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Bugzilla Hosting – The regular monthly project meeting video conference call for the month of April will be Wednesday, April 3 at 8:00 PM UTC / 4:00 PM EDT / 1:00 PM PDT. We’re close (relatively) to Bugzilla now – we’re guessing summer or early fall, and this month’s meeting will have some live demos of some of the new features and user experience improvements in Bugzilla, so you. You won’t want to miss it

Our regular meeting means that our meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 9pm London time. Since the first Wednesday in January is the second, and many people will still be on vacation (and we have trouble getting resources for the meeting), we will hold our January meeting on January 9th instead. You can still find all the details at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Meetings

Bugzilla Hosting

Bugzilla Hosting

Yesterday we had our monthly project meeting and we did it panel discussion style from the Mozilla All Hands meeting in Orlando, FL. We ended up with lots of good information about Bugzilla and a fun discussion with questions for Bugzilla users (comment here with your answers!). Here is the video:

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This month’s Bugzilla Project meetup coincides with the Mozilla Allhands meetup in Orlando, and while most of our regular attendees will be here in person, we’ll be hosting it panel-style in conference room Europe 2 on Delphin’s lobby level. Anyone from the East is welcome to visit us However, it will still be streaming on Air Mozilla at 21:00 UTC and remote dialing will be available to chat or ask questions. All details (help links, video stream links, typing info) at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Meetings.

When mozilla.org first went online in 1998, one of the first products was Bugzilla, a bug system implemented using freely available open source tools. Bugzilla was originally written by Terry Weissman at mozilla.org for replacement subsystems and later in TCL for use at Netscape. The original Bugzilla installation was released to the public on April 6, 1998 on mozilla.org. After months of testing and tweaking in a public deployment, Bugzilla was released as open source via an anonymous CVS and made available to others. Accessed August 26, 1998 Meanwhile, Terry decided to port Bugzilla to Perl, hoping that more people would be able to contribute as Perl seemed to be a popular language. On September 15, 1998, the end of Pearl Harbor was announced, and CVS was created that night.

20 years later, Bugzilla is still alive and kicking for another 10 years. I was hoping to announce the release of Bugzilla 6 with this post, but we’re not there yet. Dylan has been making great progress with the latest integrations at Bugzilla.mozilla.org and hopefully we’ll have something people can at least try soon. In fact, we’re months away from a full release

Over the past 20 years, we’ve had nearly 300 Bugzilla code contributors. Here are some words from the first:

Bug] After Pressing On

I’m amazed that Bugzilla has lasted this long and I’m afraid 20 years? No software will run more than 5. I’m proud that it’s still going strong after all these years. Starting 20 years ago tomorrow (August 27, 1998), I ran a series of known bugs against Bugzilla that I wanted to address. I’m happy to note that one of these bugs is STILL open. After all, if you have a persistent bug system, you need a persistent bug! – Terry Wiseman

Other exciting developments include running as a standalone daemon with Mozolistic and a number of improvements to the BuggiLux user experience that make the future look bright.

For those of you who haven’t seen it before, Air Mozilla is in the process of moving to a new platform. They stopped publishing new content on the old platform long ago, and anonymous login is not yet available on the new platform (although it will be coming at the end of June). This means that the old URL for watching our meetings live will not work this month. Fortunately, public meetings on the new platform are now live on YouTube, so you can watch them at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7OC8CXMGyo.

Bugzilla Hosting

However, if you want to participate instead of just watching, please join us using one of the methods on the wiki.

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Today’s meeting may be short – Dylan is traveling and can’t attend The only thing on the agenda right now is an update on our hosting situation If there’s anything else you’d like to discuss, join the meeting and ask!

Release Tags The following changes have been submitted to bugzilla.mozilla.org: [1460466] Awesome bots don’t r+ to accept when validators block new users to improve type checking [1440086]. Refactor fabbug extension code to use the Pm module

Release Tag The following changes have been submitted to bugzilla.mozilla.org: Port OrangeFactory extension for Treeherder

On May 16, 2018, a big change is coming: we’ve changed the encryption code for the secure error message. All OpenPGP format error messages are encrypted using the openpgp.js library. There are no changes to S/MIME encryption, and if you are using S/MIME, my recommendation is to continue using it. There are pros (like a new feature and many bug fixes) and only one cons…

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Dylan is sick today and we don’t have any important updates to share right now, so we’re canceling today’s meeting. See you on June 6

New features: If you opt out of editing or exit the error page, warnings are remembered and individual comments are more private.

Release Tags The following changes have been submitted to bugzilla.mozilla.org: [1450325] Update email templates with unsubscribe instructions for all emails Progress on page reload [1452531] PhabBugz should add visibility to reviewers when generating custom code…

Bugzilla Hosting

With Mojolicious, we focused on the immediate benefits, namely getting a Bugzilla/Harmony branch running under PSGI and something you could download and use. I’m happy to announce today that the main unit is in beta quality, currently the following installation script has been tested: test code Run cpanm –installdeps…

Bugzilla Cve 2015 4499: All Your Bugs Are Belong To Us

Release Tags The following changes have been made to bugzilla.mozilla.org: , not just the first line [1449413] Refactor spinning container build stuff [1449156] Bugzilla::memcached should use smaller…

Minutes of today’s Bugzilla meeting and a link to the video of the meeting

In this pull request, you can: Call Bugzilla’s authentication function from the MojoLender controller. Some parts of Bugzilla that the Render Bugzilla template (which is a template toolkit) need HTTP testing from MojoRender (not a small thing, since TT2 does some weird stuff). Demand (mostly) can now do most of this patchwork plumbing, but the result of this work is that you…

The following changes to the release tag have been submitted to bugzilla.mozilla.org: The patch review request page is no longer displayed [1444627] Show saved searches as a nested list in MyDashboard [1439993] Remove COMPILE_DIR =>…

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Thanks to CyberShadow’s valiant efforts, the unstable Harmony branch can now function as an independent Bugzilla installation. For many reasons bmo has a separate repo to manage dependencies Mainly it’s about efficiency – dependencies change often after the code and we can have very fast builds and CIs. A step to freedom is my…

After staring at the wall for a while, I realized that it was on the “BMO” extension, which had been inactive since Saturday. So the current situation is that the Bagjila/Harmony unstable branch should be checked now. cpanm –with function=bmo –installdeps perl checketup.pl then edit local configuration to point ds_host to MySQL db, urlbase to http://localhost:5000/ then…

PSGI seems to be very stable, so the rest really works! First I change the scheme

Bugzilla Hosting

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