Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri

Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri – The Blogspot to WordPress Migration Tutorial gives you a guide on how to properly migrate Blogspot to WordPress. If you are a blogger, you surely know that blogging offers a lot of friendly and user-friendly features. And you also have many features built into it. With the passage of time, bloggers have to realize that all the facilities available in it must be incomplete. It is no wonder then that these bloggers choose to migrate to WordPress using domain hosting services.

Before diving further into Blogspot to WordPress migration tutorial, it would be good if you understand why WordPress is better than Blogspot. Here are a number of advantages that you can get from WordPress compared to Blogspot. First of all, you get unlimited screens. Here you can enjoy thousands of very interesting themes to make the site even more beautiful. Second, you can also monitor websites more easily as there are various plugins available that you can use manually and automatically. The work system is also not complicated. If you want to find the right plugin, everything is available in the search menu. Third, having access to WordPress makes it easy for you to accomplish various IT tasks quickly. WordPress has many database files that are accessed quickly and easily when accessed from certain browsers.

Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri

Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri

Also in WordPress, so that its function can work optimally. Why is it so important? because the permalink is an important SEO structure on the website. To do this, log in to your website’s control panel. Then bring up the menu

Cara Migrasi Blogspot Ke WordPress Yang Benar

Not done yet, the next step to prevent your website from falling in Google rankings is to first log into your blog account. Then select to return to the classic template. After entering the classic model, you will see a number

Included the domain names you are currently using. After that, all you have to do is save the changes you made by selecting the Save or save tab available there.

The next step is to make sure that all images from Blogspot have been moved to WordPress. The trick is to use a plugin called Import External Images. After installing this plugin, all you have to do is move on to the next phase, which is to import all the images from your blog into WordPress until it is completely moved.

There are many reasons why we need to switch from Blogspot to WordPress. In fact, Blogspot is a good site for beginners who want to learn more about the ins and outs of articles, promotions, online stores, etc. But over time, you’ll find that even Blogspot’s performance isn’t up to par

Cara Migrasi Dari Blogspot Ke WordPress

That’s clear, because Blogspot isn’t like WordPress, which is feature-rich. To optimize the function of a website, you really need to have a standalone domain. This means you must have your own domain name. What you can do when you use a domain hosting service provider.

The blogspot to wordpress migration tutorial above will help you to move all the systems you created in the previous blogspot. That will definitely add up

From the website you created. Of course, when people read blogspot domains and independent domains, they get a different impression. This is what makes many people visit domains over WordPress. Unless you really don’t want to develop your website, Blogspot is still an option, of course. But how long will that take? There is already a blogspot to WordPress migration tutorial that you can apply right now. Here everything will start a new environment. Your website will be even better.

Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri

One thing that keeps people from moving is the fear of losing data when migrating from Blogspot to WordPress. Although fear only stops you from moving forward. Don’t worry, the Blogspot to WordPress migration tutorial above will really help you to create a good and reliable website. You will find a way

Cara Pindah Hosting WordPress Domain Tetap Tebaru 2023!

It’s time to say goodbye to Blogspot and move on to a more classic website. It will have an impact

But also the goals you want to achieve with your website setup. Maybe you should think a little. What is your goal when creating a website? There has to be an ideal in your head when you do it. Come migrate! This tutorial on loading a ger model is an update and adds information from the previous article on modifying models in place. Changing templates and schedules, creating your own offline and online templates, and uploading templates you’ve created or downloaded from template providers have been previously explained.

On this page you can not only change the template, but also do a number of things like customization, backup, restore, switch to classic theme and HTML editing.

Customization allows you to do a number of things such as: B. change the background image and color, change the font, font size and color, configure the display of profile features, subscription forms, pages, etc.

Cara Pindah Hosting Website WordPress Ke Hosting Baru •

This function is used to save templates. It is usually run when you want to replace it with another template. However, it might be reloaded because certain customizations have been made to the template, so you won’t need the template anymore if you use it again to make full customizations from scratch.

‘ means that some of the gadgets (sidebar content/customizations) may look like before the customizations even after a backup. So you have to readjust, if not everything.

It is used to restore templates with downloaded template files as well as upload new themes. When the theme file is uploaded, it will replace the existing template and change the customizations according to the new uploaded template.

Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri

If you’re using the first generation model before the latest generation, some people may still want to use it for some reason, but I don’t recommend it. Use the latest generation model as it is more up to date.

Syarat Migrasi Hosting Ke Qwords, Lebih Mudah & Cepat

To load a template from a template developer (not the default template) into ger, the method is the same, using the restore function described above. You can use free ger templates or paid ger templates.

For the free version of the Ger template, we use it from, select the template you want. You can watch the demo first or download it directly. Not only do they offer a free version of the template, but they also offer a paid version.

Before uploading the template, first read the documentation available for each template. This documentation serves as a guide for making adjustments, e.g. e.g. B. customization of image sliders, sidebars, menus, logos, etc.

And important when using a free template are the terms and conditions created by the template developer. Free templates usually prohibit removing credit links. First, read the terms and conditions of the model manufacturer.

Tutorial Migrasi Blogspot Ke WordPress

Meanwhile, if you want to use a premium ger template, you can download it at or the Indonesian ger template is available at

After downloading the template, extract it and go back to Themes menu -> Restore -> Upload and select the template file with XML extension.

Custom templates usually do not have previews available. Just go to the home page to see the results of uploading a new model.

Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri

The template is then customized. The best way to customize a custom theme is to read the documentation provided. Here is the link to LMS Education documentation

Cara Upload Codeigniter Ke Hosting

There is no denying to create an attractive theme, you need to understand programming, especially the use and application of HTML and CSS. If you don’t want to learn HTML and CSS, skip this section and use a ready-made template.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to be viewed in web browsers. Technologies like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages ​​like JavaScript can help here. The web browser receives an HTML document from a web server or local storage and converts the document into a multimedia web page. HTML described the structure of a web page semantically and originally contained suggestions for document views. Source

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are rules for managing various components on a website so that they are more structured and consistent. CSS is not a programming language. It is the same as styles in word processing applications such as Microsoft Word, which can specify multiple styles, such as B. Headings, subsections, body text, footers, images, and other styles used together in multiple files. In general, CSS is used to style the appearance of web pages built with HTML and XHTML. CSS can control image size, body text color, table color, border size, border color, hyperlink color, mouse color, paragraph spacing, text spacing , left, right, top and bottom margins and other parameters. CSS is a style sheet language used to define the appearance of documents. With CSS we can display the same page in different formats. Source

It’s not enough to explain how to use CSS and HTML in one tutorial page, so I’ll give a place where you can learn HTML and CSS without having to switch fonts.

Cara Mengatasi Blog WordPress Yang Terkena Suspend

You can learn HTML and CSS until you can visit where you can learn different programming languages ​​for free. is a very good place to learn HTML CSS, especially for beginners because of the easy navigation of the learning content. You can also apply exercises and the results will be visible immediately.

After you understand HTML and CSS, although maybe not completely, you can start creating templates. There is a term “learn as you go” which means exploring HTML CSS as you practice creating templates.

Combine your HTML and CSS skills with template creation tools, whether it’s online or offline template creation software.

Cara Export Dari Blogspot Ke Hosting Sendiri

But don’t be surprised if you compare online and offline template creation tools with predefined templates

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