Cara Buat Hosting Gratis Di Idhostinger

Cara Buat Hosting Gratis Di Idhostinger – The website as a means of communication and a source of information is one of the evidences of the rapid development of the field of information technologies. More than just an information tool, the web has become one of the driving forces of economic growth in society, as demonstrated by the emergence of thousands of online shopping sites, or what we often call e-commerce.

It is imperative for you, especially business entities, to build a website where the website is a bridge to the growth and development of the business you are running and marketing. For this reason, we need the capacity, that is, the availability of a web hosting service, so that we can host the website that we have. One of them is to use web hosting services.

Cara Buat Hosting Gratis Di Idhostinger

Cara Buat Hosting Gratis Di Idhostinger

After you read my review above, there is no reason not to choose Hostinger as your hosting provider. In this article, I will try to tell you step by step how to order or rent a domain hosting at Hostinger Web Hosting. For that, here is the full review:

Cara Membuat Web Phising Gratis Di Idhostinger

1. Visit the official website of Then you can click on the “Hosting” menu or on the main page you can scroll down a bit to determine which hosting package to use. For example, I chose a web hosting package.

2. After you have selected the hosting package of your choice, on the next page you will specify the desired duration of the hosting lease. Also consider whether you want to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as a security measure for your website. Of course, you will be charged a monthly fee for this service. But it is not necessary.

Currently, we get free domain option if we order hosting with Premium package or business package with 12 months hosting rental period. For this reason, if you decide to order hosting for this type of package, you will be given the option to choose the domain name you want. You can reserve a domain name if the domain name is still available, meaning that no one owns it yet. If you have completed Checkout.

3. Then select the desired payment method. Remember to login first before proceeding with the purchase process. If you don’t have a Hostinger account, sign in first. Finally, run the check again

Cara Mempointing Domain Sendiri Ke Hosting Idhostinger

4. If you have reached this page, it means that the purchase process is approaching the final stage. You only need to pay for the hosting rental order.

5. If you have paid. Confirm your payment so Hostinger can verify your order.

Or the alternative is to send a direct confirmation via email in the following format:

Cara Buat Hosting Gratis Di Idhostinger

6. Wait for the Hostinger team to verify your domain payment and hosting order. After payment. Your hosting rental account will appear on the Hostinger Cpanel home page.

Cara Membuat Database Di 000webhost

The display of this configuration window indicates that the process of renting free domain hosting from Hostinger Web Hosting has been successful.

With a Hostinger Cpanel account, you can upload website files using the available tools. If your website mainly uses a content management system (CMS), you can also install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop and other CMS according to your needs. Don’t forget to include the website you uploaded with the domain name you ordered earlier. To access your website through the web browser you use.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact CS hostinger, you can count on 7 x 24 hours. It is more or less similar to a series of steps / processes to be followed to rent a domain and hosting at That’s all and I hope what I share can be useful for all of us. A story is like a short story that contains the words of Allah and the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) without any book, so it is all just an attempt to explain its past, present, future and what is happening in the supernatural. .

This brief story only attempts to explain what is difficult to understand and cannot be convincing based on images presented as truth. Absolute truth belongs to God, while human truth is beyond conjecture.

Cara Beli Domain Di Hostinger Mudah Dan Cepat (panduan Lengkap)

In this short story, some articles represent the Word of God and the Word of His Messenger, but they are not words or words, so please do not quote them as references, and I also believe that those who read them have filters and can judge them. . The words and phrases presented here are only trying to give an idea based on my thoughts of what is to come. And it is not clear that what I am describing will happen in the future.

Regarding the word of God and the word of the prophet, if what is quoted from the book is correct, I will put the source of the book where the word of God and the word of the prophet (pbuh) were taken. However, the story of this short story is taken from everyday life about what is in the environment, packaged in the form of a story, and then added to several other stories that your mind will not refuse.

Today, there are many hosting servers that provide services with the best features, one of which is idHostinger Indonesia hosting. There are many great features and you should try them out.

Cara Buat Hosting Gratis Di Idhostinger

If you’re interested, here’s how to sign up for hosting at idHostinger. To simplify this registration, you can use Facebook and Google account. You can choose any of them and this guide is for those who want to register through Facebook account

Hostinger Vs Top 5 Provider Hosting Indonesia: Siapa Yang Lebih Kompetitif?

3. Click the Login menu at the top right corner of the page and you will be taken to the login form page as shown below. Then click on the blue Facebook icon.

5. When this page appears, your registration is complete and you have become a member of idHostinger hosting.

Then you can choose one of the hosting packages offered. If you are still new and don’t understand idHostinger, you can choose the free hosting package to learn more about idHostinger.

Thanks for reading how to sign up for hosting at IdHostinger…!!! This article was published by Nasrul Alimuddin. If you want to share this post, you can click the Share button or the Share button at the bottom of each post. You can post criticisms and suggestions on how to get started hosting with IdHostinger in the comment box below.

Cara Membuat Website

Click “Follow” below to follow the latest updates to this blog post using your Google account, or click “Subscribe” to follow the latest updates to this blog post by email. , of course, is the main requirement that must be fulfilled if you want to create a website on the Internet. Many hosting providers compete to offer many features at the lowest price to meet the expectations of potential customers.

But for some, cheap is not enough. They want hosting that doesn’t really charge for a variety of reasons, whether it’s financial concerns or they just want to try and learn how to use hosting for their sites before using premium hosting services.

Now it is easier for you to find free hosting service providers both abroad and domestically. Call it which provides free hosting with full support of features like backup support, PHP, MySQL, webmail and more.

Cara Buat Hosting Gratis Di Idhostinger

However, of course, there are always limitations to the free services offered, such as MySQL is limited to only 2, subdomains to 5 subdomains, etc. These limits are reasonable, considering that you yourself do not pay a single penny for the services they provide.

Cara Mudah Membuat Website Gratis Dan Praktis

Domestically there is This site, which has been offering free hosting services for years, provides enough options to put your personal website, forum, profile or blog online.

The features offered are not much different from, only that at 1dhostinger you can upgrade your service to premium hosting for free or get a free .com domain and pay for it through the affiliate program. In fact, 000webhost also offers an affiliate program, but the terms offered are much more complicated than idhostinger. In addition, free hosting from idhostinger is also guaranteed to be ad-free.

If you really want to create a professional website, you need to secure enough money to pay for hosting. Hire hosting services from experienced and proven providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, Hawkhost, etc.

In addition to being known worldwide for their reliability, these hosting providers also often offer discounts through coupons. You can use the coupon code PROMOSI001 to try professional hosting services for one month for only 0.01 USD (child plan and newborn plan). You can also use coupon code KODEDISC25 to get up to 25% off all hosting packages at hostgator.

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