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Broker.php On Hosting – Modern applications are becoming increasingly complex. Time and resource consuming operations, communication between multiple services, handling large amounts of data – these are just some of the many challenges developers face. Fortunately, there are solutions that can make some of these challenges easier. One is using a postal broker.

A message broker is software that allows services and applications to communicate through messages. The structure of the message is formally defined and independent of the services that sent it.

Broker.php On Hosting

Broker.php On Hosting

In this pattern, a one-to-one relationship is established between the sender and receiver of the message. Each message is sent and used only once. For example, we can use this pattern when some actions only need to be performed once.

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Now you might be thinking, “Okay, so what’s the difference between this and a REST API?”. The answer is simple. The message broker guarantees that messages will not be lost in the event of a consumer failure. It is securely stored in a message broker queue. In the article, we will expand on those and other benefits of the post broker.

This design is slightly different from the previous one. Here, the sender of the message knows nothing about the recipients. The message is sent to the subject. Then it is distributed among all endpoints registered for that topic. It can be useful e.g. To implement a notification system or distribute independent functions. This solution can lead to the implementation of an event-based architecture, where applications have little dependency on each other.

In this pattern, the components are simply linked and pass events to each other. These events become messages that are sent to the message broker.

Of course there are more variations of these styles. You can link multiple consumers to one queue. Or you can specify criteria to retrieve only the desired message types.

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Using a message broker involves asynchronous processing. Therefore, the disadvantages of using it are related to the problems we face when using asynchronous calls.

Broker.php On Hosting

Let me give you an example from my personal experience. Some time ago I had to improve the performance of the method responsible for the data export. It was triggered by an HTTP request and took too long. In addition, users could not use the application after taking action because they were waiting for the export results.

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I’ve reduced the query logic to sending a message to the broker. Exporting data becomes the responsibility of the consumer who works asynchronously. The result was very satisfactory as we made a non-blocking request. Time was reduced from tens of seconds to a few tens of milliseconds! After receiving a success notification, the user can download the file.

In short, if you have time-consuming and resource-consuming actions in your system that you don’t want to immediately return the results of the operation…then the message broker is for you.

Large systems can contain many different services. It can be difficult to coordinate the relationship between them. The first solution that comes up is to create an integration using a REST API. However, as the number of services in the system increases, it can become difficult to expand and maintain. And what if one of your applications has been downloaded and is not available? The API starts returning critical errors.

A better option is to create event-based communication and use the mail broker along with publish/subscribe. The broker acts as a central router. Each service can subscribe to the types of messages you want.

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This solution has many advantages. You don’t need to extend existing services to add new ones. If some services are not available, they will use the messages after reboot.

It’s a great use for a message broker. Why? Because almost every mobile app has push notifications. Imagine you are building a news app. Any phone connected to the network can register for a message broker topic. Whenever some editors post news, you will be notified. Very simple, isn’t it?

It has little to do with long-term work and microservice situations, but it’s worth noting. Sometimes it is necessary to perform certain actions in a certain order.

Broker.php On Hosting

Let’s say you’re creating a YouTube-like system and want a way to publish a new movie. You upload the video first. After that, it needs to be attached, compressed and a thumbnail created. Finally it can be made public. Each step must be activated after the previous one has been completed.

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You can use the mail broker for this. Let’s assume you have separate services for authentication, compression, etc. Each service can have the role of sender and receiver at the same time. After the job is done, it can send a message to the broker that the job is done. Then the next service can record the video.

It can be useful if you want to control and limit the number of certain components in your system. One of the easiest situations is checking the limit of registered users. You can do this without the message broker – for example, by locking tables to avoid race risks at the database layer. With Message Broker it’s even easier – you can print a message after every registration request. The consumer receives the messages one by one. When the limit of users is reached, it may return some errors or send an email to an unregistered user.

The most popular message brokers are RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Redis, Amazon SQS, and Amazon SNS. Each is a great and powerful tool to use. For some base cases and low load, you won’t see the difference between them. However, when it comes to large-scale operations and advanced problems, they work differently. It is important to know what the main differences are.

Supports advanced and complex routing options. It offers four types of exchanges – the part of the broker that directs messages to the correct queues. So with RabbitMQ, messages are sent to exchanges first – not to queues.

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Alternative cloud version of RabbitMQ and Apache ActiveMQ provided by Amazon Web Services. Reduces your workload by managing installation and maintenance for your mail broker.

It was originally created to track website activity. These require a high data load for a long time. And this is where Kafka excels. It can even be used to distribute data to storage systems.

It can also be used as a message broker. Memory is the storage of data structure. For this reason, the message is acknowledged. If you have a system that requires a very fast broker, but you can allow yourself to lose some data, this could be a good choice.

Broker.php On Hosting

A push notification service provided by Amazon. It can be used in a publisher-subscriber pattern and for sending individual messages. As the previous examples were open source – not Amazon SNS. Available as part of Amazon Web Services. One of the main advantages is the cheap infrastructure. It also automatically scales the workload in your application.

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A fully managed queuing service offered by Amazon. As in the case of Amazon SNS – it is part of AWS. It can also scale automatically to the workload. In addition, it offers a free tier for some email queues and is very cost-effective. The difference in how it works with Amazon SNS is the method of message consumption. SNS has a push mechanism and pushes messages directly to consumers without storing them. Amazon SQS, in turn, has a pull mechanism: recipients must pull messages from SQS queues themselves.

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In this example, I’ll show you how to create a simple email broker with a publisher-subscriber pattern using the AWS SDK for PHP. You can even do it without an SDK – everything we do can be done with your AWS console. Time for some tech beef!

Basically, the publisher sends messages to the Amazon SNS topic. The topic repeats and sends the received message to all its subscribers. In our case, those subscribers are Amazon SQS queues. Each queue is connected to a subscriber, who outputs the messages. For simplicity, our publisher and subscribers will be simple PHP scripts.

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This solution guarantees that the messages can be delivered to some applications that require instant notification

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