Calgary Web Hosting Company

Calgary Web Hosting Company – Every company needs a different type of managed IT services. From a personal help desk to basic technology-based services, they provide comprehensive support. At AHT Cloud, we offer the best risk-free and worry-free IT services in Calgary, taking all the stress and worry out of managing your own IT infrastructure.

Our team is located right here in Calgary! Our staff is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or problems you may have with your systems. You can reach our team by phone, email or through our custom software, and all tickets are processed the same day!

Calgary Web Hosting Company

Calgary Web Hosting Company

It is important to keep your systems up to date with the latest updates and security patches. From your firewalls, servers, desktops and other devices, we proactively monitor your system to prevent future problems. At AHT Cloud, we offer 24×7 remote monitoring to ensure uninterrupted operations and minimize downtime.

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Using best-in-class malware detection security systems and best practices, we can ensure that your devices are protected from attack. We also thoroughly analyze your infrastructure to ensure that all emails use multi-factor authentication and that IT best practices are used.

We provide support for SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud storage applications. All of our backups are stored in the cloud. Do you have the best IT professionals to ensure your migration to AHT Cloud is configured correctly?

Does your company have a disaster recovery plan? Can your company compensate you for overtime if there is a power outage, flood, fire or other disaster? What if an accident has prevented you from accessing your data or computer? At AHT Cloud, we work with all of our customers to ensure that all data is properly backed up and a complete disaster recovery plan is in place.

Contact us today to discuss your goals and we’ll create a simple road map to get you there. We look forward to talking to you when the site is up and running! Once you’ve launched your website, it’s time for the next step; web hosting Reliable hosting is an important part of your website; it focuses on how you provide information to your customers. Since customers want to access every aspect of the site anytime, anywhere, excellent hosting service is essential, so partner with one of the most trusted website hosting providers in Calgary. Contact us for more information on website hosting.

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It’s easy to fall for services that offer an “unlimited bandwidth” plan. If you value all your time and resources, don’t; you may regret your decision. Instead, protect your brand with state-of-the-art web hosting services.

Although price comparison between hosting providers is recommended, low hosting prices should make you suspicious. It has competitive prices that ensure your money’s worth. Our plans include great features that justify our costs. If you are not a large company, you can also consider flexible payments that work for you.

Confidentiality of encrypted data on the Internet; An SSL certificate is something you should look for in a website hosting provider. An SSL certificate helps you build trust with your customers, especially for e-commerce sites that require sharing personal information that users are reluctant to share.

Calgary Web Hosting Company

The Internet can be a scary place, especially for businesses. As technology accelerates, so do privacy risks. It ensures your site is hacker-proof with our platforms for maximum data security and privacy. We constantly recalibrate our clients’ privacy protocols and data security measures. When you partner with us, we’ll protect you.

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Nowadays it’s hard to find a live person to help you with any web hosting or professional email issues. Our experienced representatives are available Monday through Saturday to guide you through tireless hosting or troubleshooting issues. You are in good hands. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

In addition to functionality, our priority is to create responsive websites. Here, our team develops tools for information architecture and interaction design. Users visit the site with a purpose; Our team makes sure your site has the right content and features to answer your questions. It’s all about helping your customers achieve their goals, keeping them on your website and coming back for more.

Considerable effort has gone into building and maintaining our server architecture, which guarantees faster load times despite complex configurations and extensive content.

It ensures your site is worry-free and secure with our highest data security and privacy platforms. We are constantly reviewing and expanding our clients’ privacy protocols and data security measures. When you partner with us, we’ll protect you.

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There is no point in having hundreds of gigabytes of web space if your site hosts a small blog consisting of only text and a few images and videos. Here we offer web hosting packages designed for different needs. If you need a small amount of storage right now, but don’t know your future needs, you can always upgrade to the next package.

Support guarantees quick answers to questions. We understand that the complex nature of web hosting can confuse some users. Do not worry; If you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you. You can reach anywhere from the company’s contact number to email, so feel free to contact us for the support you need. The Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing team has updated an old corporate orientation video from our friends at ClearStream Energy that we weren’t able to see. be more satisfied with the results.

In 2017, Blue Ocean released ClearStream’s first corporate orientation video and brought in outside voice talent. With our recent introduction to the team, we worked on this update from head to toe using some of the best in-house recording/editing devices on the market. Our translators also worked closely with key members of ClearStream to ensure that the footage was processed and optimized for a hassle-free (and version-free!) recording process. We’ve sent the finished video in HD and web-hosted MP4 format, allowing our customers to share and distribute an updated orienteering guide directly from the web.

Calgary Web Hosting Company

ClearStream Energy’s mission is to be recognized as the most trusted provider of industrial and asset integrity services that continuously improves its clients’ facilities and operations in a reliable, cost-effective and efficient manner.

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The Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing team built a new website for Blue Ribbon Plumbing and we are thrilled with how great it is!

By collecting our photography equipment, Blue Ocean has managed to provide reliable photography. Access to services to improve user experience. Providing emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as plumbing and heating emergencies can occur during holidays and after hours. We’ve introduced an update to the Blue Ribbon template, making it easier to see what services it offers. We have updated the security and used the latest CMS components on the website. Check out our custom graphics that tell the story of their family business!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Velocity Water Services website! TheBlue Ocean team was able to create a new website using the existing branding provided by the client. And then, EVENING!

We overhauled the interior of the Velocity and relocated the custom made mini fire hydrant tops – great! Before launching the site, we developed a special landing page. This website is built using the latest CMS components and security features.

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VelocityWater Services is a trusted company known for its professional fire hydrant inspection and maintenance and proactive protection.

We have experienced players who will share our wealth of knowledge with the future web pioneers of the world. This year we were lucky enough to intern Leslie, an ASAIT student who wanted to supplement her internship hours with an internship. We hired an enthusiastic student to support the redesign of, a division of Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing. This student delighted us shortly after the deadline with his enthusiasm, carefree work style and commitment to see the project through to the end. We worked closely with Leslie using our latest CMS and website building components to create a user interface that is easy to navigate and visually appealing on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Welcome to the world’s first innovative, scientific and data-driven recruitment and development platform designed specifically for students. We’ve also integrated Facebook and Google login options, making it easy (and secure) to open an account with the click of a button. This custom web application combines sophisticated data from Eliteprospects and provides market-neutral, unbiased development and guidance to optimize player development, potential and long-term success.

Calgary Web Hosting Company

As the world’s first robo-advisor, HockeyAI.Tech uses advanced AI and algorithmic platforms to guide players, leagues and federations.

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This project for Otira reimagined the Blue Ocean concept. Our design team came up with a unique concept to create an unusual website

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