Cara Edit Dsn Di Hosting

Cara Edit Dsn Di Hosting – DNS stands for Domain Name System. Understanding DNS itself is a system that converts domain names into IP addresses for computers when we access a website.

When we visit a website, we usually use the domain name (URL) because it’s easy to remember, while computers use numbers (IP address) to access the website. DNS works to convert URLs into numbers so that computers can understand user requests to access websites.

Cara Edit Dsn Di Hosting

Cara Edit Dsn Di Hosting

An example is the Contacts app on a smartphone that displays a name for each phone number. We have to worry about remembering everyone’s contacts and their phone numbers, right? Well, similar to a connection request, DNS converts URLs to IP numbers that computers can understand so we don’t have to worry about remembering the IP number of each website we want to visit.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Server Hosting

After discussing what DNS is, we will discuss how DNS works. Therefore, this system works step by step through the structure. The first step starts with a query, which is a request for information about a website’s IP address.

First, the server will look up the IP address information in the hosts file, which is a plain text file in the operating system that is used to point hostnames to IP addresses. If the requested information is not found, the server looks in the cache, the hardware or software component that temporarily stores the data.

If the requested information is not found in the cache, the system can ask another server to fulfill the request on behalf of the client (browser) by looking for the information in the ISP’s cache. This is called a recursor. This server acts as a proxy and its job is to provide any information requested. In this process, the DNS resolver also asks for help from the Root Name Servers.

The root nameservers are at the top level of the DNS hierarchy. There is no official name for it, and this server is listed with an empty string. You can think of it as a reference repository.

How To Change Dns Server Address On Windows 11

Used, if the information still cannot be found in the ISP cache, the reverse DNS resolver sends a request to the Root Name Server. This server will respond to this request by telling the agent to find another unique location, which is the top-level domain name servers (TLD name servers).

When you go to Google or Facebook, you can see that the domain names of both platforms end in .com. This suffix is ​​called the top-level domain. Administrators of this type of top-level domain are called TLD name administrators, and their job is to manage all information related to standard domain extensions.

For example, when requesting information about, TLD .com as a proxy will respond to requests from the reverse DNS resolver referring to the Authoritative DNS servers, or Authoritative Name Servers. This server contains the primary resources for the domain.

Cara Edit Dsn Di Hosting

If the reverse DNS resolver meets an authoritative name server, then a response is returned. Authorized domain managers have all the information about the domain names they work for. This server provides a round robin response to the IP addresses that the server finds in the records. After completing this step, the browser will finally display the previously requested web page, which is Google.

How Do I Edit Dns?

Next, after discussing what DNS is and how it works, we will show you how to change the domain DNS settings. Here, we use the control panel. Just enter the control panel on your account, then you will find the DNS Domain Editor.

I’m done! Now, you already know what DNS (Domain Name System) is, how DNS works, and how to set up DNS domains. By knowing the meaning and function of DNS and how to configure its settings, you can also make changes to the control panel settings as needed.

Faradilla, better known as Ninda, is the Interior Manager at. She wants to follow trends around technology, digital marketing, and learning languages. Through this tutorial, Ninda wants to share information and help readers solve the problems they face.DNS or Domain Name System works as a server used to find the IP address of a host through its host name.

This DNS is important because if there is an error in the DNS, the domain being referred to using the DNS cannot be found.

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If we point the domain to the hosting server, we need NAMESERVER, but in general, directing the domain with DNS can also increase the speed of the website.

In DNS there are many records such as A, AAA, CAA, CNAME, MX, SRV, TXT. We can configure and add DNS in cpanel.

Before you start editing or adding dns records on cpanel, make sure you have Cpanel first, you can choose as your best hosting option.

Cara Edit Dsn Di Hosting

Once you have successfully entered the domain editor menu, the next step is to select the domain you want to edit in the domain editor, then click.

Cara Mengelola Dns Pada Member Area Niagahoster

Then enter the text you want. the Record Type can be changed as needed to A, AAA, CAA, CNAME, MX, SRV, or TXT. When done, click add record.

You can change the DNS by changing the TYPE, name and Record When you have finished editing everything you need is the last step to save the record.

Finally, remember that the propagation time when you change a DNS record usually requires at least 24 hours to ensure that the DNS record is properly linked. You can also delete redundant DNS records with the delete menu in Domain Editor.

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