Buka Admin Di Hosting

Buka Admin Di Hosting – How to Upload a Website to Directadmin Hosting – Directadmin Hosting is a new product in the service. This is another hosting option than cpanel hosting. Because the DirectAdmin control panel has the same style and features as cpanel.

Earlier, we explained how to install WordPress on DirectAdmin hosting, which can be understood in a simple way to install WordPress on DirectAdmin hosting page.

Buka Admin Di Hosting

Buka Admin Di Hosting

So, now let’s discuss information about uploading a website to DirectAdmin hosting. So for those who use DirectAdmin hosting, especially new users, you can easily use DirectAdmin from this tutorial.

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DirectAdmin hosting is a host that can be used as an alternative to cpanel hosting because it offers users flexibility and convenient features.

This host works well for Linux, so it is the best choice for those using Linux OS.

More information about DirectAdmin hosting and features can be found in this DirectAdmin Indonesia hosting review.

Below are the steps to upload a website to DirectAdmin hosting. For those without a DirectAdmin server and hosting, you can order a DirectAdmin hosted server directly here.

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To order DirectAdmin Hosting, you can go directly to the website >> Hosting >> Next DirectAdmin Hosting, simply select the hosting package you want and follow the next registration step.

Enter DirectAdmin Hosting, information for those who have ordered hosting will be notified by email. For those using the service, you can register a shortcut to DirectAdmin

Yes, after accessing the database, many files appear. Don’t get confused because you can just listen to the public_html folder/directory. This folder is where we store our web project files.

Buka Admin Di Hosting

But you can compress the project files into an archive format like .zip before uploading. To make it easier to attack us.

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Drag all the files, right click, then click “add to archive” >> select .zip format. If you don’t have the Archive/Software, download it here

If the download is successful, proceed with extracting the file. The problem is to right click the file >> extract

For the web files you want to access first, name them “index”. Because the default setting on this host is to automatically read a file called index.

Example: The project above contains an index.html file and some properties files. So, when you enter a domain name, this index.html file is read immediately.

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If you want to change files, you can make edits in the File Manager. You do this by clicking file >> fill in what you want to change.

So, how to upload a site to DirectAdmin hosting. Too easy? so you can upload your site to your existing DirectAdmin hosting.

Not sure where to buy DirectAdmin hosting? You can find this accommodation in the service. From 10 thousand you can get the best reception.

Buka Admin Di Hosting

That’s why it’s easier to buy hosting and it comes with a 100% 30-day guarantee. This hosting is ideal for new users looking for the convenience and comfort of hosting management.

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Uploading a site on DirectAdmin hosting can be easy, you just need to install DirectAdmin hosting, access the panel, upload files and select the menu that is easy to follow the above description.

This is an explanation of DirectAdmin hosting and how to upload a site to DirectAdmin hosting. Stay tuned for more comprehensive tutorials on hosting, websites, domains and digital marketing. That’s all for today’s review, I hope it’s helpful! Ridandi Bintang Pamungkas Follow Bintang is a strong teacher with many years of experience in marketing and business management. Besides writing, Bintang loves reading and collecting movies.

Do you want to create your own website? Or have you created a WordPress website? But .. maybe you don’t know how to access your WordPress dashboard?

Don’t worry because in this article we will explain an easy way to access your WordPress dashboard. In addition, you will find different ways to configure WordPress and solutions if you are having trouble accessing your website.

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Now you need to enter the username and password you created during WordPress installation. Then click on the “Login” button.

What if you still can’t access your web dashboard after trying the method above? Note that there are several solutions you can try. Here are some of them:

One of the most common problems with WordPress registration is forgetting passwords. Fortunately, WordPress offers a password reset feature.

Buka Admin Di Hosting

After that, WordPress will ask you to enter your username or email. You will be prompted to click the “Get New Password” button.

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When you click the button, WordPress will immediately send a password reset link to the email address registered to your WordPress site.

You can reset your password with user_pass via phpMyAdmin. If you don’t know this, you can see the following tutorial.

Just like your password, you can easily change your WordPress admin dashboard username with user_login using phpMyAdmin. You can follow the following tutorial for steps.

After completing the tutorial on how to access your WordPress dashboard, you should be able to access your WordPress dashboard. Now you can do web development and install plugins or documents.

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Buka Admin Di Hosting

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