Business Hosting In Amman

Business Hosting In Amman – Amman is the capital of the Arab country, Jordan, and straddles Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Amman’s deep history intertwines closely but curiously with its own traditions, customs and current affairs.

Home to more than a few impressive sights, Amman is home to sites such as the Al-Husseini Mosque – the oldest mosque in Jordan, Jerash – the scene of chariot races and gladiator games, and a short distance from famous cultural sites such as Petra and the Dead Sea.

Business Hosting In Amman

Business Hosting In Amman

Recognized as one of the oldest cities in existence, Amman is also home to several nature reserves, beautiful ruins that have been inhabited and protected for centuries by amazing works of mosaic art. natural and fresh, and has been influenced by several prominent empires that passed through Jordan.

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Find out why Amman is ranked as the 8th most visited city in the Middle East and Africa, as we explore 45 fun things to do in Amman to help you plan your next trip. – your next events.

Seating up to 6,000 guests and built in 138 BCE is the Amman Roman Theatre, which stands impressively with 2 floors, each with a different class, and guest area.

Since its restoration in 1957, the theater has opened for visitors to come and listen to the pristine acoustics in which the Romans were so talented, and learn more about the theater’s remarkable purpose. . .

Although the materials used to bring the theater back to its present glory days, the theater as it stands today is very similar to the original.

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Today, the Aman Roman Theater hosts many events and has 2 rooms where visitors can walk through and learn about the history of the theater.

Located in the Hashemite Plaza, you can also visit the Odeon Theater, which is next to the 500-seat Amman Roman Theater.

Standing on high ground is the historic site of Citadel Hill – a physical remnant that takes visitors through Bronze Age Amman.

Business Hosting In Amman

Built in the 1800s BCE, Citadel Hill is a site where visitors can explore various monuments and historical markers that continue to retell the story of Amman’s different eras from the Iron Age to the Umayyads. .

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See the Temple of Hercules, and marvel at the remains of the structure such as a hand carving of Hercules and the remains of 2 columns built in 160 CE, and over 13 meters high.

Located right next to the Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace is an amazing complex dating back to the Umayyad period.

Built over the remains of Roman construction, the Umayyad Palace is a remarkable site built at the beginning of the 8th century.

The restored dome is used as a visual cue to imagine the many other buildings it covers, offering amazing photo opportunities.

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Petra is an amazing archeological destination just 3 hours south of Amman, offering visitors a visual treat, filled with thousands of years of history dating back to 300 BC.

Explore the narrow and winding lanes of pink/orange stone, and check out one of the largest structures built, Al Khazneh, or the Treasury.

Known as the “Rose City”, Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a wonderful destination to plan a day trip from Amman to discover, walk, and explore sites like the narrow walkway of the Siq the beautiful faces that are carved on the side of the People. mountains, and more.

Business Hosting In Amman

Tours start at $89 USD and include ground transportation, visits to the Treasury, The Royal Tombs, and Temenos Gateway, and participation in other activities such as horseback riding, and other stops along the way. -way.

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Also known as the Grand Husseini Mosque, the Al-Husseini Mosque is the oldest mosque in Amman and is located in the center of the city.

The Al-Husseini Mosque was also an important place of worship and gathering, while also welcoming visitors from all walks of life.

Built in authentic Ottoman style, this mosque towers over some of the other nearby buildings, including the markets, and even Amman’s oldest palace, the Raghadan Palace.

Founded in 640 CE, the Al-Husseini Mosque is a site that has been restored over time, and now displays an elegant white and light pink facade. Inside, visitors can see the prayer hall, the courtyard, and amazing mosaics.

Fun Things To Do In Amman, Jordan

To enter, make sure to wear appropriate clothing that covers your shoulders, and for women, a headscarf is required to cover their hair.

The Jordan Museum is a wonderful place to spend some time, looking at the most impressive and historically important archaeological finds that have shaped the history of Amman in different ways and at different times. .

Established in 2014, and with HM Queen Rania Al-Abdullah on the board of trustees, the museum’s vision has become one that describes its aim to be a place of education, learning, discovery and personal development for those who live there. For travelers, it is a place of cultural and historical reference.

Business Hosting In Amman

Inside, visitors can expect to explore rooms dedicated to different periods in Amman’s history, from prehistoric discoveries to modern day celebrations.

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Check out the various galleries that display archaeological and historical finds as well as pictures of daily life in Jordan, from the city to the countryside.

Known for delicacies such as hummus, Mansaf (scented rice with flatbread, lamb, and yogurt), Warak Enab (stuffed grape leaves), and the popular dessert Baklava, a guided food tour is on the menu for an exciting Amman experience .

With a variety of food tours offered in Amman, some starting as low as $0 USD, many food tours are offered by experienced and local foodies who know where to take you to discover hidden foods throughout the city.

Explore the markets, go to hole-in-the-wall restaurants serving the best Amman dishes, and get to know the people in the kitchen for more culturally rich encounters and local interactions.

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While enjoying delicious food everywhere, you will also walk through different neighborhoods, exploring the old and the new.

Opened in 2007 by Queen Rania Al Abdullah, the Jordan Children’s Museum is a great place to take your kids for a day of exploring, laughing, connecting, and letting imaginations run wild.

In an effort to push children to learn outside of the classroom, children have wonderful opportunities to engage in a variety of games, activities, and even programs designed to introducing all clear to thinking, and encouraging growth, creativity and ideas.

Business Hosting In Amman

With 185 exhibits, kids are encouraged to run free to discover everything from health and body sciences, chemistry and natural science, wildlife and nature conservation, building and construction, and much more.

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Located 11 minutes away from the center of Amman, the Jordan Children’s Museum is a great place to spend some time, especially on a rainy day.

Visit the amazing sight of the Bridge of Ten Arches – a long bridge built to accommodate the Hejaz railway, connecting several cities in Jordan.

Built in 1908 AD, Ten Arches Bridges gives a view of 10 arches under the bridge.

From the Ottoman period, the bridge structure has a rail at the top and a passage below. At night, the structure presents a beautiful sight, with lights illuminating the magnificent bridge as cars drive under it.

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Located in the Qweismeh district, south of Amman, the Ten Arches Bridge is an easy drive out of the central belt to see for yourself.

Although there is no designated parking area, this is a site that may be easier to drive to than to drive yourself.

Opened in 2003 by His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Royal Motor Museum is an impressive collection of cars used by the late King Hussein in his lifetime, as well as acting as a visual history of the cars that were built. used in Amman in full history.

Business Hosting In Amman

Some of the cars inside the museum date back to the 1920s, and beyond, which will be of interest to car fans, as well as history buffs.

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Recognized as the first public transport museum in the Arab region, this museum should not be missed to learn a bit of Amman’s history through the perspective of vehicles.

Located just 11 minutes away from downtown Amman, a visit to the Royal Motor Museum makes for a great rainy day activity.

Named after the first King of Jordan, the King Abdullah I Mosque is a very interesting mosque to focus on, built in 1982.

It is a mosque built in a contemporary style and is the only mosque open to all non-Muslims who want to visit and learn more about their religion.

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With a capacity of 10,000 people, this active mosque welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about the Muslim faith, and who wants to take a respectful look at the interior and many areas of the holy place.

In addition to the mosque, visitors can also see King Abdullah’s unique collection of personal items, as well as other memorabilia of Jordan’s contemporary history such as coins, pottery and other artifacts.

Located less than an hour away, a trip to the iconic Dead Sea is a must-do activity to learn and experience the healing powers of this ancient ocean.

Business Hosting In Amman

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