Bloger Tidak Perlu Sewa Hosting Lagi

Bloger Tidak Perlu Sewa Hosting Lagi – Building a website is something that millennials are now doing. The purpose of a website can be created for various purposes ranging from business, information sharing, advertising campaigns and the like. We all know blogspot. There are still many people who choose to use Blogspot for various reasons. Starting from cheaper, easier to prepare, easier display and so on.

However, having a website with your own domain is definitely more reliable than you still using blogspot. Apart from the credibility factor, someone who has their own website shows that they are using a professional domain hosting service and are more valuable to their visitors, one of which is IDwebhost.

Bloger Tidak Perlu Sewa Hosting Lagi

Bloger Tidak Perlu Sewa Hosting Lagi

By being your own host, you will experience many benefits. In terms of performance, your own internet using a hosting service is a very good idea. You can make more configurations, provide more features, and what is certain is that the appearance will be cooler as well. How is that possible?

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A website that looks more professional will definitely attract more attention from visitors. Especially if you are new. In order for us to beat the internet owners who have been there for a long time, we are committed to having a beautiful and better website than them.

However, there is no need to worry because with hosting services everything will be easier. We can optimize the services and features we want to make available on the new site. After that, you can increase your internet capabilities properly. You can create something different and more memorable for blog visitors.

They will not hesitate to visit your site again. If you are still using a blog-type site, it is likely that customers will be lazy to visit or buy products marketed on the site. The reason is that they will judge the website as cheaper and will not look professional. This makes existing site promotion less than optimal. You also have to work harder for the promotion to be successful. Although the cause of the problem is one, which is the site we have. It is enough to use a hosting service, everything should be in order.

It must be really cool, you can have a website that can be 100% yours. By the owner of our wholly owned site. This will certainly make it easier for the owner to manage it with any model. Of course it’s different if you use a platform like blogspot. Usually Google will suddenly remove the site from the search engine if it violates the applicable terms and conditions. It’s a different story if you use your own hosting. You will actually be running a site that can be completely owned by us.

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In addition, it will also give a psychological effect in the form of a sense of ownership which we as the owner of a website with a certain domain label will feel proud of. This pride is above all else. Because the hosting service will ensure that we get a professional website so that it can be built with different features and in any model you want. Of course it will also make it easier for you to have a website that you can configure yourself according to your needs. Long-term effects Then, the website will slowly be able to look more beautiful and make a good impression on visitors.

Over time, current era plugins have more versions than older plugins. Millennials can use these different plugins as they please. In addition, it will also make the appearance of the website look better in the beginning. A site that only contains plain or empty themes can look weird. However, with various plugins embedded in the site, the appearance will be more expert and convincing. Obviously, it will make a tremendous impression on everyone who sees the site.

There are some plugins that can even be configured automatically. What this means is that the plugin will work automatically if there are some issues happening on the site. For example, bugs for scheduling posts and so on. The plugin will run automatically to fix buggy web performance. The results will also be amazing beyond expectations. By showing better domains, you will be more confident about promoting the site to many people. The hosting service will provide this kind of service, which is definitely what you want and have been looking for all along. Websites that can appear like this are very interesting and not pretty.

Bloger Tidak Perlu Sewa Hosting Lagi

For those of you who use hosting services, you will be spoiled for choice with websites that are able to provide different themes, whether personal themes or professional themes. Users can also choose any theme that suits their needs. Simply put, the theme is like the background of the owned website. With a good looking theme, it will definitely make it easier for anyone to get the best internet look.

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There are some themes that require you to pay to enjoy all their features. However, there are great themes available for free. The choice is in your hands. Of course, you can set the theme according to your taste.

Finally, I can only suggest that those of you who want to run a blog with a professional looking website can easily do so by using the hosting services available. Here you can get all the benefits in one package. Websites that are professional, reliable and of course more valuable than others. The appearance of the site that was initially ordinary will become extraordinary.

A good site that has an independent domain will have a better value. The effect is also very deep and can be enjoyed by visitors. Choose a professional domain hosting service to create a professional web that meets your needs. how? Are you starting to think about your own web? Please share your comments below… Starting with a basic question, what is web hosting? A never-ending topic of discussion among web developers. Hosting is where the website files are stored, the place we visit when accessing the website.

The definition of hosting is often confused with domains. Although hosting and domains are two completely different things, although they are related. If you are planning to create a website, understanding what hosting means is the first step.

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Web hosting is a place to store website files such as scripts, images, videos, emails, etc. The form is in the form of a computer that is placed in a large data center containing thousands of PCs and there you rent one of the computers.

So, when you visit a website, you are actually accessing another computer’s files remotely. These files are then processed by the web browser and displayed as such according to the instructions made by the programmer in the site’s code script.

You can think of hosting as a huge apartment building with thousands of rooms. Just like a data center contains thousands of computers.

Bloger Tidak Perlu Sewa Hosting Lagi

You rent one of the rooms in the apartment and put your things there. Just like when you rent a computer in a data center and then put your files on that computer.

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When other people want to visit you, they will refer to your apartment address, for example “Kusuma Apartment No. 125, Jl. Cidranaya, Kec. Wyong, Solo.” Just like when other people want to visit your web address, they will access that address in the form of a URL.

This URL is called a domain, its role is as a unique address for a website to make it easier for users to remember and access it. Such is the concept of hosting, domains and websites.

In the definition section, you already understood that a host is a place to store website files. But files are not only saved. Hosting has the ability to organize files in an orderly and structured way, and serve users who want to access these files. That is why computers for web hosting are called servers alias servers.

When you visit a link (eg: ), your web browser accesses the corresponding IP address for that domain. The web browser ‘asks’ the host to provide the information you want to receive. This request mechanism is called request.

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When the host receives a request from a web browser, the host looks for the file stored in it. Each file also has a unique address, all in the same directory. Except for files accessed from other websites via hyperlinks.

If you don’t believe me, try visiting the site. Find the image there, right-click, and then click Copy Image Address. Paste it into a text editor, you will get the URL of the image. This is the unique address where the image is stored on the web hosting.

Not just images, all the files you access on the site are also stored on the host computer with a separate URL. As we discussed earlier, hosting is where the website files are hosted.

Bloger Tidak Perlu Sewa Hosting Lagi

After the host receives all the requested files, the host sends them to the web browser. All these files are organized in this way and then displayed in the form of a neat and organized website. When compiling an element, the browser refers to the instructions given by the programmer in the site’s code script.

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In the context of an image first, for example, the browser will read the instructions in the script to know where and at what size the image should be displayed

Web hosting is divided into several types. Each type has its own specifications, so it must be adapted to the needs of the site. The two main factors in determining the right type of hosting are storage capacity and the hosting’s ability to handle traffic. For more details, see the description below.

This type of hosting is among the cheapest. Shared hosting is a single server used by multiple websites at the same time. Like an apartment, you live in one room with several friends.

Since it is used collectively, the hosting rental costs are shared. This is what makes shared hosting rental prices cheaper than other types. As a result, hosting resources are shared for multiple sites.

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This type of hosting is ideal for personal blogs or small businesses that don’t require large resources. Daily traffic is relatively low and manageable