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Biznet Shared Hosting – When you want to visit a web page, the first thing you do is type a keyword or domain name into the Google search field. After connecting to the server, the page of the website you are looking for will appear and display various information you need. To access an online website quickly, several factors influence it. One of them is the hosting service used. When you use a hosting service, it means that you are renting space on a cloud server as a place to store files and data that a website needs to be able to fulfill visitor requests. The higher the hosting service you use, the faster the web page will load. From a business perspective, quick access to the website will impact higher engagement rates, better user experience, and higher conversion rates. Not only that, Google also adds that the website access speed is also a factor that influences the SEO algorithm. In short, optimal hosting service performance is the key to site speed.

So what is hosting? Hosting or what is often called web hosting is a service for storing various data, files and images on a website. As explained earlier, hosting services also play a role in ensuring that a website is accessible on the internet. Several commonly used types of hosting services are shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the basic type of hosting service, where the hosting account is shared with several other hosting accounts on the same cloud server. Therefore, in a cloud server there are many hosting accounts sharing the same (shared) storage, RAM and processor resources. Meanwhile, dedicated hosting is a hosting service where a cloud server is used only by one hosting account and is not shared with anyone (dedicated). While both are hosting services, both dedicated hosting and shared hosting have different benefits. Therefore, to choose a hosting service that suits your needs, you need to know the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. What are the differences?

Biznet Shared Hosting

Biznet Shared Hosting

Dedicated hosting and shared hosting both have advantages and disadvantages. Shared hosting may be the right choice for those of you who are just starting out with setting up a website or blog because they offer cheap prices. Furthermore, you don’t even have to do the technical handling because it is entirely left to the hosting service provider. However, if one of the hosting accounts uses an overloaded resource or encounters interference, the access owned by the other hosting account will be slow and affected by the interference as well. This is due to the use of resources that are not evenly distributed in each account, so that the cloud server is unable to host high-traffic websites. If you need better performing resources, you can use dedicated hosting. For own management, dedicated hosting services usually come with a control panel like Plesk so that you can manage them easily. Usually, business, e-commerce or portal owners choose dedicated hosting as their hosting service. The aim is to ensure that the website is quickly accessible and able to serve a large number of visitors.

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After deciding which type of hosting service best suits your needs, the next thing you need to consider is the cloud server hosting location. If most of your visitors are from Indonesia, you should choose a cloud server located in Indonesia. If the cloud server you are using is located abroad, there is a risk of problems such as a lengthy loading process or error messages that can interrupt your work performance. Biznet Gio offers shared hosting and dedicated hosting services with cloud servers located in Indonesia. In addition to getting 24/7 support, you can also enjoy many other benefits if you sign up for hosting at Biznet Gio, including:

You can use Biznet Gio’s NEO WEB service for your hosting needs. Available in two service options, NEO Web Hosting and NEO Dedicated Hosting. You can get NEO web hosting services at prices starting from 20,000 IDR per month. It comes with 120GB of storage and lots of free and unlimited features like free SSL, domains and unlimited network traffic up to 10Gbps. Meanwhile, you can get Dedicated Hosting + Plesk service from NEO with prices starting at IDR 270,000 per month. Featuring 60GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, free public IP and bandwidth up to 10Gbps. In addition to providing secure hosting services, Biznet Gio’s customer service team is always ready to provide a quick response 24 hours a day. For more information, contact us via sales@.Neo Web Hosting is a hosting service where your hosting will be collocated with other hosting accounts on the same server. So on a server many accounts will be used with storage, RAM and processors used together. The new Biznet Gio hosting service has many advantages that distinguish it from other hosting, as follows:

1. Solid and secure infrastructure Running on a stable cloud architecture, our web hosting service is suitable for all types of businesses, ensuring that your website is accessible quickly and is always available.

2. Reliable Connection You don’t have to worry about the public accessing your website. Backed by a fast connection to Biznet Networks with plenty of backup links, we make sure your website is accessible at all times.

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3. 24/7 Support Our commitment to maintain our infrastructure is 24/7 with a friendly and responsive team. With experts who will help you solve your problem

Select “Web” > “New Web Hosting” > “Create New” > choose the hosting package to use (each package has different storage, web users and databases) > select the billing cycle (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, yearly) > Enter the domain name to be registered in the list of host names > Select “Next” to proceed to the finalization stage.

Subsequently, the details of the package you will order will appear. If you have a promotional code, enter it in the list of promotional codes, which we will mark with a red box. Then select the payment method as needed. If appropriate, you can click “Request” to request new web hosting services, then a successful order notification will appear.

Biznet Shared Hosting

Then you can select a hostname/domainname in the Neo Web Hosting list to see the credentials (url, username and password) to login to your cPanel/hosting in the login information list below:

Pt Cyberindo Aditama (cbn)

In order for hosting to be usable and accessible, it is necessary to modify the NS (Name Server) or make pointing records.

If your choice is to change NS to NS Neo Hosting, please refer to the following guide: https:///id_ID/neo-web-hosting/directing-nameserver-to-neo-web-hosting However, if you choose the domain ponitng in NEO DNS DNS Management Please follow the instructions below: To point your domain to the URL above, to find out the IP address of the URL, simply “ping” it from the terminal application ( pressing the “Window” button > type cmd).

Then your hosting IP address will appear, copy the IP address and then add an A record and MX record on your domain pointing to your new Biznet Gio web hosting service. If you are using our domain service, you can easily add these records on the same portal (portal.biznetgio.vom) by simply going to the domain list > select Neo DNS > select the same domain name as your hostname > select the records

Then you can add your SPF and DKIM records by following the reference below if your DNS management is NEO DNS or outside Neo Hosting

Network & Datacenter

But if your NS is using Neo Hosting, you just need to activate SPF and DKIM by referring the following guide:

After completing the check, you can use your Neo Web Hosting service. You need to know that after you indicate the registry/name server change for the hosting as a whole to be resolved, it takes at most 1 x 24 hours. This is because websites are mostly used for various purposes ranging from personal and public to online shops or

However, there are still many people who feel confused about choosing a good and suitable hosting. Therefore, know and understand their needs first and focus on what is a priority

Biznet Shared Hosting

Basically, there are 5 important things to respect that you really need to know beforehand when choosing a hosting service:

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However, the above five things are still not enough to choose the best website hosting service. Therefore, try to pay attention to the following seven things:

What do you want, know the server performance quality first. This is to reduce losses from unwanted items. One of the parameters that can be considered related to server performance is

It is an Indonesian language news portal aimed at Indonesian readers. So, it would be better if you choose the service

So where can you get specific information about the above things? You can get the above information by looking

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This characteristic. On average, hosting providers in Indonesia have a single core network for their services. So if there is a disturbance, it can automatically affect the service

. This is because dedicated hosting offers more stable performance with RAM and CPU resources that are not shared with other users than

Which are desirable. Mainly, pay attention to safety and security. This will ensure that the data is in a secure state so that it can be used

Biznet Shared Hosting

Or customer reviews. In addition to knowing the benefits expressed by the company, it is also good to know the opinions of others about the services

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, such as social media, search engines, blogs and forums, to get a more objective picture and judge good or bad based on other people’s opinions. So you won’t be surprised when you find out the pros and cons of the services you use.

Different. For this reason, you should read everything carefully before accepting the Terms or starting to use the Service.

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