Cara Cek Provider Hosting

Cara Cek Provider Hosting – Choosing a domain name is an important step when creating a website But choosing a domain name can sometimes cause some problems

For example, after searching for the domain name you are using, it appears that the domain name is already registered (already used by someone else). So you can’t use it, right?

Cara Cek Provider Hosting

Cara Cek Provider Hosting

Or it could be that the owner didn’t really optimize the domain or someone knowingly bought the domain for resale. So, you need to know who owns the domain and try to buy it A domain is an important factor in optimizing SEO and branding Especially if you are using SEO services, surely you want to improve the quality of your website’s SEO?

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To check the domain owner, you can use the Whois lookup tool How to use it is also very easy, you can follow these steps:

Domains have different extensions, for example “.com”, “.net”, “.org” and others But still, the most well-known and widely used domain extension is “.com”.

So when the domain name you want is already used by someone else, you can simply change the domain extension For example, you want to create a website with the domain name

With Voice Lookup, you’ll also get multiple domain name recommendations with different extensions if someone uses the domain you want.

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This method is a manual method that you can do This method is also used by many to get the domain name they want

You can contact the domain owner via email or telephone number Then tell them you are interested in buying a domain name Maybe the price offered is a bit more expensive, but you can use the domain name as you like, right?

This is an easy way to check the owner of a domain name Even if the domain name you want is already in use by someone else, you can use the two methods above (buy a domain with another extension or negotiate with the domain owner). Hopefully you can use a domain name that suits you

Cara Cek Provider Hosting

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You may be interested in what other people’s website hosting uses, perhaps what your competitor’s website uses. Of course, you cannot ask the person directly Well, this time I will tell you how to find other people’s website hosting

You can also find the hosting used, IP address, location, CMS used and nameservers

All this time if you find that the website loads fast and rarely goes down, then you can also buy from that hosting provider.

Not only do you know the hosting provider, but also which CMS to use Do they use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or something else?

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This way of looking at other people’s web hosting can tell you if they are using shared hosting To see the hosting package used, you can use the second method in this article

The first way to find other people’s web hosting is to use the Who Hosting website Through this website we can get information about hosting of domains

2. Then enter the domain name of the website you want to check hosting in the provided column Then click on “Search”.

Cara Cek Provider Hosting

As you can see, here you will immediately know that the hosting provider used is DigitalOcean

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In this second way, we will use the tool from The information displayed by this website is more complete than the original

If the website you are checking uses shared hosting, additional information such as “site hosted at this ip” will appear

Now you know how to check the hosting used by other people’s websites To find a hosting provider’s website address, you can search for nameservers

So, if you want to buy hosting at the same location, you can directly visit the website address listed on the nameserver.

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The above two tools can be used to check websites hosted in Indonesia and abroad It can also be said that the results are very accurate

Is it easy to see hosting used by other people? There are other tools as well, but in my opinion, the above two tools are easy to use and the results are accurate

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