit Vm Client Melalui Panel Reseller Vps

Then the best step to take is to change the old cpanel password with the new one. So this time Nusa will talk about how to change cpanel password.

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So how? One way is to use plugins. In this article, we will talk about how you can move easily, this is how you use a WordPress plugin called Duplicator.

The first step you need to take is to login to the WordPress admin panel on your localhost and then install the Duplicator plugin. Then turn it on.

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Once active, open the Duplicator plugin. Then click the Create New button at the top right of the Duplicator plugin.

If so, you don’t need to change any other options on the next screen. You will then be asked to click Next and the duplicator will start performing technical checks and displaying the results. Then click Create to start creating the Duplicator file.

In the next step, you will see two files in the form of a zipped archive and an installer.php file as the final result. You need to download both by clicking on the appropriate file button.

Cara Hosting Client

If all the stages of the first step are completed, now we go to the second step. First upload the file you downloaded to your hosting server. To upload WordPress to this host, you can use an FTP client or with a file manager in your hosting control panel.

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If you are ready to create the database and load the two Duplicator files, access the installer.php file using a browser. This means that you can access it through the link In the next step, you need to fill in information about the database.

Make sure you select Connect and remove all data, because many hosting services do not allow creating databases using scripts. After that, make sure you fill it correctly. Follow the steps below:

This process will delete all records and data in the database, so be sure to create a new, empty database. If you have it, you can click on the section icon

On the next screen, you need to fill in some details about your WordPress site, such as the URL, path, and title. Please fill in correctly.

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Make sure all the content matches your wishes, then you can confirm and your website is ready to use. After all the process is completed, your website can be accessed now. But there is one last step you need to take. Such as saving permalinks, testing sites and cleaning security.

Congratulations, your website is now accessible to anyone with an internet connection! You can now upload WordPress to your host from localhost. So, if you want to do more specialized migrations that require websites with a more complex structure, you can check out the WordPress codex. Good luck In general, all computer programs that communicate on the Internet can be divided into two, namely the client and the server. A server computer is a computer that provides specific services to other computers or networks. One type of server is a file server (file server). File servers provide file storage and retrieval services.

The client computer is a computer that requests (requests) a specific service from a server. The client computer must be equipped with and running a specific client application to take advantage of the services provided by the server. For example, to retrieve a file from a file server, a program on the client’s computer must formulate a request and send it to the program running on the server. Also, the server will send the requested file as requested by the client program. Servers and clients must use the same method to communicate and send files between one computer and another, this method is called a protocol.

Cara Hosting Client

To be able to connect a server computer to a client computer, you can do so through a LAN network. A LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network that can connect one computer to another using UTP (Unshielded Twisted-Pair) cables, hubs, routers, switches, etc.

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In addition to the ease of installing a LAN network, LAN networks are also practical and widely used by most people. If you look at public places on the Internet, such as Internet cafes, where all client computers are connected to a server computer, they usually use a LAN network. To connect the server computer to the client computer, in addition to installing a LAN cable, we also need to set the IP of our computer.

The first difference is its function. The computer server acts as the hub of the entire computer network. The server provides all available information.

Meanwhile, the client computer only acts as a recipient of the information and data provided by the server computer. Also, more client computers are used for personal purposes.

Every computer network connection, the end is a computer server. So if the server has a problem, the computer from the client side will also have problems. Any damage that occurs can disrupt the operating system.

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Therefore, the tools used, both hardware and software of the two types of computers are also different. Customers usually use low-end hardware with moderate performance.

Unlike the case of server computers. This type of computer uses quality hardware capable of managing a network and must have uninterrupted power.

To establish the user’s authority is done only on the server’s computer, then the program will read on the user’s computer according to the user’s preferences and the entered password. In addition to how to connect servers and client computers in Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the method is the same, but there is something special, that is: the server software is not installed the c: but in d: or anywhere else as long as it is not in c:. Here’s how:

Cara Hosting Client

Here’s how to configure the server and client details. We hope it will be useful for those who want to learn more about the world of computers.

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