Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana – – My journey as a blogger started in 2016, when I was in grade 10. At first, I created blog content using the Blogger platform, which is a product of Google.

Over time, I became more and more curious about Blogger’s control management system (CMS). In 2020-2021 I am trying to learn about WordPress on the internet. Then take one of the affordable WordPress classes.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

In this article I want to share my experience using these two CMS, both WordPress and Blogger. For those of you who have other experiences, you can add them in the comments column.

Alasan Memilih Platform Blogger Untuk

Blogger is a CMS that Google has dedicated to the world. Creating a blog site on Blogger is pretty easy and free if you just use the domain.

If you want to be cooler with your own domain, you can use it as this domain. The price is around 150,000 IDR. Each domain provider has different prices.

Perhaps at first the appearance of Blogger is normal. Not so interesting Apparently this opinion has changed when looking at the work of the nation’s children.

Then I started looking for the best free Blogger templates on the internet. Google also provides some free templates, but they are not very interesting in my opinion.

Apa Itu Platform Blogging? Definisi Dan Layanan Blog Terbaik

Not satisfied with the free navigation template, I finally decided to find a premium Blogger template store. Meet with some stores. I bought it at various prices. Because the buyer is not just one or two, but more than that with different needs.

If you want to be cooler, Blogger can use its own domain and buy premium templates. You don’t have to worry about storage, because Google has provided around 15 GB.

Out of curiosity, finally the dream of having a blog site based on WordPress ( not also came true. It was a new experience that I hadn’t had since high school.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

Unlike Blogger, I need to have my own domain and hosting to make the site accessible online. Although there are also those who can be offline and do not need these two things, that is, with localhost.

Cara Mempercepat Loading Blog Untuk Blogger Pemula!

Speaking of domains and hosting, in a simple way I will explain this to you. The domain is the address of our site, for example www. . Well, if the hosting is where it is stored.

There are many domain and hosting providers in Indonesia we can choose from, one of which is MHT Hoster. Domain and hosting prices also vary. Only as needed.

WordPress has provided many free themes that we can implement on the site. Free view is more cool and attractive. However, if you want to be extra cool, you can buy a premium WordPress theme store.

The advantage of WordPress over Blogger is that we can modify our site through plugins. This WordPress feature can change the functionality of our site as you wish. For example, if we want to add products for sale, we can use the Woocommerce plugin.

WordPress Vs Blogspot, Manakah Yang Lebih Baik Untuk Kamu?

Both Blogger and WordPress have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you want to have a site at a low price, then on Blogger. If you have more budget, you can use WordPress.

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Get free how-to tutorials and over 700 courses. SEO tips, creating wordpress or learning new skills Blogger is a free blogging platform owned by Google. Launched by Pyra Labs in 1999 as one of the first tools dedicated to blog posting.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

WordPress is an open source content management system and, of course, free. The first version of WordPress was created in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Blogspot Vs WordPress, Mau Pilih Yang Mana?

WordPress supports plugins, themes, tags, posts, pages. WordPress is associated with blogging, but it also supports other types of web content such as business websites, e-commerce stores, agency websites, news sites, etc. Blogger vs WordPress – Which is Better?

Blogger is owned by Google and may be a Google AdSense publisher. WordPress does not belong to Google and Google Adsense cannot be installed, except for WP Selfhosting (

The advantage of WordPress is that it is easier and blog owners no longer have to think about SEO because 90% of WP blog SEO has been set by WP itself. This is the advantage of WP.

So Blogger and WordPress are good, both are good. Then just create a free blog on both platforms. Ok, it’s fine?

Daftar Platform Untuk Blogging Terbaik, Cocok Untuk Pemula

Blogger ( can also be changed to or with Top Level Domains (TDLs) by purchasing a domain name and setting up a custom domain.

Post later, first on Blogger, then copy to WP. Later, if you include AdSense content on Blogger, it is not considered copy-paste content.

So, the best blogging platform, WordPress or Blogger? People who have gotten into WP will say that WP is the best. Those who have experienced beauty along with Blogger will say that Blogger is the best. greeting. (www.).*Naning Nur Wijayanti Follow It’s weird to talk about who loves to write more. As an SEO content writer, he loved to share an article about the Internet of Things.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

In the world of blogging, two main platforms are known, namely WordPress vs Blogspot. Both blogging platforms offer great features that blogs need.

Blog Itu Website? Mari Bahas Apa Itu Blog, Blogger, Blogging, Sejarah, Fungsi Dan Contohnya

If you want to start a blog but get confused between Blogspot or WordPress, this time we will introduce you to the WordPress vs Blogspot battle more closely!

WordPress and Blogspot are content management systems or CMS platforms that were originally built specifically for blogs. However, both have differences in time.

Blogger is a blogging platform while Blogspot is a domain provider. So when you create a blogspot, the domain you want is

Pyra Labs first launched Blogger in 1999. Not long after, Google acquired this blogging platform in 2003.

Bagaimana Cara Menambah Kategori Postingan Di WordPress

For example, you can register Blogger with a Google account, integrate with Google Analytics to analyze website performance, and use Google Drive as a means of storing data.

With this convenience, Blogger has managed to attract novice bloggers to join and as of July 2021, there are 1.2 million users worldwide.

WordPress is a CMS platform that allows users to create their own blogs. However, in its development WordPress can meet the needs of users to create other types of websites, such as online stores.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

WordPress was first created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. Two developers created WordPress inspired by b2/cafeblog, a publishing software they thought could be better.

Alasan Harus Pindah Dari Blogger Ke WordPress

This CMS platform is open source and is always being updated with new features. No wonder, this free platform is increasingly used by more than 28 million users! is a free blogging service like Blogger that also offers a paid version. Meanwhile, provides a free downloadable WordPress platform for blogging or building websites.

Well, since WordPress is generally used to create professional blogs, it is the version, so in this article we will discuss WordPress vs. Blogspot with that version.

Cost is one of the main factors to consider when creating a blog. WordPress or blogspot which one would you choose in terms of cost?

Membandingkan Platform Blogger Dan WordPress Sebelum Memulai Blogging

Good news for those of you who want to build a blog without capital, blogspot can be an option. Because Blogger provides free services, including hosting, domains, and even themes.

So after registering on the Blogger platform, you will automatically receive a domain name and data storage at no cost.

You can also use the free WordPress platform. However, you need hosting to store web and domain data as a blog identity that needs to be purchased separately.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

You should also pay attention to having a blog or website, especially for those of you who want to have it for a long time. Well, WordPress vs Blogspot has a different concept of ownership.

Pilih Blogspot Atau WordPress ?

In fact, you can use and create a blog based on what you want for various purposes. However, please remember that the entire website and its content do not belong to you.

Google, as the provider of the platform, has the right to take any action without your consent, including deletion of your Blogspot. Especially, if you violate Google’s terms and conditions.

Such is the case of deleting Denis Cooper’s blog, which Google considers violates the rules because it contains violent content and scary scenes.

Unlike Blogspot, when you create a blog on WordPress, all the content is yours. The reason is that you have subscribed to hosting to store website data correctly.

Panduan Migrasi Blogger Ke WordPress

You are free to do anything with your own blog. Like controlling features, creating subdomains, changing display layouts, and more.

However, if your content violates the rules because it contains violent or pornographic content, the hosting service provider may ask you to remove it.

Blogspot was created as a blogging platform. Therefore, all the features in it are enough to satisfy all kinds of needs for managing a blog. This is what simplifies the display and navigation of the dashboard, since it only contains the main menu.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

For example, when you want to create a new post, you only need to click the + New Post button once on the main dashboard page.

Bagaimana Cara Memulai Website Anda

You will be taken directly to the editor page, where you can write a blog and set various settings such as post tags, URLs, in the same place.

WordPress has more menu options. However, the navigation in the WordPress interface is quite clear and intuitive. You only need a moment to learn how to use it.

WordPress also offers the convenience of a click to open editor page. You just need to hover over the Publish menu and click on the Add New submenu.

Also, with the Gutenberg Editor feature, the article creation process is easier and the configuration options are also comprehensive for creating content in the form of text, images, and videos.

Cara Membuat Blog Di Blogger Terbaru

Even so, you can still add page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, SiteOrigin Page Builder to make article creation easier.

Unfortunately, if you want to add functionality to your blog, such as having an online store to sell certain products, this is not easy to do. You have to do your own coding to customize the functionality in Blogspot. Even so, it must be correct so that your blog does not experience problems.

You can more freely manage your blog on WordPress. This can be made even easier with the help of a plugin, which is third-party software for adding features to your website.

Blog Hosting Sites WordPress Blogspot Dimana

With the plugin, there are several customizations you can do. First of all, it is not only published on blogs, but also on websites in other ways, such as online stores,

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