Best Hosting For WordPress 2019

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Best Hosting For WordPress 2019

Best Hosting For WordPress 2019

If you’re looking for high-traffic WordPress hosting, your focus is obviously different than someone looking for cheap entry-level WordPress hosting. Price becomes less of a factor and performance and reliability take center stage.

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To help you find the best hosting for your high-traffic WordPress site, we’ve rounded up five great hosts used by real, high-traffic sites.

Let’s be real – these WordPress hosting providers are definitely not the cheapest hosts around, but they offer good value.

And help you reliably and quickly load your site for tens or hundreds of thousands of visitors. You can usually expect to pay $50+ per month for these hosts, although I’ll point out some cheaper options depending on how “high-end” your high-traffic site is.

Kinsta is a popular managed WordPress host that uses infrastructure powered by the top-tier Google Cloud Platform, which is the same infrastructure that Google uses for its own services.

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In addition to a performance-oriented architecture for high-traffic sites, Kinsta also offers convenient features for WordPress users such as easy to perform, automatic daily backups (

Kinsta is where we host the blog and you can learn more in our detailed Kinsta review. received more than 10 thousand

Kinsta has several plans for different needs, so this is not an exhaustive list.

Best Hosting For WordPress 2019

Like other managed WordPress hosts, each plan has a monthly visit limit. Kinsta will not shut down your site if you exceed this limit, but you will have to pay the excess and/or upgrade to a higher level. The excess is $1 per 1,000 visitors over the limit:

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Pagely is one of the oldest managed WordPress hosts and a pioneer in the space. While many WordPress hosts are moving “downmarket” to provide more affordable plans for casual users, Pagely is actually moving “upmarket” and focusing on quality and service over price.

Pagely’s prices are definitely not cheap, but you’re probably not looking for the cheapest option if you want the best WordPress hosting for high-traffic sites.

), WP Engine has definitely cemented its place as one of the most popular and well-known managed WordPress hosts.

WP Engine brands itself as a “digital WordPress experience platform,” which I think means more than just hosting. For example, you get the popular Genesis framework and child themes for free thanks to WP Engine’s acquisition of StudioPress.

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Like Kinsta, each plan has a monthly visit limit, and you’ll have to upgrade (or pay an extra) if you exceed that limit. WP Engine’s overpayment is the same as Kinsta’s at $1 per 1000 visitors to your limit:

Pantheon is a popular managed WordPress host that offers a scalable infrastructure built on the Google Cloud Platform. In this respect, it is similar to Kinsta, although Pantheon uses a different technology stack on top of Google Cloud Platform.

In addition to a very efficient technology stack, Pantheon also includes many convenient features such as multiple game environments, automatic backups and updates, and more.

Best Hosting For WordPress 2019

Like Kinsta and WP Engine, Pantheon’s plans have a traffic limit, and you’ll pay extra if you go over it. Pantheon’s overhead is higher than these two hosts at $2.50 per 1000 hits:

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SiteGround is perhaps best known for its budget-friendly WordPress hosting plans, which bundle advanced features such as staging, server-level caching, automatic updates, and more for an affordable price. package.

. GoGeek’s top-tier plan supports ~100,000 monthly visits, and smart caching/optimization can help you exceed that.

However, a better option for high-traffic sites is SiteGround’s cloud hosting plans, which offer dedicated (and managed) resources at an affordable price. (You can learn more about cloud hosting by returning to the list of related posts at the top of the page.)

SiteGround does not enforce any arbitrary restrictions on visitors. SiteGround lists expected visits for shared plans, but these are only estimates, not hard limits.

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On shared plans, SiteGround’s actual limits include CPU usage, while cloud plans don’t have arbitrary limits because you’re paying for dedicated resources:

You can also configure your own custom cloud plan. SiteGround has a calculator tool to help you calculate the price based on your needs.

Before we get into the list, let’s quickly discuss some considerations for hosting a high traffic site, as this will give you some insight into why we chose the hosts we did:

Best Hosting For WordPress 2019

Caching is a great way to speed up your WordPress site and reduce the load on your server, which is especially important for sites with high traffic. Although there are many great WordPress caching plugins that can help you implement caching

Best Free WordPress Hosting Options For Your New Website (2023)

, the more efficient approach is usually to serve cached content at the server level, as it completely eliminates the need to load WordPress/PHP when serving cached content.

Most cheap WordPress hosts are able to offer budget pricing by “sharing” resources with other sites on the same server. This is good for a low traffic site, but not a good choice for high traffic WordPress sites. Instead, you want dedicated resources just for your site. While a dedicated server can provide you with these resources, a more popular method you will find is to use cloud hosting from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or other cloud providers. You still get dedicated resources for your site, but it’s easier to scale and reconfigure as needed.

Nginx is a web server and reverse proxy that is especially popular with high-traffic websites, as it can often outperform the popular Apache web server in high-traffic situations. While the Apache

Market leader in the web server space, Nginx is the market leader whether you look at the top 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000 most trafficked sites. So for one

How To Save Money On Choosing WordPress Themes: A Guide

Future traffic. To handle this, high traffic WordPress hosting should be able to easily scale your plan as needed. Most of the hosts on this list use cloud hosting infrastructure, which makes it easy to add resources when you need them.

Uptime is important for all websites, but it is especially important for websites with high traffic because the impact of downtime increases. Not working for thirty minutes on a low traffic site? You can influence more visitors. On a high traffic site? You can negatively impact hundreds or thousands of visitors. Don’t just take lip service to marketing copy – look for an actual legal service agreement (SLA) that guarantees specific uptime and offers compensation options if the host doesn’t meet that guarantee. You usually get a refund or credit if a host doesn’t meet the uptime guarantee.

A content delivery network (CDN) can help speed up your global load times and reduce the load on your server by delivering static content from a network of servers around the world, not just to one server where your site is hosted. host Many premium WordPress hosts now offer integrated CDN functionality to improve performance without being forced to integrate with a third-party CDN service.

Best Hosting For WordPress 2019

That concludes our thoughts on the best premium WordPress hosting for high-traffic sites. They are all high-quality hosts, so your choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

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That said, considering the information above (and if you don’t have a favorite among these hosts), we say you should try Kinsta first (our pick) and see how you like them. They offer a large number of different hosting tiers, so you always have room to upgrade if needed, while the entry-level plans are relatively affordable.

Do you have questions about which of these hosts best suits your needs? Ask in the comments!

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