Best Teamspeak Hosting

Best Teamspeak Hosting – TeamSpeak is the king of voice communication. Forget Skype, TeamSpeak has changed the way you communicate in-game. Since its inception in 2006, the software has helped gamers and ordinary people change the way clans, communities and friends can communicate with each other and talk about tactics while playing.

Of course, if you’re looking at this review of the best TeamSpeak 3 server hosts, you’re probably interested in hosting your own server. Many people like to host their own servers because they give you complete freedom to decide who is in your group and who you want to interact with. Fortunately, we understand what is important in TeamSpeak servers because of our years of experience. So we decided to dedicate this review to what we consider to be the best TeamSpeak 3 server hosting.

Best Teamspeak Hosting

Best Teamspeak Hosting

There are many options when it comes to hosting TeamSpeak 3 servers, as it is a decentralized platform, which means that you need to find a location for the servers before using the software. In order to pick the best, we knew it had to be perfect, so we took the hassle out of it and did the hard work.

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TeamSpeak 3 servers work as dedicated servers and are available on all Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android systems.

The best TeamSpeak 3 server host you can buy in 2017 is We made this decision based on our knowledge of what is required from a server host when it comes to voice communication software. GameServers has been the largest game server provider with over 400,000 customers over the years.

GameServers is a definite favorite due to the variety it offers, affordable pricing, and scalability options, making it suitable for almost anyone using TeamSpeak 3. GameServers has excellent customer support and issues can be resolved within 4-5 hours.

With game servers, you can fully integrate TeamSpeak into various games and ensure that you can play multiplayer games using the game’s language.

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One thing we love about GameServers is that you get a 5 day 100% money back guarantee. This may seem like a completely normal thing, but it means that game servers are putting their money where their mouth is. Not only do they have full confidence in their products, they also offer you a refund if you’re not satisfied with the server’s performance.

The server is up and running in minutes, so you’ll know for sure after 5 days if you’re happy with what you got.

This is the main feature of GameServers that you have an available list of global servers. If your server is in a country that works for most of your clan members, you can remove layers. You want everyone to communicate in real time, especially when you’re trying to compete in an online multiplayer game. With the right server location, everyone can hear each other in near real-time, which means overall better communication.

Best Teamspeak Hosting

The special thing about GameServers location feature is that you can change your server location anytime for FREE. Choosing a location isn’t make or break, so if things don’t go your way or seem a little late, you can change your location easily and for free. The only thing is that you can only change it up to 4 times a month or about once a week.

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GameServers uses an easily customizable control panel. You can easily manage and modify everything related to the server and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

TeamSpeak servers are up and running in less than 2 minutes after purchase when you purchase through game servers. This is ideal because it means you can start talking and playing within minutes of deciding to start your server. No need to wait.

GameServers gives its users many options to fund your account and pay for a TeamSpeak server. With the ClanPay feature, you can share payments with clan members or colleagues. You’ll get your own page on the site where those you share with can visit, view the server, and make donations and deposits directly into your account, which you can then use to pay off your debt.

GameServers offers a completely reasonable and scalable pricing model, starting from just a few euros per month for 10 slots, with up to 15% discount if you want to pay for a long term like 12 months. The model will cost up to 50 euros, which will provide 250 slots. Inevitably, if you have a huge community of friends and clan members, you’ll probably pay quite a bit of money, but the ClanPay feature will make it very affordable very soon.

Singapore City, Singapore Teamspeak 3 Servers Start At $2.00

We strongly recommend using game servers to host your TeamSpeak 3 decentralized server. You’ll benefit from its competitive pricing, security and money-back guarantee. The features and benefits offered by game servers combined with the features of TeamSpeak itself, you get an unmatched combination of voice communication.

Our goal in creating this review was to provide you with information about the best of 2017. TeamSpeak 3 server hosting option and it was the best we found.

TeamSpeak 3 is the current version of TeamSpeak, a voice-over-the-internet communication software that allows users to talk to each other as in an Internet conference call. The target audience for TeamSpeak came from gamers, as they were the audience that mostly used the computer, although they had some need for voice communication with their teammates. Now the target audience is anyone who needs to communicate with other members of the group, so it can easily spread between gamers and entrepreneurs.

Best Teamspeak Hosting

The current version of TeamSpeak 3 has been in development since 2004, which means it’s been in production for a very long time. During that time, they completely rewrote the software and tried to keep future users updated on the blog where they used the changes. Although the software was first scheduled to be released in 2006. in the middle, it reached the public only in 2008, and then it took until 2011. August until the beta versions were finally pulled and replaced with the stable, final release of TeamSpeak 3.

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You can use the servers we have recommended for chatting. You’ll be able to share your TeamSpeak server address with friends, teammates, colleagues, or anyone else you want to talk to. You can then use the official free TeamSpeak desktop client to connect to the address and start chatting with anyone on the same server. It really is that easy.

TeamSpeak 3 introduced the use of unique IDs that are randomly generated during registration. Each ID includes a nickname that can be changed at any time to suit the person holding the account. A unique ID replaced the need for a user to register on each server, as the ID is now used across servers to grant permissions to the user.

TeamSpeak 3 now uses an improved update system, which means you only need to update the necessary files to get the latest version of the software. Updates are faster and more efficient, without having to download TeamSpeak every time. There are also newer, new features such as a system that allows you to upgrade the sound of the microphone to improve the quality of the microphone.

TeamSpeak itself claims that TeamSpeak 3 provides unparalleled functionality to the customer, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user of online communication software. Powerful features and performance combine to create the ultimate voice powerhouse.

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Superior Voice Quality: TeamSpeak 3 provides users with superior voice quality compared to other voice communication software. In addition to the usual microphone controls, they also have built-in automatic microphone volume control, including background noise reduction and automatic echo cancellation to ensure a clear connection at all times.

High scalability: TeamSpeak 3’s highly scalable architecture makes it easy to scale from two-person group chats to massive conferences with thousands of participants worldwide. The ability to scale seamlessly is a key feature of communications software, as you can easily go from a small group chat to a large conference call in a matter of hours.

Built-in Privacy: Fortunately for most users, TeamSpeak was designed with privacy in mind. They don’t track conversations, there’s no official “logging” to save your voice or text conversation. TeamSpeak does not reach anyone, so it becomes private.

Best Teamspeak Hosting

File Transfer: File Transfer is a unique and powerful feature of TeamSpeak that allows you to maximize your

Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting

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