Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana – Nowadays it is very easy to buy hosting and domains for websites. You can try it through the IDCloudHost platform because it’s guaranteed. The process is very fast, there are many options for payment methods, one of which is using the DANA digital wallet. To learn more about how to buy IDCloudHost hosting and domain with DANA, follow the detailed instructions below.

If you are on the main page, point to the “Product” service menu. Just click on the “Cloud Hosting” option.

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

Next, you will be offered several options for the hosting service of your choice. Each is packed with different prices and benefits. If you want to opt for the Starter Pro package with a semi-core processor, 500MB storage, 256MB virtual memory, unlimited bandwidth, and more.

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You can choose any package in monthly or yearly range. If you have made the right choice, you can immediately click on the “Order now” option in the selection panel that appears automatically.

Next, you will be taken to the domain selection page. Where you first order a domain, you must click on the “Register a new domain” option. Another thing is if you already have a domain and want to order hosting. Just use Exit.

Enter your desired domain name, then click “Check” to make sure the domain is already in use. If you haven’t used it yet, it will read “Congratulations”! is available! marked in green as shown below. Just click next. If you have found the domain name you want.

At this stage, namely in the “Select billing cycle” section, select the desired length of the hosting order period. Some of the options mentioned are monthly or bi-monthly orders, quarterly or three-month orders, and many more. Don’t forget to select your server location first and click Continue.

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You can also add one or more additional available services. Just for reference, the IDCloudHost platform also provides it to you.

Just go to the “Available add-ons” section. Make sure all required information is printed. You can check again, and if you’re sure it’s done, just click “Order Summary” and then select “Continue.”

The next step to remember is to revalidate your service. If you have a promo code, don’t lose it. Go directly to the Review and Review page. On this page, you will see the “Promo” menu, enter the promo code and click “Verify Code”. When you have a promo code, enter it in the menu bar.

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

After entering the promo code in the “promotion” menu, click the “check code” button. If you entered the promo code correctly, the promo code was successful, a pop-up window “Promo code accepted …” will appear with green text. Thus, you can get a discount with a promo code and proceed to the next step.

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After that, focus on other sections, especially payment details. Remember if you had an account before? If you don’t already have one, click “Create a new account”. Please fill in the details below.

Billing Address & Address Company Name (Optional) Street & Postal Address 2CityStateZip CodeCountryAdditional Required Information How Did You Find Us?Whatsapp Number Account Security Password Confirm Password

However, if you think you already have one, just log in using your IDCloudHost account and click on the Old Login button. Please enter a valid email address and password. Of course, you should remember both of them because you will need them while you are still using IDCloudHost.

Proceed to the next step, this time in the Payment Details section. In this section, you will find a large selection of payment methods provided by IDCloudhost. Choose the one that is convenient for you.

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In addition to bank transfers, IDCloudHost provides various digital wallets as payment methods. Of the many digital wallets, the DANA e-wallet is probably one of the most widely used options. If you also want to use this payment method, just click on the “Funds” option.

After choosing one of the required payment methods, for example, using the DANA digital wallet. After that, a new page will appear again. This time it’s about explaining bills or bills you have to pay. There will be information like the nominal fee and others. It is recommended to double-check to be more confident in moving on to the next step and clicking the “Pay Now” button.

If you are sure that the information on the invoice is correct, start the payment stage. The screen will change and you will be able to activate your DANA account. Because the DANA app works as the preferred payment method. Please enter your DANA mobile e-wallet number and click Next.

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

You will then receive a confirmation SMS from DANA and your mobile phone number used by DANA must be active at all times in order to verify your DANA.

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Once the verification of the DANA e-wallet is completed, information about the orders will appear. It includes bills that need to be paid. In addition, you will have information about the balance of funds.

Before doing this, make sure that your DANA balance is sufficient, at least to pay the bills. If you think this is not enough, top up or refill first. So the process can be faster. If you are sure that your balance is enough, just click on the “Pay 11,100 rupees” button.

If you click the “pay” button, wait for the transaction to complete successfully. So far, users have found that the process of waiting for this payment transaction does not take much time. So you don’t have to worry about it.

If successful, a notification will appear stating that your transaction failed. If you have reached this stage, just click “OK” to proceed to the next stage.

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In addition to receiving notifications from DANA, you will also receive notifications from IDCloudHost itself. The content is more or less similar to DANA. Where you have successfully completed a payment transaction.

After you successfully complete the transaction through DANA, a screen with information about the successful order will appear and you will be redirected to the client area page to check if the hosting and domain you purchased are active and click on the link or go to the client area.

You will be on the IDCloudHost client zone page and you will have one service and one domain as shown below. Click Services immediately to make sure your hosting and domain is active on IDCloudHost.

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

Don’t just see if the ordered service is included. You should also check if Hosting and Domain are active or not. Examples of active hosting and domains are shown in the image below.

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More precisely, according to the information option. There will be many explanations on the previously ordered Hosting and Domain. Likewise, about usage statistics, which explains how much you’ve used. You can click “sign in” to make sure the hosting and domain are actually active.

The next screen will show that the hosting and domain you purchased have been successfully activated. Basically, even if you process payment transactions correctly, Hosting and Domain should be active automatically.

These are the steps to purchase an IDCloudHost domain and hosting. It’s not difficult at all, is it? What are you waiting for, try it now. Hosting is like renting. Everyone has a certain space between points A and B. Simply put, the place

Hosting is a service that can provide different storage space according to the needs and preferences of the users. Most of the data varies from small, namely just 1 GB.

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By storing various data in these storage services, Internet users can easily access them later. Saved files include images, attachments, links, videos,

If you are still confused, there are terms between hosting and web hosting, in fact both are the same. The provider offers a storage service

So, the first step for Blogger is to choose a web hosting provider to make it easier to access all the servers. If you are a creator

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

Each web hosting provider offers different types so that they can focus on meeting the needs and desires of consumers. There are five most commonly used types, namely:

Cara Mengetahui Sisa Ruang Penyimpanan (hosting) WordPress

VPS services allow users to share servers with other clients. But web hosting has left some to self. This means Blogger can get a server

This type of web service is considered the most flexible, as users can manage their own servers and user settings.

One of the benefits that users have noticed when using this service is the very high reliability since you don’t have to share

The advantages of using Word Press hosting is that it is relatively cheap, easy to use, therefore helpful for budding bloggers, and has features.

Promo Cloud Hosting Ramadhan ⭐

You can opt out of choosing one of the web hosts. In fact, there are several points to consider when choosing a service provider.

This first point has become common when choosing any product or service provider, as well as when choosing a web host. You don’t want to risk new or unreliable service providers.

The quality of a web hosting provider can be seen by the number of customers. So you can learn how

Cara Cek Website Ambil Hosting Dimana

All customers are honest when using the service. Should be considered to make the wrong choice to avoid confusion.

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Not only the number of buyers, but also the price factor has so far been the main indicator of whether a consumer will buy or not. Similarly with web hosting service providers, you can compare them with others to get the best price.

This comparison gives real information about market prices. If you may ask, first check the quality of each web hosting provider’s recommendations.

This becomes an important part when consumers want to ask everything about questions related to a business product. You can use these factors to determine your choice of web hosting provider.

Web hosting must require many specifications that must be requested by the user to ensure quality. This can be confirmed

Tips Memilih Hosting Yang Sesuai Dengan Kebutuhan

Web Hosting Service Specifications

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