Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting – I wrote this guide on how to create a website to help beginners who want to be able to create their own website, but…

There are more than 100+ platforms available on the internet. Choosing one of them is the first decision you need to make. I will guide you to find the best ones: easy to learn, free and those that already have large communities.

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

In the past, around 2004 or 2005, it was difficult to create a website. You need to learn at least CSS and HTML to create a website.

Cara Membuat 2 Domain Dalam 1 Hosting

It’s not easy, it takes time and you may have to go somewhere far to focus on studying 🙂

In 2021, the truth is that you don’t even need to learn that to create a website that can increase your income/sales in the online world, because some people have a platform that creation that makes it easy for you to create. website

There are many platform options that you can choose from to create a website. There were over a hundred when I checked the W3Tech website.

As you can see in the statistics above, WordPress is the most popular platform in the world with a market share of 43%.

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I personally also use WordPress on all my websites (including Consulting Hosting) and I believe WordPress will work for you too.

The site started with a domain name – not a design. You need a name before you start building your website.

A domain is the name of your website. Address that people use when they try to visit your website with a browser.

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

First because a domain name can help you build a brand that sticks in the minds of your customers or visitors.

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If you are still confused about choosing a domain name, here are some tips that will hopefully make it easier for you to find the right domain name:

A web host is a server for storing website data online. Its job is to connect your website to the Internet.

That’s why you need both, so that everyone can access your website on the Internet, from all over the world.

It is easy to choose one of the many options. It is easy to find because there are many options but difficult to find the best one.

Cara Buat Website Sendiri Untuk Peniaga Online Dan Blogger (2023)

Fortunately, we at Harun Studio have been researching for over 30 months on the 22 most popular hosting providers in Indonesia. (read the search results)

The goal? One of them, so that people who are just learning how to create websites like you, do not make a mistake when choosing a host.

And the best hosting recommendations for beginners based on the results of our research is DomaiNesia at least because of the following 5 strong factors:

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

Hosting Guarantee: DomaiNesia offers hosting guarantee for 20 days. If you are dissatisfied with their service, you can request a refund and your money will be returned (minus the land tax).

Cara Membuat Website Dari Nol Sampai Online

Disclosure: Your support helps keep this site running. We use an affiliate link where we receive a commission of 25% of your hosting purchase at no extra cost to you. Read more

If it is not available, please find another domain name or choose another extension (.com, .id, .net, .org, etc.).

(1) Choose your hosting package. My recommendation is the Super plan (2GB) and you get free land for one year.

(4) Make sure your domain name is correct. Pay attention to each character, because if it is wrong, the domain name cannot be changed if it is already active

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The total price you need to pay if you chose the “Super” package before should be IDR 368,940 after applying our promo code.

And before you click the green “Sign Up” button, double check that all the information you entered is correct.

Installing WordPress on cPanel hosting is easy. The process is not complicated and takes less than 5 minutes.

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

Before going into the steps to install WordPress, there is one important thing that you need to do so that your website looks professional, that is to install SSL.

Cara Membuat Website Toko Online Mudah Untuk Pemula!

If you don’t use SSL = it’s not secure. In the Chrome browser, your website will be marked as “Not secure”.

Look at the top right of your cPanel, does your main area have a green “DV Certificate”?

By default, DomaiNesia has SSL activated automatically. If not, your primary domain will be labeled “No Valid Certificate”.

In order for the domain to always use https (safe and good for SEO), you need to redirect from http to https, otherwise other people will access two versions of your website.

Cara Membuat Website Dengan WordPress Gratis, 100% Mudah!

Don’t forget to fill in admin email with your active email. This can also be used to reset the password if you ever forget it.

Before you fill it with content and move on to chapter 4 of this tutorial site, you need to take care of a few important things first so that the site looks ready.

Enter your username or email address and password (the ones you created when you installed WordPress) Once you’re logged in, here’s how your WordPress dashboard:

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

There are three important points to consider when preparing your website to be search engine friendly (good SEO).

Alur Pembuatan Website

Actually, it’s not wrong to use a URL structure, but search engines don’t like long structures like the example above.

Make sure you don’t check search engine visibility, if you check it, your website will definitely not be indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Just for reference, WordPress has 6,000+ professionally designed free themes in its database. You can search it like a kid in a candy store.

Your website is still empty, you need to create several pages, such as front page (home), about, contact, etc. You also need to choose a web theme. . A WordPress theme for your needs.

Cara Membuat Hosting Sendiri Dan Biaya Yang Dibutuhkan

At this point, I have to tell you that before I finish this guide on how to create a WordPress website for beginners, I tried several popular WordPress themes that I think are easy to use for anyone and whatever the goal.

However, there is something you need to know in advance, namely 2 places of WordPress that you can use to add content.

“Why are there 2 places? So what is the difference between Posts and Pages? (Important to know before moving on to the next step, so I recommend not skipping this section).

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

If you want to create an ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Vision/Mission’ etc. page, you need to write it in Pages format.

Cara Membuat Website Di Website Builder Idcloudhost

If you click publish, you can click the WordPress logo button as shown below to return to the WordPress dashboard page.

Say: Home page, about us page, contact us, blog (a page that contains articles in the form of posts), etc… then create that page and leave it blank like this.

At this point, you can check if the sitemap you just created has appeared on your site.

Astra is an easy to customize theme and one of my three favorite themes besides GeneratePress and Blocksy.

Cara Membuat Website Di Hp, Mudah Dan Praktis Tanpa Pc

Before you go to the last step, which is to design the blank pages (home, about, contact, etc.) that you did earlier, you must first make some changes to the Astra theme so that it will answer the way you want.

An example is front page(), every time you visit it and no matter how much I write new articles, this static page will never change.

Then set it as “static page”, then select Homepage = Home (the blank front page you created earlier).

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

This post page is optional, but if you want to write articles regularly, you will need to create a post page that displays the articles you have published on the site.

Cara Membuat Website Di Plesk Hosting Menggunakan Presence Builder (website Builder)

This includes the most important part of the process chain of how to create a website, which is to determine from the beginning your world wide web.

By default, the Astra theme font you are using uses the system font. In terms of performance, the system font is the fastest font.

(1) You can choose one of the six fonts recommended by Astra in the “Presets” section (2) Or choose your own font from the list of fonts in the “Body Font Family” section (3) Calculate your body font. My advice is not to use a font smaller than 16.

One of the characteristics of a good website is color composition. I recommend not using many color combinations, for example more than 6 colors.

Panduan Web Hosting Untuk Pemula Lengkap Dari A Sampai Z

(1) Container width is the width of your website. The higher the value, the wider your site will be. My suggestion is to just leave the default one (1200px)

(3) The layout of the Pages page is usually full width, but I’ll leave it to you to customize the layout to your liking.

At this point, you may want to change your website name to your website logo image or replace it with another name.

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

If you already have a website logo, you can change the text logo from a text logo to an image logo.

Cara Mengedit Website Yang Sudah Di Hosting

(4) If you want to use a text logo, you can change the text to another name, for example My Blog

Changing the position of an element, be it a logo, menu, search, etc., is very easy to do with the Astra theme.

However, make sure before you go to the last chapter that you click the “Publish” button on the top left so that any changes you make are saved.

Step 6 is the essence of this guide on how to create a website with WordPress. I congratulate you for coming here. Excellent work! I can only say that this last step is the most fun of all.

Cara Membuat Website Dari Nol Untuk Pemula

Or if you’ve tried website building platforms like WIX and Squarespace before, you won’t feel out of place when trying page building plugins on WordPress.

In fact, while building this guide on how to create a website from scratch, I used the page builder plugin (drag & drop).

Just like when choosing an Astra theme, before choosing the Page Builder plugin, I also tried several popular options, such as Elementor, Beaver and Brizy. Not to forget, I also tried Gutenberg Editor like Kadence Block.

Cara Buat Web 1 Hosting

After spending hours trying different page builders, I came to the conclusion that the Page Builder Elementor plugin is the best for beginners, for two reasons:

Membuat Web Hosting Sendiri Dengan Vps Centos 8

Currently it is installed more

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