Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting – Annisa Fauziyah follows customer support group I love online business and study internet marketing

In the previous article you learned how to install Laravel on hosting. Another thing you should learn is how to upload Laravel to hosting with this guide. You can do it quickly and easily. If you already have a website file built with Laravel, please see the following instructions.

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

There are two ways to upload Laravel to the hosting: (1) Connect the “public” folder to the “laravel” folder (2) Separate the “public” folder from the “laravel” folder, for convenience we use the first method.

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In this guide, we will move the file from localhost access to the domain. Uploading to Laravel Hosting consists of six steps:

By default, Laravel accesses the Laravel root folder and not the public folders directly. Therefore, when accessing the domain it is necessary to create a path Direct access will be directed to the index.php file in the “public” folder.

Secure and ensure that when accessing the domain or localhost it goes directly to the Laravel page. This is one method that can be used. Another way is to edit the .htaccess file in the Laravel root folder on the hosting.

The next step is to compress and compile all the Laravel files into one file. To be able to extract files in cPanel, use the .zip extension on the file.

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The next step in uploading Laravel files to cPanel is to access cPanel. You can open cPanel by visiting the URL: https://domainname/cpanel.

So that zip files from local will be uploaded to that folder. You can upload the zip file to public_html or any other folder. which you want to use to access the Laravel files.

If the zip file is uploaded, right-click on it and “extract”. Then, the file and folder arrangement will be as above.

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

Authentication can be done by accessing the domain or subdomain where Laravel files are stored. The result will be as below.

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Oh, and don’t forget it has to be a high performing website. Don’t choose the wrong hosting provider and service type. If you want to make it safe and easy then make sure you use a cloud hosting service

Get a variety of exclusive articles with interesting insights and tips about the online world directly to your email. Join now and succeed with us. The following Laravel error 500 handling methods can be used as a reference when you are having trouble surfing the website. Usually, this problem occurs until the web server is fully operational and some website components are not installed.

Adapted from the book Everyone is Laravel Basic Programmer compiled by Yuniar Supardi, Laravel is an MVP web development written in PHP and designed to improve software quality. Therefore, development and maintenance costs are very affordable.

Not only that this framework also works to improve the experience of working in applications with clear syntax, clarity and time saving.

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Errors in Laravel are common and can be resolved depending on the type of problem encountered. However, before discussing how to deal with Laravel 500 errors, here are some common causes of web server errors.

According to Jafriel Afril in the book Web Hosting Do It Yourself! An error message appearing in the form of an error code number when opening a website indicates that there is a problem. However there is an error message with ‘Error 500’.

As mentioned earlier, Laravel was completely inactive due to hosting errors with a 500 error code when it was just installed. Because the domain and host authentication process is required from the server.

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

Not only that the error message is also caused by wrong setting in script code located in config folder or .htaccess file which is not installed.

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From the reason factors there are many ways to deal with Laravel 500 errors that can be done. One of them is config settings.

To fix Laravel 500 error using this method make sure your device can access cPanel. Here are the steps:

Change the username and password in the created Laravel based database section. You can create them through phpMyAdmin in cPanel.

This second method can solve the problem when the first method fails to solve the problem on the website. Here’s how to handle Laravel error 500 by installing the .htaccess file:

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There are two methods you can try to deal with Laravel error 500. Be sure to find out why the error occurred. Then it will help you solve the problem more accurately. Hope this is helpful. Follow Nida Regita F SEO technical writer in Aquarius who loves music, movies and of course writing.

There are several ways to install Laravel in cPanel. One way is to clone a Laravel project from Git.

Laravel Clone Projects allows you to copy Laravel Framework projects stored on GitHub directly to cPanel, but there are still some configurations required to clone a project. So what should I do?

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place! We will share Laravel clone project tutorial from Git in this article, let’s go step by step!

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To start cloning a Laravel project from Git, first prepare the URL of the Git repository to clone.

Once you’re on the cPanel page, navigate to the Git Version Control menu. You can search directly by typing Git in the search feature at the top right of the cPanel screen.

After logging into the Git version control page, you need to create a repository to store the Git project to clone by clicking the Create button.

If the cloning process is complete the system will display the list of created repositories as shown below.

Tutorial Clone Project Laravel Dari Git

Even though the clone was successful, the Laravel project still failed to run. You must install all dependencies and libraries using Composer

If your hosting package already supports the SSH feature, you can immediately open a terminal and navigate to the Laravel project directory, then run the command:

After successfully installing the editor you need to create an .env file in the root directory of your Laravel project. To create the env file, you can run the following command in the terminal.

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

You need to setup the database in the generated .env file to avoid errors when migrating the database. Enter the settings as follows:

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Adjust the database name, username, and password you have. If so, save the changes by clicking the Save Changes button at the top right of the screen.

The above command aims to clear the previous configuration and cache so that Laravel can read the new configuration. The results displayed after that are:

The above image shows that the database has been successfully migrated. You can now access your cloned git project by accessing the website domain through your browser.

Don’t panic if you get the Access Denied user error when you migrate the database shown below:

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You can easily fix this error. Enter your Laravel project directory, then edit the file. AppServiceProvider.php in the /app/Providers folder.

Easy enough, right? With just 4 steps, cloning your Laravel project is done using your cPanel.

The hosting offers personal and professional packages with SSH access as a built-in feature that can be used out of the box. Interestingly, you can get all these features with prices starting at just 27,000/month! You can also use the best cloud hosting for this project which supports SSH in all packages.

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

Among other features, you get fast LiteSpeed ​​servers that make websites easy to access and guaranteed malware protection with Cloudflare and Imunify360 protection.

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Hope the above guide information will be useful for you. Feel free to leave a question in the comment column if the steps are not explained clearly, okay?

Get a variety of exclusive articles with interesting insights and tips about the online world directly to your email. Join now and succeed with us! Hello everyone. Again, on this occasion, we will learn together how to upload a locally created project. Either upload directly or use git cli awesome or don’t try following tutorial below.

Github is a software development hosting service based on VCS (Version Control System) technology, which can keep track of changes made to projects and collaborate with other developers. Developers should understand how to use git. Because using this service, applications can be split to make development easier.

I have covered other articles on how to use GitHub. Open the link below to read the article in detail. https:///2020/10/cara-clone-project-laravel-dari-github.html

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As I said in the article title above. We’ll walk through how to upload projects to GitHub. First, please prepare your existing project and create a new Git account if you haven’t registered yet.

Log in to your respective GitHub account. Then create a new repository by clicking the + button next to your profile picture. Then click on New Archive.

Then enter the name of the repository you want. Enter a brief description of your application. Then set whether you want to make the repository public or private. For this article, we will make the repo public. Check “Initialize this repository with README” and finally click Create Repository.

Cara Config Ulang Laravel Di Shared Hosting

The result will look like the image below. You can directly upload your projects by clicking the Add Files button. Then select the file to upload.

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Drag the files you have or click the button. “Choose your file,” then scroll down and add a description. Then click Confirm Changes to save your uploaded file.

The above method is the easiest way to upload your project to Github. In addition to the above method, you can use git to upload your project. With git, uploading is easy.

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