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Biznet Free Web Hosting – When everything is becoming more modern and technology is moving forward, also according to the development of the 4.0 era, it is not surprising that almost all of us together with government and private services have taken advantage of technology. Technological advances were also used by the Gowa Regency government to improve the management of its cooperatives. Technology support for cooperatives is expected to build the image of Gowa cooperatives and accelerate cooperative services towards a prosperous society.

Therefore, Biznet continues to expand its network to Gowa Regency to support all digital technology developments there. With fast and stable Internet services and reliable digital infrastructure from Biznet, it can definitely support all the digital activities of people in Gowa Regency.

Biznet Free Web Hosting

Biznet Free Web Hosting

In 2022 Biznet will expand our network and access point in Gowa Regency, to provide fast and stable WiFi Internet services that will support the transition of business activities to online, as well as support children’s learning activities at home.

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If your residential area is not yet covered by the Biznet Fiber network, please contact our team via Live Chat or email sales@.

To support Work from Home and School from Home activities, stable and fast WiFi Internet service is the main requirement of people to carry out digital activities.

Biznet offers the best service packages designed to meet customers from various segments including companies, SMBs or individual/home users.

Gowa is an agency in South Sulawesi Province, bordering the city of Makassar. The language most used by the community there is the Makassar language. In Gowa Regency, it turns out that there are many interesting things that we don’t know much about, one of which is that Gowa has had waterfalls since the 3 kingdoms still exist. The kingdoms are Ballasuka Kingdom, Pao Kingdom, and Lombo Kingdom. In addition, Gowa also has the largest river in South Sulawesi, the Jeneberang River.

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Not only does it have a history about the place, Gowa Regency also has a history about its special food called Coto. These foods are also a symbol of the majesty of the King of Goa and this food was served for the first time in 1538 to the Royal family of Goa to welcome royal guests. The BOSAGORA Foundation launched BizNet to provide a blockchain network that helps developers learn and. deal with smart contracts. (Image: Business Wire)

SEOUL, South Korea–( BUSINESS WIRE )–The BOSAGORA Foundation (President: Kim In-hwan) announced on June 29 that it launched its unique BizNet to build and grow a business ecosystem.

BizNet’s launch announcement was streamed live on YouTube to ensure free communication with its users.

Biznet Free Web Hosting

The BOSAGORA blockchain network, the first initial coin offering (ICO) project in South Korea, aims to realize a decentralized independent organization by implementing a common budget collected through massive participation in the project by node operators through assembly activities and block generation.

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The foundation founded BizNet to provide a blockchain network that helps developers easily learn and adapt to smart contracts, which are essential for issuing non-disruptive tokens (NFTs) and DeFi.

And the BizNet consensus engine is designed to provide a variety of conveniences, including compatibility with the Ethereum network, reducing the latency required to complete blocks, the same block generation cycle as the Ethereum network, and avoiding inflation.

In addition, its compatibility with the Ethereum network, which has the largest business ecosystem, is expected to contribute to the expansion of BOSAGORA’s business ecosystem as it enables cooperation and collaboration with various international services based on Ethereum.

BizNet released Biz-BOA, its proprietary token. Users can exchange points or tokens collected using the services offered in BizNet to Biz-BOA through BizNet’s exchange feature. The exchange function allows users to use various compatible services that join BizNet.

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And, through a bridge functionality that will be continuously released by BizNet, its tokens can be exchanged for BOA ERC20 coins listed on the exchange.

According to BizNet, The Foundation plans to gradually launch S2E (Service-to-Earn) services including DeFi, P2E (Play-to-Earn), and M2E (Move-to-Earn), as well as NFT.

“With the launch of BizNet, the value of the BOA coin is expected to increase because it will create a better and richer Internet ecosystem,” said Kim In-hwan, President of the BOSAGORA Foundation. “Through BizNet, we will strive to come closer to BOSAGORA’s vision of ‘Making the World Better’.” Nowadays, all activities are inseparable from gadgets and Internet connections. The presence of digital platforms now makes it easier for people to access various types of content easily. The presence of social media also makes it easy to keep up to date with the latest trends, local and international news, with entertainment movie streaming readily available.

Biznet Free Web Hosting

To access content easily, Internet Exchange is required. Biznet has a self-managed Biznet Internet Exchange (BIX) infrastructure, with a self-monitoring approach to AS38060 servers so that it can connect easily and save time in managing content and data traffic directly. And customers can instantly enjoy content from digital platforms quickly and easily.

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BIX functions can reduce the time required for users to access data exchange or digital platform content so that it is easily accepted by Internet users in Indonesia.

BIX provides direct access between telecommunications and content service providers, and the services of cache servers or data storage spaces with leading service providers to be fast with access to services from 1Gbps – 100Gbps.

You can contact our team through the online form and inform us about your requirements, and our friendly team will provide the best solution for your business.

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