Cara Hapus Disk Dalam Hosting Hingga 0

Cara Hapus Disk Dalam Hosting Hingga 0 – VPS Hosting is one product that offers several advantages over standard hosting packages. The advantages include, among other things, that the phenomenon does not occur

. Another advantage is that you can customize the VPS server according to your needs, for example: which operating system to use, whether to use a hosting panel or not, modules, parameters and versions implemented in PHP, etc.

Cara Hapus Disk Dalam Hosting Hingga 0

Cara Hapus Disk Dalam Hosting Hingga 0

When you decide to use a VPS Hosting package, you may experience a situation where your VPS storage suddenly fills up. You actually didn’t feel like adding website data before. If this situation occurs, it is probably due to a sufficiently large log log appearing on your VPS. A log file is a collection of log files that record all activity on a VPS system and can accumulate to a considerable size over a period of time. This log log can be safely removed and will not affect the functionality of your website.

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How to find out if there is a problem with the protocol and how to fix it? Here are the steps to detect and remove log log on a VPS server:

1. Login to your VPS server via SSH. If you are using a Windows operating system, you can use the PuTTY application. If you are using Mac OS or Linux, you can use the Terminal application.

2. After successfully logging in to the VPS server via SSH, first check the disk usage of your VPS server by entering the following command (then press Enter):

Rm -rf log file name (you can copy and paste the log file name, or you can also type rm -rf and then press Tab until the log file name is read automatically).

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After the removal process is completed, you can check the VPS disk usage again with df -h command and you will get the result that the disk usage of the VPS server has decreased significantly.

Here are instructions for clearing log entries on VPS servers. If you have problems, please contact the technical support team for further assistance.

Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol commonly used to connect to servers with UNIX operating systems (Linux, BSD, Solaris). If you sign up for VPS Hosting at , you’ll also get access to…

Cara Hapus Disk Dalam Hosting Hingga 0

If you are a VPS user without a panel, resetting the VPS root password can be done via the Virtuozzo power panel page. So what is Virtuozzo power panel and how to change VPS root password? What is it…

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If you are subscribed to a VPS with a cPanel license and are having problems logging into cPanel due to an invalid password, you can reset the cPanel password using whm. Here are the steps to reset… HDD and SSD are storage media commonly used in laptops/computers these days. Generally HDD/SSD is shown in partition format in our Windows file explorer.

These components represent fractions of the total HDD/SSD storage capacity found in our laptops/computers. It can only occupy the previously set storage capacity.

Sometimes, under certain conditions, we need to combine 1 or 2 parts into only 1 partition. By increasing one of the capacity of the partition size.

However, what you need to be aware of is that combining HDD/SSD partitions does not add to the total capacity of your HDD/SSD bundle, but only combines them, from the total volume capacity of partition 1 and other partitions.

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For example, if you want to merge HDD/SSD partition, here I want to merge F volume disk partition with C volume partition because my C volume disk partition is running out. And I need more storage capacity for the software and applications that my laptop needs to install on the C drive.

Above you can see that the total capacity of my F drive size partition is about 5 GB, while my C drive is about 232 GB. so my total space on C drive combined with F drive will be 5 + 232 = 237 GB.

1. To mount the first HDD/SSD partition, press Windows + R to open the Windows boot form. After opening the run form, type the keyword “diskmgmt.msc” in the input field that is present in the run form. If so, click OK.

Cara Hapus Disk Dalam Hosting Hingga 0

2. Then the disk management form will open. Disk Management is a built-in Windows tool that you can use to manage HDD/SSD storage media found in laptops/computers. Below what I have circled are the C and F volume partitions. I will combine the capacity of the F volume partition with the C volume partition.

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4. Then a notification form will appear that the volume partition will be deleted as well as the data on the volume partition. If you have not backed up the data on the F drive volume partition, you can select No and then back up the data first. If you are sure to delete the F disk partition, click Yes, here I will select Yes.

5. Then the notification form will appear again and of course you are sure that you want to delete this partition of the volume of drive F. As it is related to data, Microsoft is actually a bit infamous for this. Here I choose Yes.

6. Then a new 5GB unallocated volume will appear from the F drive area we deleted earlier. This means that this book has not been used as a split and does not yet have a label name. You can add it to any volume drive partition, or you can create a new volume drive partition from an unallocated volume.

7. Then, if you want to merge the unallocated volume with the C volume partition, right-click the C volume partition. Then select expand volume-fill

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9. Then a form will appear that will enable the volume partition on the disk​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​a one automatically detects and selects the unallocated volume of 5 GB. If you have more than 1 unallocated volume, it will also appear here, just go to the selected record and click add. If yes, click next.

10. Then the final form will appear to review the configuration you have done, if something is still wrong or not quite right, you can go back and redo the configuration. If it’s done click finish, I’m done here so I’ll click finish.

11. If yes, then in disk management we can see that the F drive partition size has disappeared, the unallocated volume has also disappeared, while the C drive partition size has increased by 5GB, from a total of 232GB to 237GB. Likewise in Windows File Explorer.

Cara Hapus Disk Dalam Hosting Hingga 0

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