Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb

Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb – After previously providing a tutorial on how to register on Rumahweb, today I will provide another simple tutorial on buying a domain on Rumahweb using the GoPay payment method.

GoPay is currently a digital wallet that people are very fond of, especially for transactions that are not too large, such as less than a million. Rumahweb itself is also quite a popular domain and hosting provider in Indonesia.

Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb

Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb

In this tutorial, I use an Android phone to buy a domain on Rumahweb. Don’t worry, Rumahweb seems mobile-friendly, so it’s very convenient for mobile devices to access it.

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Make sure you are registered and have a Rumahweb account and have sufficient GoPay balance to purchase the domain.

Log in with the Rumahweb account by entering your email and password in the fields provided, then clicking the “Login” button. “Remember Me” can be selected.

You will be directed to the Customer Area section. Click on the three lines, select “Domains”, then select “Register a new domain”.

Type the domain name you want in the column provided, then click the “Search” button. You can write directly with the domain extension such as,, and or you can also write zonapedia and a choice of domains will appear, such as com, net, org and others.

Hosting Gratis Terbaik Dari Rumahweb Dibuka Setiap Hari!

If a domain is already sold, it will show Not Available where it is not possible to buy a domain while the available one has a “Register” button. All you have to do is click on the “Register” button on the domain you want.

Here is an option to purchase some sort of buyer data protection feature where other people are not careful to see who owns the domain we are buying, essentially your data will be hidden as a buyer of the domain even if of course strangers can still contact you as the domain owner with a slower route. private. Check if you want to buy it, then click “Continue”.

Here is an offer whether you also buy hosting or not. I only buy domains here, so I select “Buy domain only”.

Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb

Try to enter the Customer Area on Rumahweb. In the DOMAINS section there is now one. Click on the DOMAINS section.

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It’s not over yet! It’s time to verify your email. Open the email we registered to create a Rumahweb account. There will be an incoming email from Rumahweb Indonesia, if it’s not in your inbox, try checking your spam box. Click the verification link in the email. You need to verify your email immediately because there is a time limit, if within the specified time limit you haven’t verified your email, the domain will be suspended.

You will be asked to enter your KTP number and mobile number. This is why I only used Rumahweb now, because I also had an ID card, while with Namecheap you don’t need a KTP if you’re registering, buying a domain or verifying an email. In Rumahweb, is it possible to enter a random or fake KTP number if we don’t have a KTP yet? I really don’t know, but I suggest using the original KTP number. Don’t forget to also enter your mobile phone number in the appropriate column.

Here’s how to buy a domain on Rumahweb using GoPay. I hope it will be useful for those of you who need a tutorial. If you have any questions, please contact the administrator via the contact page.

Keywords: how to buy domain on rumahweb, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023, 2024, 2025, hosting, newest, com, network, org, xyz, cheapest, via android mobile, via gopay Now I want to share my experience purchase a Rumahweb domain. Why Rumahweb? Because after comparing prices and seeing many reviews from other bloggers, I was interested in buying a domain from Rumahweb.

Cara Beli Domain Tanpa Hosting

What are Domains? So the domain in other words is our home web address. There are also many types of domains, there are: .id, .com, .net, .org, .xyz, .store, etc. The more popular a domain is, the more expensive it will be. Popular examples are .id and .com.

First, find the availability of the domain you want. Thank God, at that moment the domain I wanted was still available, which means no one was using it yet. Then he curses by direct order. Yes, so the purchase price for this domain is 1 year. After that 1 year, you have to renew again.

For example, if I want to buy an .id, a screen will appear to add Privacy Protection and Contacts managed or not. If I add, it’s for safety.

Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb

2. There will be a choice of service packages to purchase hosting or not. For blogspot users, there is no need to order hosting. Except for wordpress users, you need to buy hosting first.

Cara Dapatkan 3 Bulan Hosting Untuk WordPress Gratis Dari Rumahweb

5. Check your cart. Here is a list of what you have previously purchased. Finally, look!

After checkout, later from Rumahweb an invoice will be sent to your email and for setting domain on our blog, it can be seen on YouTube of Rumahweb:

I myself am very proud, because I can come to understand what a domain is. A bit of history, I have been blogging since 2013 with my high school mates.

In my opinion, blog is an online journal that we own and share useful experiences we have with many people. Besides that, it can hone our writing skills. You can buy a domain and hosting on Rumahweb. But first, you need to know how to create a Rumahweb account. What are the steps? See the following guide to find out how.

Rekomendasi Server Untuk Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia!

Rumahweb is a very popular domain and hosting provider in Indonesia. You can buy domains and hosting here at affordable prices because there are often promotions.

As with general hosting services, if you want to purchase a domain and hosting at Rumahweb, you must first create an account there. Through this account we can see the products we buy and access the services provided.

The way to create an account is simple. But for those who aren’t used to it, it’s obviously easier if there’s a guide. The following describes the process to follow when creating a Rumahweb account.

Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb

The procedure is very simple, isn’t it? Try practicing yourself to prove it. If you count the time, maybe less than five minutes.

Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia 2023 (kecepatan Teruji!)

If you are still having trouble following the short guide above, here we provide an explanation of the full version accompanied by supporting images. Complete guide on how to create a Rumahweb account

1. Visit the site using your favorite browser, such as; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You can see the look of the main website from Rumahweb as shown in the image above.

2. Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner to start creating an account. Why the login button? Because there is no Register button visible on this main page. After clicking the button, the login page will appear.

3. Click the Record button in the upper right corner. From the login page, you will see the Register button. Click the button to open the account registration page. The display will look like the following image.

Rekomendasi Tempat Beli Domain Terbaik & Terpercaya

4. Complete the existing fields. Starting from the personal information section, billing address, additional information required, password for your account, to review the terms of service. Make sure you enter correct and valid data. If so, click the Register button.

5. Account registration has been completed successfully if there are no problems with the data you entered. An error message will appear if you enter missing/incorrect data on the previous page of the Log. Correct and resubmit.

6. You will also receive an email notification that your account registration was successful. Save the email just in case because it contains some pretty important information like a link to go to the customer’s site page.

Cara Beli Hosting Di Rumahweb

This is the end of the process. You now have a Rumahweb account. Log in every time you need to use the service.

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Langkah Mudah Memperpanjang Domain Di Rumahweb

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