Cara Hapus Hosting Idhostinger

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Quick Guide: How to Cancel Hostinger and Get a Full Refund My Experience: How I Canceled My Hostinger Account 3 Best Hostinger Alternatives for Shared HostingHostinger hassle-free cancel your services and get a full refund.

Cara Hapus Hosting Idhostinger

Cara Hapus Hosting Idhostinger

Hostinger may not be perfect, but it was genuine and gave me a full refund when I canceled my account. The process was completely hassle-free, even though I signed up for the cheapest plan.

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Hostinger is a web host that delivers good performance at low prices, but it may not be for everyone. You may want to upgrade to a service that Hostinger does not offer, such as managed or dedicated hosting. Or maybe you’re just curious about Hostinger and want to try it risk-free.

If you sign up with Hostinger and decide to cancel your services, a 30-day money-back is available to you, and it’s very easy to get your money back. This article takes you step by step through the process.

If you’re leaving Hostinger because you want to upgrade to a top-performing web host for a mission-critical website, or because you’re looking for a managed service (or both), I recommend Nexcess’s managed hosting plans.

My experience: How I canceled my Hostinger account. The first step to canceling your Hostinger plan is to log into your Hostinger hPanel account. Once you’re logged in, click the blue-purple Manage button to the right of the product you want to cancel.

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After that, look on the left side of the page, down to the bottom of the menu. You should see a link to Deactivate Account. Click on it.

You will then be asked if you want to cancel your plan immediately or keep it active until the next renewal period. Select your choice and then click the Continue button.

You are almost there! Finally, you will be asked to provide a reason for the cancellation request. Select your choice, then click Continue.

Cara Hapus Hosting Idhostinger

You will end up on this last screen after you have followed all the previous steps. When you request a refund, it should take approx. 5-10 business days to be processed.

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3 Best Hosting Options for Shared Hosting Is it time for a new web host? Be sure to check out our favorite Hostinger alternatives. I tested all the hosts below that excelled in areas where Hostinger fell short.

Nexcess is a high-end web host, especially for those who want to use WordPress. What I like most about the Nexcess support team is that you can get support for issues with your actual website and WordPress optimization – not just account-related issues.

InterServer InterServer is a reputable web host that offers a great value shared hosting plan with unlimited storage, data transfer and email accounts. It is a great host for a basic website. And unlike many other hosts, the price stays the same even if you pay monthly.

Kinsta If you plan to use WordPress, Kinsta is one of the best options available. The infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and is optimized especially for WordPress. You will be hard pressed to find faster pages from any host.

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Hostinger has no problem canceling your services and getting a full refund. In my experience, Hostinger makes it easy to cancel your subscription. It took me less than 5 minutes to do this and it only took a day or two to get my refund (which is faster than I expected).

Can I cancel my Hostinger subscription? Yes, absolutely – you can cancel your Hostinger subscription at any time. If you’re looking for a different host, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best web hosts for 2023.

How do I cancel my Hostinger subscription? To cancel your Hostinger hosting plan, you must log in to the Hostinger hPanel. Find the product you want to cancel from the list on that page, click the Manage button, and then continue the cancellation process.

Cara Hapus Hosting Idhostinger

Is Hostinger refundable? All Hostinger plans are refundable within 30 days of registration. If you are outside the 30 days, unfortunately you will not be eligible for a refund. If you are looking for a similar web host with a longer warranty time frame, you should try InMotion Hosting, which offers a 90-day period.

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Can I pay monthly with Hostinger? Yes. Hostinger’s billing options are either monthly, or every one, two, or four years. Remember that you will save more money if you choose the annual (or longer) billing option. The monthly price is much higher. If you need help choosing the best website for you, check out our complete guide to building a website in 2023.

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Very useful information. I also canceled my hosting services with hosting. However, one should be aware that there will be a deduction from domain registration. I recently canceled my hosting services with hostings that included a free domain and I didn’t get the full refund because they said they will deduct for special domain nature services.

@anonymus No, they didn’t release my domain and therefore I have to use only their domain services. There is no possibility of exchange.

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Thanks for sharing. Has it freed up your domain name so you can use it with another hosting service? I wonder how the domain name change happened.

I upgraded to premium but instead of paying just the difference, they charged the full fee again and as soon as I expressed my disappointment with the procedure and quality of service and demanded a refund, the advisor ended the chat and they signed me out. Typical professional behavior. Now I will ask for a full refund. Lucky for me I paid via PayPal and will see if they can get out of this mess.

Hello! Our team is truly sorry to hear about your experience. We must emphasize that this is the complete opposite of all our values ​​and intentions; Therefore, we hope that we will have a chance to prove it and regain your trust. Our team will be happy to investigate your case further and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the outcome. Could you email us at [email protected] with more details? Thank you! Team Hostinger

Cara Hapus Hosting Idhostinger

Unfortunately I had to get a refund from them. More unfortunate was that I gave them the money to begin with. After a few emails. I was promised a refund after “7 – 14 business days”. wow I’ll update when/if I actually get it.

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I like the web host, but the customer service needs a lot of work. Customer service via email is not good. It takes too long to explain your question and wait an hour for the wrong answer. They need live chat or phone.

How many days do you have for a refund? I canceled my account but I still haven’t received my money, what can I do about it

Did you get a full refund including taxes? I am from India and here they charged 18% tax on the base amount while subscribing. will they refund the amount including that tax?

Hi Vjai, we have not verified from India so best to contact their customer support and ask.

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Thank you very much for that! Really helpful! I found this website builder very difficult to get so needed to be canceled and with your simple steps it was easy! Thank you! Jana

Thanks for your valuable information, with the help of your website I can easily deactivate my hosting account. We are happy to thank you very much!!! – Abhi Caden

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Cara Hapus Hosting Idhostinger

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How To Cancel Your Hostinger Account & Get A Refund [2023]

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