Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting – Without using a domain, we have to memorize a series of IP address numbers to access the website. So it’s more complicated, isn’t it, man?

So basically, a domain is an element of a website that consists of the name of the website and its extension.

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

So what are the advantages of buying a domain? Please note that buying a domain and hosting can really help you build credibility for your business or blog, friends.

Apa Itu Hosting? Berikut Pengertian, Jenis, Dan Manfaatnya!

So, if you want to grow your business more widely with a website, buying a domain and hosting is a must.

Yes, it will definitely make it easier for many people to find your site on search engines or social networks.

Yes, compared to using a free email like [email protected] or [email protected], having a professional business email from a website domain will be more professional and trustworthy.

As a result, sites are more likely to be clicked by potential new customers because there are tens of millions of people on the Internet who access Google every day.

Perbedaan Hosting Dan Domain Yang Harus Diketahui

At this point, you may be wondering how to buy a website domain. No need to worry friends, the way to buy a domain is as follows.

How to buy this domain is very important to remember because the process requires the user to provide some personal details like name, phone number and email address.

Therefore, if it is not registered with a trusted domain provider, the security of your data may be compromised and there is potential for leakage.

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

Moreover, one of the tips for buying a domain is to make sure that the price of the domain name you buy is not too expensive, friend.

Cara Custom Domain Rumah Web Ke Blogspot

Also, check the prices carefully, as some domain service providers usually charge for additional features.

So how do you buy an affordable yet quality domain? So just check cheap domains and ID domains friends.

Therefore, it is important to know how to buy this domain so that other people cannot use your domain name in the future.

Besides buying a new domain, you can actually transfer domains from one registrar to another, you know, man.

Cara Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Untuk Membuat Blog Atau Website

Did you know that Jagoan Hosting also provides domain purchases? Of course, the services provided are of high quality, but the prices are still affordable.

2. Select the domain menu, then select the domain according to your needs, such as .COM domain (TLD), ID domain, etc.

3. Next, select the domain extension of your choice. Here, click the pink button for your chosen domain.

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

4. You will be taken to the domain registration page. To register, you can fill in the extension of the selected domain in the column.

Cara Membuat Website Sendiri Dari Nol (panduan Pemula 2022)

5. After checking and the domain you wrote is available, click the pink Add to Card button, friend.

6. Then click the Continue Review button. At this stage you should check the price details as there is usually VAT to be paid. If yes, then fill the data manually or create

Don’t forget to pay attention to some of the tips above so that your chosen domain will be effective for visitors, okay?

If you still need useful tutorials or tech tips, read the other articles on the Jagoan Hosting blog.

Jual Domain

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Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

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Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting 9,000/month – Free Domain, Premium Divi Theme (Page Builder) and SSL Buy 9,000 Hosting Overall, buying a domain is a pretty easy process. The main requirement is that you first need to have an account on the hosting site. It is mandatory.

Cara Pasang Domain Di Blogger Untuk Pemula

Maybe some people don’t know what hosting is. Example of hosting; there is DomaiNesia, there is Rumah Hosting and many others locally and internationally.

In other words, hosting is a provider or service provider for domain and web server needs. If we want to create a website accessible through, we need this hosting service.

Hosting service providers offer different services and features. Even at a low price. So not just domains. All requirements are also available on the website.

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

However, this article only focuses on buying a domain at Rumah Hosting. One of the hosting services we have been using for a long time. Recommended if we say:

Beli Hosting Murah Ssd

For other discussions like server, wordpress, vps etc will be discussed later. The article would be too long to discuss here. Steps to buy a domain at Rumah Hosting

The first process to do is to open the Rumah Hosting website. There you will find a variety of services provided and at low prices.

There are Shared Hosting, Cloud Server, E-mail Hosting and SSL Server services as well as some other interesting services. Everything is complete.

After opening the home page of the Rumah Hosting website, immediately point the mouse cursor to the Domain menu. If you are referred, a new sub-menu will automatically appear, DOMAIN INDONESIA and DOMAIN INTERNATIONAL. Why are there Indonesian and international domains?

Hosting Indonesia: Pengertian Hingga Jenis Jenisnya

INDONESIAN DOMAIN is a domain with an Indonesian extension (id), such as,,,,,, domainname. : .o. id, and

An INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN is a global/public domain that does not contain a country identity, such as,,, and many others.

In terms of prices, generally Indonesian domains are cheaper when compared to international domains. This is suitable for websites targeting Indonesians only.

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

International domains are actually more expensive. However, this domain can be used for a wider target market. In addition, international domains are more familiar, especially the .com extension, which is the world champion.

Lima Cara Jitu Memanfaatkan Domain Untuk Perkembangan Bisnis Online Anda

So, let’s focus on the international ones, especially the .com extension. Just to be more familiar and general. Click on INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN.

After clicking on INTERNATIONAL DOMAINS, a new page will appear showing different domain extensions to choose from. The annual price is also different.

The price for .com extensions is IDR 145,000/year. Meanwhile, the price for the .co extension reaches IDR 400,000/year and is the most expensive. Click on the .com listing here and we will be redirected to a new page.

This new page provides a domain name search box. Enter the domain name you want, then click SEARCH and check I’m not a robot.

Cara Membeli Hosting Di Gapurahoster

The system will search and check if the domain is available or not. Because the domain may be already in use by someone else. If available, a welcome message will appear as follows:

If the domain is available, it means we can buy the domain. Click the blue Add to Cart button to add the domain to your cart.

When it is clicked, the Add to Cart button changes to a Continue/Checkout button. Then click the Continue/Checkout button to continue the domain ordering process. 6. Review the ID protection checklist

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

After clicking the Continue/Exit button, a new page will open. On this page we are offered add-ons/extra features such as DNS management and ID protection.

Mengupas Biaya Hosting Dan Domain Murah, Kualitas No.1

DNS management is a feature to manage the domains we have purchased. If you don’t understand it, you don’t need to add it.

Meanwhile, for ID Protection, it should be added because it has a vital function. Personal information such as phone numbers and home addresses can be protected from a whois domain check.

ID Protection costs IDR 60,000/year for the first year. It doesn’t matter as long as our personal information is safely protected from the outside world.

This page will display the domain registration information and ID protection ordered in the previous step. The price of a product is indicated. The total price is also plus VAT. If you have confirmed the correct domain name and the features/extras you want to add, click the green Submit button.

Cara Terbaru Mendapatkan Hosting & Domain Gratis

Since we don’t have a Rumah Hosting account yet, we need to fill in all the fields on the Message page. From name to address. Make sure to fill it out completely and correctly.

We recommend switching to a virtual account, as it can be automatically verified by the system. When using bank transfer, verification will be done manually.

After clicking the Finish Order button, we will receive payment information for the virtual account by email. Please forward by email. After a successful transfer, we will receive an email that the payment has been received and the domain has been successfully purchased.

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

To view the domain, please login to using the account created in step 7. Select Domains, then My Domains. The recently purchased domain will appear here.

Cara Membeli Domain Website, Simak Langkah Dan Tipsnya!

Buying a domain on a hosting site is pretty easy, right? We hope the above guide helps you and thanks for reading the post till the end. Hosting or web hosting is a place to store all the files and data of a website so that it can be accessed by many people through the internet. Site files and data can be videos, images, e-mails, etc. in the form of emails, scripts, applications and databases.

Compared to a property, your site is a house building. Meanwhile, the domain name is your home. The ground your home is built on is known as web hosting.

As another, Hosting is a store that you rent for business purposes. Like a store, hosting comes in different sizes and amenities depending on the type of website you’re building and the amount of space (

Hence, providing hosting services with different packages. You can choose a package that suits your website needs.

Cara Memulai Bisnis Web Hosting Di Rumah

1. Go to the Hosting Orders page. Please select and click the hosting package you want. In this guide, we have chosen the Personal Hosting package as an example.

2. Scroll down, select the duration of the hosting package you will purchase. In this guide, we have chosen the 1 year package duration as an example.

3. Buy hosting

Cara Beli Domain Rumah Hosting

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