Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting – Finally, My blog changed domain from mid February. I have been using the domain since the end of 2013 and it is enough to have DA and PA.

Why change to .id domain? simple, Because it follows Google’s algorithm. It is finally prioritized based on domains.

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

Google’s parameter in determining the first position is not the only aspect. content quality; keywords; number of characters; site speed;

Langkah Mudah Membuat Blog Gratis Di WordPress

Etc. Therefore, If most of these are accomplished; Adding the .id domain will further improve the top position for the Indonesia region.

If you want to follow in my footsteps, You should first read the steps I took when switching domains and what to prepare after buying a .id domain. To finally get a clear picture before buying a domain whose renewal fee is quite “sound”.

We must choose a registrar that sells .id domain services; The official registrar in Indonesia can be found at Be diligent and follow on social networks like Instagram @pandi_id to know the latest promotions.

I bought a .id domain from (not affiliate link) because it has the cheapest promotion for .id domain registration. Also, I used the services of a few years ago. So it can be said that there is no significant doubt in using domain services here.

Cara Redirect Domain Lama Ke Domain Baru WordPress

I have registered .id domain directly for 3 years. For a total of 3 years, you will receive IDR 249,000 plus 10% tax. In other calculations, That is, without tax, Rp. 83,000 means you get the price. It’s not too expensive to renew and wait until the next promotion.

No ID is required for temporary .id domain registration unless it is domains or other .id domains that require special requirements.

So my advice is to buy a .id domain when the promo is available. Follow on social media and buy from a registrar you can trust. Don’t rush to buy a .id domain; Then you can set up a new domain name or replace your previous .com domain like I did.

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

. I am using the service from so I will show the view from the domain panel. However, it is usually not very different from other registrars; A little similar.

Cara Membuat Web Dengan WordPress Self Hosted Bagi Pemula

The first step is to log in to access the member’s area. Then select the Domain Services menu to view a list of domains you own.

Enter your host nameservers. Confused about what your host nameservers are? Log in to your old domain panel and check the Domain -> Manage -> Name Servers section.

You can enter your domain name at and see the results after selecting NS. This propagation process usually takes up to 48 hours, but in practice it usually takes only a few hours, and some even a few minutes.

Enter the domain name without the http. Then select NS, Click on the search and see if it redirects. View results to see no.

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Then it’s time to edit the .htaccess so that it will automatically redirect people when they access it. I am using the code below to redirect people who visit the page to the same page.

In my case, All pages and articles directed to redirect to a single page and article; It looks like this.

In all of your past articles, keep calm, you’re not alone. Me too, Each article usually has 1 to 5.

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

Replacing it is very simple; Its operation takes only a few minutes. Here are the steps to take:

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Because only 2-3 turtles can be found. find DB_NAME; Once you find it, you can write it down; You may remember it too. It is only used to determine which database is stored in phpmyadmin.

The next step is to enter the phpMyadmin menu if you use Cpanel. Then login to

Then focus on the name of the table on the left. Sometimes WP Sometimes called WPIC or other WP-WP; I use WPIC in the chart. Then type Copy the code below and modify it using your PhpMyadmin settings.

In my case, It happened like this; It’s a transition from live play. Then my table prefix doesn’t use WP but WPIC so it will look like this: (I changed it to bold)

Cara Memindahkan Blog Dari Ke

It’s easy, right? This method can be applied to other domains, .com to .com or .org to etc. can be used for the same case.

I guess I wasn’t the only one who was giddy when I first encountered the look and feel of the individual tabs in PhpMyAdmin. Therefore, Imagine a plugin that would make it super easy to convert all URLs from an old domain to a new domain.

Free and useful Velvet Blues Update URLs. The method of use is also very simple and easy to understand. See the image below:

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

Same as your for Check only the first option. However, if you use

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To do 2 things in Google Webmaster; You need to delete and register Why do you have to do that? To avoid duplicate labels; So that Google doesn’t consider one of them to be a blog

If you want to register, don’t forget to register in http:// and https:// format. Previously, the 4 categories were http://, http://www. https:// and https were mentioned. :/ / www But now I don’t use it anymore. Because www. Already automatically redirected.

I think you already understand how to verify domain ownership and can also submit a sitemap to the new Google webmaster.

From Google Analytics on your blog; Then the easiest way is to change your main domain address and you don’t need to enter it.

Cara Membuat Website Sendiri Gratis

Then change the Default URL column to your new domain. You don’t have to enter this way.

The flaws below are in my opinion, so let’s just say it’s subjective. If I’m wrong, write it in the comments.

The cost of renewing a .id domain is very expensive; On average, it is Rp 250,000 per year. It is covered by regular registration currently on sale. People usually only think about the first year, but if you already have dependencies, Be prepared for renewal fees that are 2 times more expensive than

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

However, You can do this by waiting for a promotion, like using the 3-year direct sign-up promotion to get a cheaper annual price. For renewal, I’m sure there will be another extended promotion in the next 3 years.

Cara Order WordPress Hosting Idcloudhost

Currently, extension promotion March 31st Until 2019, it is IDR 150,000 per year. If you take 3 years, it’s IDR 275,000.

Since it is a new domain, I haven’t eaten much salt yet. It’s like an egg that hasn’t cracked yet. You can compare it in the screenshot below. I took it when I was 2 weeks old. I will update regularly if I remember

Why should you continue to renew? Therefore, the redirection from direction continues to operate. It may not last forever, but it will take a few years to maintain and forward backlinks.

It’s a habit, There are many people who find it easier to remember the .com ending. It’s very famous and old. Because it is so popular, it can sometimes be difficult to find an available .com domain name. But when I use, I feel proud; It also applies to nationalism. I am Indonesian. Take the time to educate people about

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This just sprained my fingers. I know for a fact that around October 2018, Google released a rule.

Pre-process through Google Adsense before displaying ads. This is for a good purpose, of course. Therefore, Google Adsense ads can only show quality websites.

I’m sorry, I didn’t know that. 14 Feb 2019 I tried to login domain in adsense dashboard and oooo it is controlled

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting

Finally on 28 February 2019 at 21:00 I received an email from Google Adsense saying that the domain may display Google Adsense ads. It’s pretty good that I haven’t had a dollar for 2 weeks. The payment is reduced,

Cara Membuat File Ads.txt Di WordPress Tanpa Plugin

You can now display ads that are not bad enough to add to a standard VPS rental. Adsense income from this blog is not much.

For those who want to know about setting up a VPS for blogging purposes; You can go to my article: Go shared hosting to VPS migration experience. (preparatory article)

As new releases for Linux and VPS It seems easier and cheaper for the performance you get. You have to worry a little more because you don’t have someone to support you if something happens. So let’s practice separately. 😀

A fun blogger from Banjarnegara who has a 360 photographer by his side. I learned to write while studying photography, especially in the landscape field. He loves outdoor activities and simple roadside stands. Instead of counting pulses, let’s count stars.

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Blogging is something to love again. In the past, when social media sites grew, the number increased, but… In a previous article, we discussed how to create a custom domain on Blogspot. This time, I will tell you how to create a custom domain for

Cara Ganti Domain WordPress Self Hosting is a platform powered directly by WordPress for easy and free website creation. If you wish to use this service; You don’t need to buy hosting or a domain first.

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Or free; The blog URL you create ends with such as and it also features.

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