Cara Edit Di Hosting Joomla Untuk Pemula

Cara Edit Di Hosting Joomla Untuk Pemula – 2 Tutorial on creating a website with CMS Joomla 3.0 Tutorial on Joomla Basic Version: 3.0 By: Ipung Purwono Are you a beginner and want to create your own website or website business? Easy This tutorial will answer your complaint. Fortunately, this tutorial is free for you. You don’t need to be afraid, because everything is easy, if you have any problem, you can ask us through “Subject Tutorial”. We make it as complete and cheap as possible to be a good and useful tutorial for IT beginners. Why Joomla? because Joomla is a very powerful and easy to use CMS. We hope this tutorial can be a reference for those who are new to creating their own websites, and a feed for those who have mastered it. If you master this material, you can easily create a website. Alhamdulillah, this premium tutorial is free and you can distribute it, but you will be fined if there is a commercial project in this tutorial. This tutorial is shared from the real banyuhosting team. Please pray for us, the team behind this tutorial, that we continue to work and share knowledge and be rewarded by the Almighty God. Amen. Banyuhosting is an official partner of idwebhost, jojacamp. Banyuhosting is a hub for renting domains and hosting that is partnered with idwebhost jogjacamp. Featured Content: Download CMS Joomla Hosting and Domain Purchase Process at Installing Joomla on Web Hosting Unraveling Admin Review Best Practices Protecting Joomla Sites from Hackers SEO Optimization on Joomla Sites A. Download CMS Joomla.

3 It should be noted that there are many CMS to create websites easily, in addition to drupal, wordpress, auracms and several other CMS, we recommend the Joomla CMS tutorial first, why that? because Joomla is very powerful and easy to customize. Click Download Version 3.1 Full Package, wait for the download process to complete.

Cara Edit Di Hosting Joomla Untuk Pemula

Cara Edit Di Hosting Joomla Untuk Pemula

6 CMS files have been downloaded to your computer. B. Hosting and Renting Internet Domains What is hosting? hosting is where we host our website files, including scripts, images, and more. Now, the file we downloaded above is the CMS website file that will be generated by the website engine. So, the file will be uploaded to the hosting that we will rent later. Why do we recommend banyuhosting? because banyuhosting provides satisfactory service, the price is much cheaper than other hosting places and also 24/7 support in case of server technical problems. And this is the preferred hosting to get our website online. rents domains as well as hosting. A domain is a website address, for example:,, etc. This means a website or domain address. Now it’s time to rent hosting and domains at Open your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Type Then we go to the Banyu Hosting website page.

Modul 8 Instalasi Joomla

7 Press enter and we will find the page Now you are on the hosting rental site, that is Banyuhosting is an official idwebhost partner with 24 hour service. Step One Check the address name of our website, whether it has been used by someone or is still available.

8 Look at the information in the green bar, if the description shows Available, it means that your website address name is available. However, if there is a red box and it says unavailable, you should rename the website address. Step 2 If it is available, we immediately click on the “Buy domain and hosting” button. Here you can choose: Duration of the domain contract You can choose by editing the link Hosting package (space size) Duration of the hosting contract and you will get the estimated cost that should be paid to banyuhosting.

9 Well, if it ends, it lasts. Complete the following form. But the following form must be filled with valid data because without valid data transactions will be difficult and limited. Enter all data accurately and correctly. Don’t forget to click on the agreement or agreement with the hosting party. Then select Check Out

10 Step 3 You have completed your hosting purchase, then will send you a purchase form, you will be asked to make a deposit (transfer to multiple account addresses) Check your inbox and pay the fee hosting rental. Here is a screenshot of the notification display

Tutorial Joomla Terlengap

13 Please read carefully and thoroughly before paying to other accounts. Make a payment to one of your accounts. If you have confirmed the payment. Because you have the instructions. As soon as your payment is successful and banyuhosting is recognized as valid, you will receive it again as proof that your account is active and you can use website hosting and domain. Step 4 Activate your hosting Step 5 Your account is active and you will receive CPANEL.

17 And just leave the basic view of the host. It’s time to upload the Joomla file you downloaded earlier. How to: Click on Download

18 Click the Upload button and you will be taken to the upload page. Click on Browse and select the file you downloaded, that is: your Joomla

Cara Edit Di Hosting Joomla Untuk Pemula

24 Click Next. Now the database configuration step. We need to go back to the CPANEL page to configure the database. Do you still remember CPANEL?

Cara Mengatasi Lupa Password Pada Administrator Joomla

25 This is the cpanel page. Because here we need to set up and create a database. Follow these steps to install the database. Step 1 Click on My SQL Databases Then enter the database page

27 Select Back Scroll down and create a username database Also create a password Select Create a user Select Back now Add the previously created database to the created user database . Since I have created the pandupe1_practice database and the user is the same, the add column for the user will be as follows. Case in point with what you did. Click the Add button and then you will be taken to this page

28 Check ALL PRIVACY, then Make Changes, then select Go Back. Step 2 Return to the installer page, specifically the page where you installed Joomla on your host. In particular, by going back to the installation browser tabs.

29 Now fill in the following conditions Database type : MySQLi hostname : localhost Username : the username of the database I created earlier in SQL (I did a tutorial) you just being set Password : the password when creating the user database name : the database created above step name.

Cara Memindahkan Website Joomla Dari Localhost Ke Hosting Cpanel,

30 If you are ready, click Next. Step 3 Enter the configuration page In the configuration sample data option I use Default English (GB) sample data.

32 Step 4 Delete the installation directory by clicking the yellow button “Delete the installation folder” so that the installation is completely removed. Step 5 Click the View Site button to view the original site.

34 D. Understanding the Joomla Admin Flow So we have Joomla hosted at, so what about the website admin? Or a template? In this chapter, we will examine some of the most common Joomla administration complications, namely: a. Global Configuration/System b. department c. Article d. Menu e. Component f. module g. Plugins h. User Now The Joomla administration has several mandatory menu items that we need to understand in order to process data. First, let’s give some general understanding, namely: a. system b. Menu c. Table of Contents 1. Control Panel: To display the main toolbar as shown above. 2. User Manager: to manage Joomla users (administrators, editors, contributors, etc.) 3. Media Manager: images, videos, animations, etc. to manage/upload/delete. 4. Global configuration: site configuration including time zone, offline/online, meta tags, etc. presentations. 5. Log out: To log out of the Joomla backend. 1. Menu manager: managing the menu displayed on the site. 2. Menu basket: To display deleted menus. 3. Main menu: Main menu for Add, Edit, Delete, Publish / Unpublish 1. Articles Manager: Manage articles like Add, Edit, Delete, Publish / Unpublish articles. 2. Junk Article: To display deleted articles. 3. Section manager: to add sections. 4. Category Manager: add categories. 5. Front page manager: to manage the articles displayed on the front page (Home). Okay, and then we’ll do each administrative task one at a time.

Cara Edit Di Hosting Joomla Untuk Pemula

36 Look at the address above, you will see that the menu System Users Menu Components Content Help Extension This is the administration menu that handles the management of our Joomla website later on. 1. System System is the first configuration menu and Global Configuration is the most frequently used one

Cara Membuat Website Untuk Pemula ( Video Tutorial Step By Step )

38 3. Menu Now, this menu is to manage the menus on our website, such as Home Page, About Us, and more. menus like To manage these menus we can add or remove and edit the main menu. For instance. , we will add a new record. About us next to the main page menu. On the menu, click the Create New menu. The title is the name of the album.

39 In table object form, this table refers to an article, component or category block, etc. links, for example, we create a single article table. In particular, a table that leads to one of the articles on the website. Select Select. Choose one article

40 Then choose which articles you want to import. I am here to add to the original article. Just set. Click the Get Started button in the article, and then the About Us menu will take you to Get Started. Then click Save.

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