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This article was co-authored by MFA Writer Nicole Levine. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor. He has more than 20 years of experience developing white papers and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches authoring, fiction writing, and writing. making movies in institutions

Bot Claim Hosting

Bot Claim Hosting

In Discord, interactive roles are roles that users can assign and unassign to themselves by responding to messages with emojis. You can create roles that grant unique permissions. Add colors to your username, change the font, and more in the interactive role settings. You need to add a bot to your Discord server. It will teach you how to create interactive roles on your Discord server using CarlBot or Jira, two of the most popular and easy to use Discord bots.

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This article was co-authored by writer Nicole Levin, MFA. Nicole Levine is a technology writer and editor. He has more than 20 years of experience developing white papers and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches authoring, fiction writing, and writing. making movies in institutions This article has been viewed 491,293 times.

7. Add each character by entering matching emojis. followed by a space followed by the character’s name Claim your own free server powered by Creative Host and use Discord Bot, Minecraft Server, Lavalink Server, VsCode Server at lightning speed and more.

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Bot Claim Hosting

Account. Make sure you have conflicts. So you join our conflict server. This is the only requirement for our hosts, that way you’ll be the first to know what’s up!

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You can now use your server! any security updates It will be applied automatically when you restart the server.

Explore our special features you can add for less! (You need to join our discord and contact our modmail to purchase these!) You don’t need to install anything on your computer and you don’t have to pay anything to host your bot.

We’ll be using several tools, including the Discord API, Python libraries, and a cloud computing platform called

There is also a video version of this written tutorial. The video is embedded below and the version written behind the video.

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To work with the Python library and Discord API, you must first create a Discord bot account.

5. Go to the “Bots” tab and click “Add Bot”. “Yes, do it!” You need to confirm by clicking on “Add bot”.

This token is your bot’s password. So don’t share it with anyone. This will allow someone to log into your bot and do all sorts of nasty things.

Bot Claim Hosting

Now you need to add your bot users to the server. To do this, you need to create a callback URL for that URL.

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Now select the permissions you want for the bot. Our bots are mostly text based. So we don’t need many permissions. You may need more depending on what you want the bot to do. be careful with rights “Administrator”

After selecting the appropriate permissions, click the ‘Copy’ button above the permissions. This will copy the URL which can be used to add the bot to the server.

We will be using the Python library to write the code for discord bots. is an API wrapper for Discord that makes it easy to create Discord bots in Python.

You can create a bot on your computer with any code editor. However, in this tutorial we will be using as it makes it easier for everyone to follow. is an online IDE that you can use in a web browser. your browser

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If you want to write bot code locally You can use this command on MacOS to install deals with the concept of events. Events are things you hear and respond to, for example, when a message occurs. You will receive an event about that message. and you can reply

Let’s create a bot that responds to specific messages. This simple pod code with code description Taken from docs, we will add more features to the bot later.

Bot Claim Hosting

Add this code to (you can name the file something else. If you want, not I’ll quickly explain what this code does.

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When you create a bot user in Discord, you copy the token. Now we are going to create

The file used to declare environment variables. At, most files you create will be visible to everyone.

Only you can view the files. Others viewing the public proxy will not see its contents.

If you are writing a bot locally You can run the bot using these commands in the terminal:

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Now we have a basic bot. Let’s improve it. It’s called “boost bots” for a reason.

Whenever someone sends you a message with sad or depressed words. The bot will respond with an encouraging message.

Anyone can add messages of encouragement to the bot. And messages submitted by users are stored in the database.

Bot Claim Hosting

When someone types “$inspire” into the chat, the bot will send a random inspirational quote from the API.

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Let’s get inspirational quotes from an API called We need to import two more Python modules, add one.

Edition This module allows our code to make HTTP requests to retrieve data from the API. The API returns JSON, so

The operation is very straightforward. First, use the request module to request data from the API URL. The API provides a random motivational quote. If the current function stops working You can easily rewrite this function to get quotes from other APIs.

To convert the response from API to JSON through trial and error I found a way to get a quote from JSON in the string format that I need. The quotes are returned from the function as a string.

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The last updated section in the code is at the end. Previously searched for messages starting with “$hello”, now it searches for “$inspire”. Instead of returning “$inspire”, “hello!” is given.

We will now implement a feature where the bot responds with a message of encouragement when a user posts a message with sad words.

First we need to create a Python list containing sad words that the bot will respond to.

Bot Claim Hosting

Same as before You can add phrases of your choice to the list. I’m using three right now because we’ll be adding the ability to add inspirational phrases for users to use later.

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Now we need to update the bot to use the two lists we just created. First, let’s import a random block. Because the bot randomly selects inspirational messages. Add the following line to the import statement above the code:

Now is a good time to test the bot. You now know enough to create your own bots, but next you will learn how to use advanced features and store data using the database.

The bot works perfectly. But now we will make it possible to update bots from within Discord when sad words are encountered. Users can add messages that encourage them to use bots.

We use’s built-in database to store user-submitted messages. This database stores the key values ​​created in each delegate.

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Users can add custom motivational messages to use directly from the Discord chat before adding new commands to the bot. Let’s create two helper functions that add and remove custom messages from the database.

First, the database checks whether the “incentives” are important. If so The system retrieves a list of incentives that are already in the database. Add a new item to the list. and store the updated list back into the database under “incentives”.

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