Best Shared Hosting 2019

Best Shared Hosting 2019 – Shared hosting is an affordable way to host your website. This type of hosting sees you share the same server with other users to host your various websites. All of you will get a little bit of that server to use, keeping the price nice and low!

The downside of shared hosting is the limitation of your resources. Think of it like living in a house – you each have your own room, but you still share dish soap and toilet paper. If one person in your house has a lot of people and spends all these things, then you have nothing left!

Best Shared Hosting 2019

Best Shared Hosting 2019

For your website, this means that your site will run slower – or even crash – if another site is using a lot of your resources. This can happen if another site experiences a sudden increase in site traffic.

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Shared hosting is best for single-page and standalone sites. Consider a blog or business site that doesn’t require a lot of on-site interaction (those that take bookings over the phone, for example, rather than through a website).

It’s not a scalable hosting option, so it’s not good for you if you need high-quality content like a large image gallery or if you want to sell online. For that, we recommend VPS hosting instead.

Many hosting providers offer shared hosting. With so many options, how do you decide which one is best? That’s where we come in. We’ve done our own extensive research to find the best hosting providers.

Your site deserves the best, so check out eight shared hosting providers and find out which one is right for you:

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This article will break down each of these top providers and determine which is the best fit for your hosting needs. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each provider, as well as their prices. We’ll also feature some popular providers and share our top tips for choosing a shared hosting service.

At the end of this article, you will know which hosting provider is best for you, based on our detailed expert analysis.

You can see the main features of each provider side by side in the table above. All prices shown are promotional offers for new users. Hosting companies almost always offer these deals for new customers, and the price is worth using!

Best Shared Hosting 2019

Just remember: these prices will reset to higher levels once the promotion period ends. The upgrade period is usually between one and three years, but it varies between providers, so it’s worth checking.

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Disk space is the amount of data storage you have available for your website on a shared server. This makes it a very important part, as you need enough disk space to hold all your website content (eg images, files and web pages).

Uptime is the amount of time the server is running. This shows how often your site will be up and available online, instead of going down due to an unreliable server. 100% uptime isn’t realistic, but HostGator’s 99.99% is pretty impressive.

Ironically, the number of sites refers to the number of sites you can host on your shared hosting plan! Most providers offer one or two pages in their lowest plan, but if you need more than that, you’ll need to upgrade to unlock unlimited pages.

Monthly visitor numbers show you how many visitors your site can handle as part of your hosting plan. Different sharing plans have different limits, and if your traffic exceeds this amount, then your site will slow down – or even fail.

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InMotion is the best hosting provider in the market. Unlimited disk space and high uptime, combined with free backups, make for a complete hosting package.

InMotion offers three shared hosting plans: Lite (only for WBE users), Launch, Power and Pro. All plans give you a free domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email. All three also offer marketing tools, free hosting, and free SSL security.

Lite is the most at $2.49 per month. The power plan of $7.99/month is InMotion’s best customer, giving you six websites and twice the performance of the starter plan. The Pro plan is the highest at $12.99 per month, offering unlimited websites, professional-level support, and four times the performance of the release plan.

Best Shared Hosting 2019

HostGator is a big name in the hosting world, and for good reason! It is the best hosting provider in the market, and this high performance is reflected in its shared hosting plan.

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All three of its hosting plans give you premium features, including easy one-click installation, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL certificates. Enter the high rate of 99.99% and this shared provider is the best choice!

HostGator’s Hatchling plan is the cheapest at $2.75 per month, giving you basic tools in one domain. The Baby plan is the next level, costs $3.95 per month and unlocks unlimited domains. The highest plan is the business plan for $5.95/month – this gives you more technical features, such as a dedicated IP and free search engine optimization (SEO).

HostGator offers a comprehensive shared hosting plan. Its focus on simplicity and cost makes it an excellent choice!

Bluehost offers many extras like domain encryption, but it can offer better value for money compared to its competitors. Still, it’s right up there with InMotion in terms of shared hosting features, and is right on HostGator’s heels with a 99.98% score.

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It comes with many extras, including regular automatic backups, a domain manager, a spam expert, and a content delivery network that improves CloudFlare’s performance.

The basic plan speaks for itself. For $2.95 per month, you get all the shared hosting plans to host a basic site, including one website, 50GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and SSL security.

At $5.95 per month, the Plus plan is only $3 more, but it increases your range significantly. You open unlimited pages and unlimited security, as well as unlimited domains and subdomains, $200 in marketing offers and a spam expert.

Best Shared Hosting 2019

Bluehost supports its Choice Plus plan. This costs $5.95 plus a subscription price, so it costs nothing, and you get everything from the Plus plan, with the added bonus of domain encryption and CodeGuard Basic site backup.

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The Pro plan costs $13.95 per month and is the perfect option if your website needs a boost. It gives you more power than the other three plans, as it comes with advanced features, including a high-performance server.

Bluehost is also the number one WordPress hosting provider, so if you have a small WordPress site, this might be the shared hosting service for you.

A2 is a solid shared hosting provider, offering great value for money with great hosting features. Unlimited disk space and free website downloads are just two extras that make this provider a top choice.

You’ll also get exceptional customer service – if there’s a problem with your server, A2 Hosting will let you know right away, so you’re never left in the dark trying to figure out what’s wrong. .

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A2 Hosting prides itself on speed, reliability and support – and these values ​​are reflected in its three pricing plans. The Lite plan costs $3.92 per month and offers one website, one database, unlimited storage and transfers, free SSL security, and free SSD storage. Swift’s $4.90 per month plan offers all of this plus unlimited websites and databases.

The Turbo plan is the most expensive at $9.31 per month. This gives you speed tools, including A2 Site Accelerator and Turbo Server, which can speed up page loading up to 20 times.

A2 Hosting offers speed, support and reliability in its hosting plans, making it a solid choice for your website.

Best Shared Hosting 2019

DreamHost offers several shared hosting plans and is one of the most recommended WordPress hosting providers.

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It’s not the strongest in terms of help and support or uptime, but with a 97-day money-back guarantee and a great price, you can’t argue with DreamHost’s value for money.

The Starter Shared plan costs $2.59 per month. It gives you one website, free domain, unlimited traffic, fast SSD storage and free SSL certificate. WordPress comes pre-installed, saving you time and effort.

The Unlimited Shared Plan is an upgrade that costs $7.95 per month. This comes with everything from the Starter plan and unlocks unlimited websites and unlimited emails tailored to your domain.

The features you get for these prices mean that DreamHost earns the coveted title of “best value for money.” DreamHost also supports WordPress, and with pre-installed, shared features suitable for WordPress sites.

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SiteGround promises fast and secure hosting, making it an excellent choice for personal and small business sites. SiteGround offers shared hosting features, excellent help and support options and 99.98%

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