Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

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Today, people use the Internet as their main tool for finding information. There is no exception information about the baby’s education.

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

Therefore, the promotion of the school is not complete without a website. However, many agencies are still hesitant about the cost and options. Although creating a website does not require large resources or the help of a web development agency.

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In this article, you will learn how to create a school website in steps that you can do yourself. Good reading!

To create a school website, you first need to have a few components, namely a domain, a web hosting service, an SSL certificate, and a content management system or CMS.

In the context of websites, the definition of a domain is the address of your website. An example is In this example, Google is the domain name and .com is the extension.

A number of domain extensions are also available, including .org, .net and .xyz. However, school websites require the extension, which is accepted in the Internet world. This extension means that the domain is owned by an educational institution.

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The fee for the extension domain that we offer is not expensive. You can get a cheap domain from IDR 55,000 per year.

However, keep in mind that there are some requirements if you want to register a domain with a extension, namely:

Another important part of creating a website is web hosting. You can’t launch your website without it.

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

Basically, web hosting is a place where your website data is stored. Also, through web hosting, your website can be displayed to internet users.

Jasa Pembuatan Website Sekolah

There are different types of web hosting, but we recommend cloud hosting for school websites. This type of web hosting is easy to use as the server is managed by the provider. In addition, its large resources can speed up the loading of school websites and are minimal

After purchasing a domain and web hosting, you must pay attention to the security of the website. Especially if you want to create a website that will represent an educational institution.

So, in order to protect the data exchange on the website, you must have an SSL certificate. In addition to acting as a security feature, this component has other benefits.

Many web browsers now display badges or signs in the address bar to indicate whether a website is secure or not. Below is an example of a Google Chrome security badge.

Cara Membuat Website Sekolah: Mudah Dan Murah!

Of course, the credibility of a school website with such an inscription can be questioned. Therefore, with an SSL certificate, you can also improve the image of your website.

The good news is that your web hosting purchase comes with a free SSL certificate. If you want more security, they also offer Comodo Positive SSL, which can be obtained for IDR 115,000 per year.

But now you can easily create a website using a content management system or CMS. Through the CMS, you can not only define the appearance and features of the site, but also manage the content.

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

There are currently several CMSs to choose from. However, we recommend choosing WordPress because of the many benefits of a CMS, including ease of use and a wide variety of features and views.

Domain .sch Id Untuk Sekolah. Begini Cara Mendapatkannya!

To use WordPress, you need to install it on your WordPress hosting server. The method is described in this article.

Yes, if you want to build a WordPress website at a lower price, click the button below to view the promo page!

Once you know what you need, it’s time to dive into the process of building a school website! Here are the steps:

There are actually several ways to install WordPress. However, you can do this with a few mouse clicks if the control panel offered by your web hosting provider includes Softaculous Auto Installer. Rekomendasi Penyedia Hosting Terbaik 2021

Light. First, log in to the membership area with your account. On the home page, select the Hosting tab and click Manage on the hosting account you want to install WordPress on.

On the next page, open the cPanel tab and click on the cPanel icon marked with a red box in the following image.

After clicking on the icon, you will be taken to the cPanel control panel page. For simplicity, you can search for the Softaculous installer by typing its name into the search bar at the top of the page. Click on the icon when it appears.

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

To install WordPress, click on its icon on the main page of Softaculous Installer. If it doesn’t appear on the page, you can search for it in the search bar in the upper left corner.

Cara Membuat Website Sekolah Resmi

Next, you need to provide some necessary information to install WordPress. You can see an example in the following screenshot.

After completing the filling, all you have to do is click the Install button at the bottom of the page to start the WordPress installation. This is how your first website is ready. Simple isn’t it?

Dashboard is the name of the WordPress admin panel. Through this panel, you can manage all aspects of your website, including configuration, appearance, features, and content.

There are two ways to login or access your WordPress dashboard. First, you can type your website’s domain name with the /wp-admin suffix into your web browser’s address bar. for example

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This method will take you directly to the WordPress login page. To log in, use the e-mail address and password provided before installation.

Log in to the membership area and click Manage in your web hosting account. On your hosting account settings page, select the Manage WordPress tab and click WordPress login.

No tutorial on how to make a school website would be complete without discussing how to install a school website theme.

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

Well, this section asks you to replace an existing WordPress theme. The good news is that you can use all of the WordPress hosting themes for free.

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Simply log into your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance > Themes from the menu on the left side of the screen. Then click the Add New button in the image below to find the theme you want.

To find topics more easily, you can enter keywords in the search bar at the top right corner of the page. For example, we search for a topic with the keyword “school”.

Once you’ve found the theme you want, hover over the thumbnail and click Install. You can also check the preview of the theme by clicking the Preview button.

For more information, you can customize existing themes. You can do this in your dashboard under Appearance > Customize.

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In WordPress, you can add functionality by installing plugins. The options offered are also diverse, ranging from plug-ins to display forms to payment systems.

To find the plugin you want, simply click Plugins > Add New from your dashboard. Then enter the keywords of the desired plugin in the search bar of the page.

The installation steps are the same as installing the theme. Click the Install Now button and then the Activate button to activate. You can also change the settings of each plugin through their menu. This menu will appear on the left side of the dashboard page after the installation is complete.

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

Creating a page in WordPress is not complicated. To get started, click Pages in your dashboard, then click Add New on the next page.

Langkah Membuat Domain Untuk Sekolah

At this stage, you will be taken to the WordPress editor where you can create content for the page you want. If you have problems with operation, you can read this guide.

Follow the above method to create other pages. However, your pages may not be in the correct order.

To resolve this issue, click Page in the dashboard, then click Edit on the page you want to change the order of. Pay attention to the screenshot below for more clarity.

Then pay attention to the settings panel on the right side of the screen. Click the Page Attributes tab, then change the numbers in the Order column to the desired order. Do this on the other side.

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Now your pages are ready. However, is your task to build WordPress complete? Of course not.

The last thing you need to do is design the main page of your website. By default, the WordPress homepage displays a list of recent posts. However, the main page of your school profile website usually does not require this setting. To work around this, you need to change your main page settings.

Be sure to select A static page as shown in the image below. Then select the page you want as the main page by clicking the drop-down menu below.

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

You can also set up the school news page as the page to list your posts. This option is in the drop-down menu. When you’re done, click the Publish button at the top of the customization panel.

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The above steps only allow you to change the model of the main page of your website to static. After that, you can continue to customize the page as you like.

However, you should know that each WordPress theme offers different customization freedoms. The customization menu for all WordPress themes is available under Appearance > Customize.

As an illustration, we show you how to customize with Hestia, the theme chosen for the examples in this guide.

The previous picture shows that the main page display is not suitable for school websites. To change the text and page background, click Home Sections > Large Title Section in the Theme Customizer panel. Here, just enter the text and select the desired background.

Pentingnya Website Sekolah, Wajib Anda Tahu

Don’t forget to display a navigation menu so that your website visitors can access the pages you have created earlier. To do this, click Menus in the customization panel.

As you can see in the image below, there is no navigation menu on the main page yet. Therefore, click the Create New Menu button.

Then enter the name of the menu set you want to create and click the Primary Menu check box to make this menu appear at the top of the page. If yes, click the button

Cara Beli Hosting Sch Untuk Sekolah

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