Cambiare Hosting

Cambiare Hosting – There are many types of websites on the web: blogs, e-commerce, places to share your passion or promote your professional activities… With OVHcloud web hosting you can host any kind of compatible website. configuration of our infrastructure.

Changing your web host’s configuration is a delicate task. One wrong action can make your site inaccessible. It is important to understand the possible impact of a change in order to operate with maximum awareness.

Cambiare Hosting

Cambiare Hosting

Changing your hosting configuration also changes the basic parameters of your website. Our infrastructure offers a variety of configurations, but we recommend that you ensure that the configuration you choose is technically compatible with your website.

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Before making any changes, make sure that your actions do not affect the accessibility of your site. In case of difficulties or doubts, we recommend that you contact a specialist supplier. See the “Learn More” section of this guide for details.

If the button is grayed out, a PHP version check may be in progress. In this case, a blue circle appears indicating that verification is in progress. Wait a few minutes for the button to appear.

If it does not appear in your OVHcloud user area, use the “.ovhconfig” file configuration guide to verify that the “.ovhconfig” file exists in the FTP root of your OVHcloud shared hosting.

Choose the changes you want to apply to your configuration. See the Available configuration options section of this guide for details.

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You can choose from a number of options when changing the configuration of your web hotel. Continue reading this guide in that section for more information on one of the available configuration options.

Choosing a different execution environment may change some technical specifications of your web hosting. Before making any changes, make sure that the new environment you choose is compatible with your site.

The “legacy” environment can be useful for sites developed with older versions of PHP, but we recommend using the “stable64” environment to take advantage of the latest updates. Check your site for compatibility before making any changes.

Cambiare Hosting

PHP is a constantly evolving programming language currently available in several versions. The latest version contains patches for existing bugs and adds or removes certain features. OVHcloud proposes a new release version available at page.

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Newer versions may not include all features, so make sure the new version of PHP is compatible with your site before making any changes.

For more information on changing your PHP version in general, see your web host’s guide to changing your PHP version.

PHP Engine allows you to speed up the execution of your PHP scripts by enabling or disabling the Infrastructure Optimized PHP Accelerator (PHP-FPM). The PHP accelerator provides up to 7x the performance of the “phpcgi” engine.

Modes allow you to manage both the caching behavior of your site’s static files (e.g. images) and PHP errors (useful if your site displays a blank page for example). Two modes are available:

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Support requests cannot be processed through this form. If you need assistance, please use the “Create a ticket” form.

Access your area in the community. Ask questions, search information, post content, and interact with other members of the OVHcloud community.

In accordance with Directive 2006/112/EC and its subsequent amendments, from 1 January 2015, prices inclusive of VAT may vary depending on the customer’s country of residence. Do you know when your hosting will change? You should have a very clear idea of ​​this because the choice of servers and services that will actually make your site reachable is key. We often – rightly – invest time and resources in optimizing our website or e-commerce from different perspectives.

Cambiare Hosting

Like SEO Positioning, Core Web Vitals, Usability and Accessibility will always be considered the younger sister of User Experience. Indeed, all of these are essential, but there is a common denominator: the existence of quality hosting. It should be:

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It is also run by people who know where to lay their hands. In fact, in this foreword, we already told you when to switch hosting. However, it’s worth taking a closer look at the gist to provide clear guidance on possible provider changes or service upgrades.

It is one of the number one reasons to change providers or switch from basic to professional services. The truth is clear. Your server and hosting choices usually affect the loading time of your web pages. This will affect your Core Web Vitals and user experience. Ultimately, all of this will affect your SEO positioning.

Besides choosing a caching plugin and minifying your HTML, CSS and JS, you should also buy hosting with parameters to speed up your site (SSD disk, HTTP/2, HTTP keep-alive). Did you miss all this? It might be time to change your hosting.

Remember that this step is harmless to your website. Any portal transfer from one server to another can be done in a professional manner and with the right backup, without worrying about the owner. The same applies to changes in providers, which must always be allowed and facilitated by the previous provider.

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There are limitations that are part of the hosting structure you need. So there may be a resource that works for you and you won’t need anything else. example?

Single-page websites don’t require huge resources, but shared hosting is untenable if you’re working with international ecommerce and thousands of pages.

There is one thing to add. Upstream selections do not always perfectly match the current situation. This may require a hosting change. In this case, there is no need to switch from one provider to another. For example, you may choose to forego shared hosting on a VPS or dedicated server and upgrade to another service.

Cambiare Hosting

Alternatively, you can change providers and choose one that offers quality resources at a lower price. However, be careful not to drop below the minimum required level.

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Now, there’s nothing worse than arriving at a website and finding it unavailable due to a server error. Of course it can happen. No provider can guarantee 100% uptime. The chances of ending up with a technical error placing the network and site related to the problem on the system are always slim. However, there are differences.

For example, between those who have easy downtime and long resolution times, and those who develop whatever is necessary to limit the damage. In addition, an effective refund policy guarantees clear pre-set settlement times. Look at the response times.

Changing servers won’t affect your SEO, but you also risk penalties if you continue to use insecure hosting. Website security is an aspect related to the person managing the website. You should add plugins to make your site more stable against threats, spam, viruses and malware that can actually damage your work.

However, it is also the provider that must monitor, provide stable and reliable backups, and manage attacks on the infrastructure. For example, here you have the opportunity to activate Bitninja, a basic service for those who work on large websites. That is, a system that effectively blocks attacks by blocking spam and overloading, as well as analyzing log files.

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One of the best reasons to change hosting and provider is that support is not fast enough, doesn’t track tickets, doesn’t respond, doesn’t fix issues. This is one of the reasons why we invest as much as possible in activating fearless support that is always effective.

However, it is fast, accessible and can solve all problems. Perhaps beyond hosting technology, we decided to invest in this direction, and our review on Trustpilot proves this. Do you agree?

Blogger, freelance web writer and author of My Social Web. I write every day. He has published three books on blogging and web copywriting. When you have a website for your business, you need to pay attention to every detail in hosting. Using the wrong service can slow down or impair your online presence.

Cambiare Hosting

Regular evaluation of hosting is not only a good idea, but also a duty to protect and care for your business.

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If you trust the first service that comes with it, for example because it is cheap or because a friend recommended it, you risk facing a number of problems that can lead to security threats and poor performance.

This guide evaluates whether the plan you choose fits your needs and shows you the features we believe are essential to a high-quality hosting service.

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