Cara Download Di File Hosting

Cara Download Di File Hosting – Do you want to download files on the Internet but are directed to Google Drive? Do not worry because here we will fully explain how to download files to Google Drive until the files are downloaded properly.

If you often download files on the Internet, you should be familiar with Google Drive, because many people upload them to Google’s file hosting service.

Cara Download Di File Hosting

Cara Download Di File Hosting

In addition to a fairly large storage capacity, Google Drive also has fairly stable download and upload speeds, so it’s no wonder that many people prefer to use Google Drive over other file hosting services.

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Sometimes this is what confuses users when they download files stored in Google Drive, since many problems often arise, such as download limits or problems with the virus scanner function that cannot scan Google Drive.

If you are currently facing this problem, you do not have to worry because here we will provide a complete guide on how to download files in Google Drive so that the files can be downloaded properly.

However, if you are not familiar with Google Drive, you may encounter difficulties, especially if you encounter unusual download problems, such as download limit problems or something else.

Therefore, I will give a complete guide, both for laptop / PC users and Android phones, with solutions to overcome the problems that often arise during downloading.

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This is the method most used by most people, here we do not need applications including IDM, all we need is a browser, be it Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or something else.

Before following this guide, make sure you already have the download link for the file you want to download. If you already have, please open the link with a browser.

To download it, choose the download icon or the arrow in the upper right corner of the page, see the image above.

Cara Download Di File Hosting

After that, a download pop-up will appear, select OK to download the file. At this point, the file will be downloaded immediately.

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Since the download function in the browser often suffers from problems and can even stop suddenly when the file is about to complete, many people choose to use download applications such as IDM or others.

However, what if the file is large? Of course, in addition to the possibility of losing your quotas, you also have to wait for the download process, which takes time.

Therefore, many people choose to use the Internet Download Manager (IDM) application as a solution. This application has a variety of functions that are very useful, one of which is a function that can temporarily stop the download process and can be resumed at any time.

However, it is not uncommon that when a user wants to download a file to Google Drive, the IDM Download button often does not appear as usual.

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1. Please download Download the file first using the download function in the browser, like the first method above.

2. During the download process, please cancel, then right click on the file and select the copy download link option, as shown below.

3. Then open IDM then select Add URL option then paste the download link which was copied earlier, if yes select OK.

Cara Download Di File Hosting

4. After that a pop-up will appear. When it appears, select the Start Download button.

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If in the fourth step, the size of the file does not appear or other files appear instead, make sure that you are not logged into Google Drive when you follow the steps above.

If you are too lazy to delete your Google account, you can take advantage of the incognito mode function in the browser. Oh yes, you can use this method in IDM in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Android users are also often confused when downloading files stored in Google Drive, they usually do not know where the download button is.

So that you do not get confused here, we will review the method of Android users until the file is successfully downloaded.

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You can also use this method in any browser such as UC Browser, Google Chrome or the standard HP browser.

If you are signed in with a Google account in the browser you are using, you will be directed to a download page that looks like the image below.

However, if you are not signed in with a Google account in the browser, you will be redirected to a download page that looks like the image below.

Cara Download Di File Hosting

To download it, select the download icon or the down arrow icon at the top of the page, then the download process will be automatic.

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Basically, if there is no download icon at the top of the page, select the dot icon in the upper right corner of the page, then select the download option.

Sometimes when we want to download files to Google Drive, problems often arise that confuse us.

Google Cloud Storage is equipped with a virus scanner function to protect users from viruses in the files they download.

If the file size is larger than that, when the user downloads it, they will be redirected to a page containing a notification “

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As I mentioned above, Google Drive has quite strict rules. When a file stored in Google Drive is downloaded or viewed by many people, a warning notice usually appears that prevents downloading it, or better known as the Google download limit.

Perhaps this is one of the ways that Google Drive applies to keep its servers in good condition. The notification is as follows:

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try to access the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to view or download the file. If you do not have access to a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.

Cara Download Di File Hosting

In the notification, the point is that you cannot download the file now and it is recommended to try again after 24 hours. What if the file is needed now?

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Now, you don’t have to worry, because using the trick that I share, you can download it immediately without waiting 24 hours.

Of course, in order for you to use this trick, you must first login to Google Drive with a Google account. If so, follow these steps to exceed the Google Drive limit:

Please first copy the download URL of the file you want to download, for example, this is the URL of the download file that I use, more or less the structure of the URL will be the same.

On that page, select the Google Drive icon in the upper right corner of the screen to add files to your Google Drive account.

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After that, wait a few moments until the message appears as shown below. If it appears, it means that you have successfully added the file to your Google Drive.

Then open the My Drive page and right click on the file that was added earlier and select the option Make a copy.

After the file has been successfully copied to your Google Drive, the name of the copied file will begin with the word “copy” followed by the name of the original file.

Cara Download Di File Hosting

When a virus scanner notification appears, select continue download, then a download approval pop-up appears, select OK.

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You can only use this method to exceed the download limit of Google Drive in files no larger than 15 GB, since Google Drive only offers 15 GB of storage capacity. If you force it later, a “Filed to Create File” notification will appear.

But if you download a file size smaller than that, the notification always appears, it is possible that your Google Drive is full, to fix this, you can delete the file you have saved, so it is enough to save the file .

Once the file has been downloaded successfully, you can delete the file from your Google Drive account so that it can be accessed again.

It is a guide on how to download files in Google Drive and some additional tricks to deal with download problems that often arise, I also use this trick often, you know.

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This is the article this time, do not forget to save or share this article so that if one day you have this problem when downloading a file in Google Drive, you can find it easily.

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Cara Download Di File Hosting

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