Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting – In this article, we will discuss how to create your own free web hosting with Debian 11 VPS installed on Nginx web server, php 8.1 and MariaDB database.

But before that, we will discuss a little bit about web hosting. If friends here really do not understand what web hosting is and how web hosting works, first refer to the following explanation.

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

Web hosting is a space on the internet that we can use to store data to create web-based applications that can be accessed on the internet.

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In simple terms, web hosting usually consists of several integrated applications, such as web servers (Apache, Nginx, etc.), databases (MySQL, MariaDB, etc.), and programming languages ​​(php).

With the passage of time, the features of web hosting are increasing. Now web hosting can not only store files for the needs of the website, we can also add email, FTP, etc. features.

As explained earlier, web hosting consists of various components such as web server, database, software, storage (storage media), etc.

Web hosting is a unit of various components that run on an operating system (OS). The type of operating system (OS) that web hosting often uses is Linux, such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, etc.

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Although web hosting can also work on an operating system based on Windows and even MacOS, it is not recommended for compatibility and speed.

This operating system also needs resources to run (CPU, RAM, storage) in the form of physical devices (Sever/PC/Laptop) and virtual machines (Virtual Machines).

Web hosting itself runs mostly on virtual machines or often called Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

Every web hosting has an IP address attached to the server/VPS. With this IP address, the website we created on web hosting can be accessed via the Internet.

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But for users who want to access the website, of course, it will be difficult for them to enter the IP address of the website every time they want to access it. So we can combine web hosting and domain name.

This domain will be accessed by users who will then be directed to the IP address of the web hosting.

We can create our own web hosting even for free with just a few easy steps. To make your web hosting free, of course, we need a server/VPS that can be used to install web hosting.

After registering your Vultr VPS, feel free to use a fresh copy to install with Linux Debian 11, so we will start the tutorial on how to create your free web hosting with Debian 11 VPS.

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For a tutorial on how to install Nginx, PHP 8.1, and MariaDB on Debian 11 on a Vultr VPS, I discussed it in a previous article. Please see how here:

After installing Nginx, php8.1 and MariaDB database on Debian 11, we have successfully set up our web hosting.

Now we will discuss how to create a website on web hosting using WordPress. WordPress based websites are widely used because they are easy to use and of course free.

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

The first thing we will do is create an SSL certificate for the domain to make it more secure and accessible using the https protocol.

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When you execute the command, options will appear that we need to fill in, please fill in the following example:

Here we have successfully created an SSL that produces two files with extensions of .crt and .key. We will include these two files in the Nginx configuration file later.

The second thing we do is create a php8.1-fpm pool configuration file. First enter the php8.1-fpm pool configuration directory with the command:

If so, save the configuration file by pressing ctrl + o -> enter -> ctrl + x to exit.

Langkah Mudah Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting

Next, we set up Nginx so that it can be combined with the SSL and php8.1-fpm configuration files that we prepared earlier.

Please copy and paste the following configuration file. Be sure to replace the domain name with the domain name used:

If there is error information, please check the configuration file again and paste it according to the information in the test results in the line, how many errors there are.

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

Now we are ready to install WordPress on Nginx Debian 11. The first way is to download the WordPress installer file.

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After completing the decompression process, we name the wordpress folder to the domain name that we use with the command:

Then we change the owner of the folder from root to www-data used by php and nginx with the command:

Before we can install WordPress on Debian 11, we need to create a database that WordPress uses.

Well, until the configuration on the web hosting is completed. Now we proceed to set up the domain so that we can connect to the web hosting.

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If you do not have a cloudflare account, please register first at Take it easy, using Cloudflare is also free.

After registering, log in to your cloudflare dashboard. Add the domain by clicking on the add site menu -> enter the domain name -> click on add site.

Cloudflare will scan the domain’s DNS records. If any DNS records are found, they may all be deleted.

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

If it is empty, there are no DNS records, we can add a new record by clicking on Add Record with the following details:

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The @ option can be replaced with the domain name. If two DNS records have been added, click Continue.

Next, copy the nameservers from cloudflare and paste them into your domain’s nameserver settings. Please enter the respective domain settings to change the name servers.

If you click Done, check the name servers. Changes to these name servers can sometimes take up to 24 hours, but usually only a few minutes or seconds.

We can test if the DNS record is correct by accessing the domain through a web browser. If everything is correct, the WordPress installation wizard should appear.

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At this point, we can create a website that works on self-made web hosting on Debian 11 on a VPS.

A blogger who has been involved in the world of internet and blogging for a long time likes to write different articles especially about technology. Therefore, in this article we will explain how to download a website using various tools that are of course very familiar. The steps are:

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Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

Building a top performing website should not be a waste of time. One of the most important things is the quality of the web hosting service you choose, with all the excellent features to start building your website.

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The next step is to choose the right tool to bring your website online. Here are the four most used tools for uploading sites:

This browser-based tool has all the excellent features for managing your files and directories. If you choose, you will have access to this tool!

Only this, this tool has one drawback, which is the upload limit. If the site backup size is larger than 256MB, we recommend using FTP.

Since every web host comes with FTP by default, you can use it to configure an FTP application (for example, FileZilla). All the information needed for website uploads is stored in the FTP accounts located under Files.

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There is no restriction if you want to upload a website using FTP. This means you can import backup archives of any size.

In, there is a feature called website import. This feature can be used to extract website archives up to 256MB directly into the public_html directory.

As you know, WordPress is a platform that is famous for being easy to manage. If you are using WordPress, there are several ways to move your website. One of the easiest ways is to use a plugin (for example, All in One WP Migration), which will perform the site migration process.

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

Unfortunately, the weakness of the plugin lies in the maximum size of the website archive that can be uploaded, which is 256MB. In fact, this weakness can be overcome by purchasing the premium version.

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If the file size of the website is more than 256MB, the best option is to use FTP. For more detailed information, please read the WordPress migration article.

Let’s start with File Manager – a tool we created to make the work of webmasters easier. Open the file manager and select the file upload icon in the upper right menu.

If you want to use FTP with FileZilla to upload a website, first extract the website archive on your computer (because the FTP application does not have an extract feature).

By extracting the website files first, you can move all the files directly to public_html without having to do anything else. Otherwise, you will have to establish a connection via SSH and extract the archive manually.

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You can use File Manager or FTP to move websites from subfolders to the main domain. The steps are as follows:

After all the site files have been successfully uploaded, the next step you should take is to check if the site is online or not. If the domain is sent to, all you have to do is open the domain through the browser.

One thing to keep in mind, if the domain is only pointed to our servers, you will have to wait up to 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate.

Cara Aplikasi Web Ke Hosting

However, if the domain is pointing to another provider, there are several ways to check if the site and domain are accessible:

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Follow all the instructions and processes carefully so that your website content is successful online. However, if you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help 24/7! 😉

Happy! You just learned how to upload a website. As mentioned above, you can upload websites using an FTP client. However, files can only be uploaded one by one and this takes a long time.

If you want to create a blog or an online store, everything that is needed to upload your project on the World Wide Web is simple!

Ariata loves to write and translate, and she is doing it now

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