Cara Backup Hosting Niagahoster

Cara Backup Hosting Niagahoster – Niagahoster is a web hosting company founded in 2013. Headquartered in Yogyakarta, Niagahoster serves more than 29 million customers in 178 countries. Niagahoster’s web hosting services come with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, 24-hour support, and the lowest prices in their class. Our goal is to help millions of people harness the power of the Internet to succeed online by providing stable, fast, and easy-to-use web hosting services.

This review only looks at hosting performance. Does not include server connection stability, server capacity, support, downtime, etc.

Cara Backup Hosting Niagahoster

Cara Backup Hosting Niagahoster

This review may include organizations that allow me to earn commissions on purchases via links/coupons without compromising any of the features found.

Webhosting: Layanan Web Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia

Niagahoster currently has 7 types of hosting for rent namely Unlimited Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Email Hosting, Cloud VPS. Each type of hosting can be tailored to the needs of each website. I am not showing email hosting as this review only reviews web hosting. Unlimited Hosting The price of unlimited hosting when I did this upgrade started at 10k per month. Cloud Hosting The price of cloud hosting when I did this review started at 150k per month. WordPress Hosting The price of WordPress hosting when I did this review started at 26k per month. Cloud VPS Cloud VPS pricing when I did this review started at 104k per month. For this test I am using Unlimited Personal Package hosting.

Niagahoster’s server location is located in Indonesia. In this way, I will do a test operation as close as possible to Indonesia (Jakarta) to see its performance. For Indonesian target visitors, servers located in Indonesia do not experience latency.

Check GTmetrix article after installation using unlimited hosting with Hong Kong server setting as Hong Kong server is closest to Indonesia. By default Niagahoster’s base page LCP performance loads in 484 ms. With an optimized standard configuration, websites hosted on Niagahoster can be fast and LCP loads in 327ms. Niagarahoster’s LCP performance approaches 1/4 of a second.

Test page performance after installation using unlimited hosting servers. Mobile Desktop By default, according to the page speed view, website pages are accessed in 0.3 seconds on desktop and 1 second on mobile. This metric is awesome because you can get it quickly. Then with standard preparation I try to do more tests. Mobile Desktop After standard optimization, the result is page completion in 0.3 seconds on desktop and 1 second on mobile. The results of the drug do not differ significantly from the prescribed treatment. Niagahoster does a good job in terms of performance.

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The TTFB test will be performed 3x each, 3x before adjustment and 3x after adjustment to see fast, slow and average ttfb. In addition, this test will be done with 2 devices to determine the speed on the user side and the server side. Test TTFB speed after installation using unlimited server hosting and Indonesian server settings because the server location is in Indonesia. Standard Devtools testing on unlimited hosting servers after installing and disabling browser cache settings. This test is conducted using real-time TTFB website performance using the user’s Internet speed. Testing Default Version Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 In the 3x tests above, ttfb Niagahoster defaults to the 64-90ms range. Testing Enhanced Version and Standard Version First Test Second Test Third Test From the above 3x devtools test results for each of the default and modified versions, the fastest TTFB was found to be 18ms for the real user version. Next, a test will be run to test ttfb using webpagetest to see ttfb from a cross-server perspective. Webpagetest standard test after installation on unlimited hosting servers and Indonesia server options and 3x testing. This survey was conducted by Indonesian facilitators to see the performance of TTFB. Default configuration From the above test, it can be seen that the ttfb from Jakarta server for the default version is 154ms, and the modified version is 37ms.

Brotli is a state-of-the-art compression tool that allows compressing assets on web pages to smaller sizes. The content encoding indicates that the server has implemented brotli compression. Niagahoster uses Brotli compression, which reduces page size and automatically speeds up access.

Http 3 is the latest version of the browser application. Niagahoster already supports the use of http3 on its server so that sending requests can work smoothly.

Cara Backup Hosting Niagahoster

Litespeed is a very efficient web server and can support the overall performance of the website. Using Litespeed, wordpress can use htaccess.

Layanan Email Hosting Terbaik Di Indonesia 2022 ( Harga Murah) Cocok Untuk Bisnis

Using NVME SSD hard disk, reading and writing process is 25 times faster than HDD. It probably won’t have a significant impact on websites with little traffic, but it will be very useful for websites with a lot of traffic, such as online stores, etc. Niagahoster doesn’t use NVME SSD yet, but it already uses SSD. So the performance is 5 times better than HDD.

From the results of the performance tests above, starting from a small TTFB of 18ms, then supported by Brotli compression, litespeed webserver and http3 protocol, and SSD hard disk, Niagahoster is one of the hosting providers with good performance. . In terms of performance, there is still room for improvement using an NVME SSD hard drive.

Niagahoster Performance Review FonnteTTFB Notes Tools Hard Drive Compression Http Web Server Conclusion Niagahoster provides good performance for websites with satisfactory results when it comes to writing and speed tuning. Fire wordpress app for whatsapp services

Likes are only for good people Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Share on Telegram In our attempt to create a professional website, at least two things are required namely navigation and domain. Hosting is a place to store website files online. Whereas a domain is the address you need to access a specific website. To be able to get the two supporting components above, you need a service or site to be able to create a website. This site is web hosting.

Review Niagahoster. Yakin Mau Beli Hosting Di Niagahoster?

Of course, there are many parameters to consider when choosing a service package offered by a web hosting company. In this case, is here with the best service, so they will be ready to help you, especially with the creation of this website. What sets Niagahoster apart from other web hosting is that in addition to a money back guarantee, a fast and reliable web server, Niagahoster makes the domain free forever for anyone who wants to create a website there with full domain manager access. are you interested

In this article I will try to teach you step by step how to order or rent hosting from Niagahoster Web Hosting. With that said, here’s the full review:

1. Please visit official website You can then click on the hosting menu or on the home page you can scroll down a bit to see which hosting package you are using. For example, I chose the student package.

Cara Backup Hosting Niagahoster

2. After you click the Select Now button. Please specify the hosting package and the length of time you are leasing the hosting and package. If you click Next.

Pengalaman Migrasi Hosting Dan Transfer Domain Ke Niagahoster

3. Then specify the domain address and its extension and then click Get Domain. If the domain exists, a message will be displayed. Good news, this domain is available. Then click the Connect to Chart button.

4. The next page will show the detailed information of the hosting package and domain you ordered. If you are sure that nothing has changed, click Next.

5. If you do not have a Niagahoster Cpanel account, please register first using the New User menu tab. But if you already have an account like me, all you have to do is log in using your email and password in the form provided.

6. Fill in all your purchase details on the checkout page. Determine which payment method you will use. Don’t forget to check the list of terms of the agreement. Then press the exit button.

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7. If a Thank you page appears, your order process is complete. Check your registered email box as Niagarahoster login account for payment details, destination account number and information related to your Niagarahoster member / Cpanel account.

8. Pay for your domain order to one of the accounts offered by Niagahoster. If it has changed, confirm the payment on your account. You go to the Niagahoster member page and then click on the payment confirmation menu.

10. And the last step is to complete your payment confirmation so that your hosting and domain package is active and ready to use.

Cara Backup Hosting Niagahoster

Now these are the series of procedures that need to be done to rent a domain and host at If you have hosting and the domain is active, you can use it to upload your website files using the Cpanel hosting tools available on Idhostinger. Or you can also install CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal according to your need. However, if you experience any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact Niagahoster chat department, as they are always online and at your service 24 hours a day. First of all, I apologize more or less. Thanks and I hope this is helpful.

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Note: This is a review article. Articles commissioned by the client to promote products/services. All forms appearing in the text above are the responsibility of the associated sponsor and not the blog administrator. I am interested in creating review articles similar to the above, contact me on the next page for review services. Thanks, being a full-time housewife at home is sometimes boring because you have a monotonous routine. Thank God, about 7 years ago, in 2011, I found a way to see myself.

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