Best Free Vps Hosting

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A virtual private server (VPS) is the Rolls-Royce of web hosting. Your own place on the web is under your full control. However, this means that you will want to handle your choice of the best VPS hosting providers carefully. A bad decision and purchase can have a negative impact on your website, its traffic and your revenue.

Best Free Vps Hosting

Best Free Vps Hosting

As such, this post 😎 will look at some of the best VPS hosting providers on the market. We will compare each in a number of areas and provide a useful table to see the differences at a glance.

Easily Free Up Space On A Vds Or Vps Server

If you want a quick overview 🏎️ of what each VPS hosting provider offers, you’ll want to check out the table below.

It will not tell the full story. For that, you’ll want to read πŸ“’ the deeper entry for each host further down in this article.

In the rest of the article, we’re going to look at some of the best providers that offer VPS hosting. The list is in no particular order, so you’ll want to use all of the options here.

We’re also going to split πŸͺ“ each host into a few fields. At the end we will present our summary table again. At this point, you will know which VPS hosting is right for you:

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You can choose between Linux and Windows servers, and with the former you get even more choice. For example, you have options for two different operating systems (OS, ) and you can choose from three different control panels.

Server power is also robust. However, as you move through the different price tiers, you will receive more ‘groan’ to power your websites.

Liquid Web prides itself on its support provision, and there is plenty available. They guarantee live chat, phone and help desk responses in less than a minute. Liquid Web provides 24 hour support to all users.

Best Free Vps Hosting

There is also a knowledge base to help you ‘self-serve’ your enquiry, and a content hub offering longer form guidance, white papers, webinars and much more.

Best Virtualization System To Create Vps

There are a staggering number of VPS plans to choose from. Linux server types have eight tiers to choose from, based on whether you want to bundle other software with your server. You’ll be looking to spend $25-145 per month, but that depends on you paying two years in advance.

For Windows-based servers, there are four pricing tiers. You’ll be looking at paying $65-190 a month for the privilege, but again, you’ll have to pay two years up front.

What’s more, a VPS hosting package offers good coverage. You have access to SSDs for your storage, almost unlimited bandwidth and managed provisioning.

The advanced features offered are also good. For example, you can use IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, choose between Apache or Nginx servers, and you can use several different languages ​​within the server itself. Regardless of whether you use PHP7, Python, Perl or Node.js, you have a solid core server that will support it.

Free Vps Tricks

DreamHost offers a number of ways to resolve your queries, but in most cases you will collect a ticket from your control panel. Our experience of this is excellent, with quick response times around the clock. Independent reviews also have a lot of good things to say.

The knowledge base also has many useful articles, and we can always find a relevant entry before we have to reach the other support channels. Speaking of which, there is also a community forum. This is a busy part of the website, and can provide a lot of value for quick questions related to other people’s experiences.

Here are four plans to choose from, ranging from $15-120 per month. This price drops depending on how long you commit: three years of billing means you pay $10-80 per month.

Best Free Vps Hosting

DigitalOcean offers an excellent unmanaged cloud VPS hosting service – an industry standard that is hard to beat.

Awesome Ways To Use A Vps

The provider offers shared and dedicated ‘Droplets’ – its name for server space. Within that division, you have a number of other variations to help you find the exact server setup you need.

Although you can only use Linux servers, there are a number of operating systems that you can choose from. You can even upload a custom OS, in case you have a favorite that DigitalOcean doesn’t provide.

It’s hard to judge customer service for a company you never have to contact! DigitalOcean is a solid VPS host, but if you need it, you’re in luck.

Unlike other hosts, DigitalOcean offers different levels of support. Free tier offers email-only support with 24-hour response. However, you can spend more to get a dedicated agent, faster response times and more.

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There is also a voluminous documentation center which serves as another reason not to contact support. Often we can find the answer here, and that means we haven’t

DigitalOcean is another provider that offers enough layers to make your head spin. However, the difference here is that you won’t consider many of them.

Instead, you’ll want to choose a tier that starts at $4 per month. The more grunt you need from your server, the higher the cost: it reaches $96 per month.

Best Free Vps Hosting

If you want guaranteed resources, near-automatic scaling, and excellent support, SiteGround should be at the top of your list.

Best Vps Hosting Solutions With A Free Trial In 2023

The cloud host offers much of the same quality as its other hosting options. You’ll get Git and WP-CLI support, along with staging functionality. SiteGround also offers a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for free as well.

Here’s a spoiler: SiteGround’s support provision is gold standard. In all our dealings with the support team, we have never had a bad experience. You can open a ticket from the dashboard, or jump to a live chat instance. However, the responses are quick, detailed and always end with a solution.

There is less documentation or knowledge base. However, this is not a problem due to the excellent level of support provided by the other channels.

SiteGround offers a clear set of pricing tiers for its VPS hosting. All offer plenty of power, probably more than most need. You’ll spend $100-400 a month here, although that goes down if you opt for up to a year.

The Best Free Vps Providers For Running A Small Linux Box

You’ll probably recognize Bluehost as a budget WordPress host that’s great for first-time users. However, its VPS offering can give you a great upgrade over ordinary shared hosting.

It’s a simple option that doesn’t include many advanced features. However, it provides you with managed and dedicated resources, SSDs and round-the-clock support.

Bluehost offers phone support and live chat, but no email option. It is not as flexible as other hosts, although there is a good knowledge base on hand to help.

Best Free Vps Hosting

Despite the killer VPS offering that’s easy on the wallet, Bluehost’s support offering could do more for customers. Other users seem to agree too, although if you have experience with VPS hosting this will be less of a factor.

The Best Free And Paid Control Panels For Your Vps

Just like its regular plans, Bluehost’s pricing is simple and cheap for the initial year. From there, that heavy discount rises to a standard rate.

You will spend $20-60 per month for the first year, increasing by 50% for the second and third year. Yes, that’s right: you only get this introductory rate if you sign up for a three-year plan.

InMotion Hosting offers managed VPS packages that give you plenty of power under the hood, but less in the way of additional functionality.

However, you have technical features that will keep your server and website running fast. For example, it uses Brotli file compression, Nginx server architecture and SSDs. Combined with the great server specs, you have no reason to expect your website to run slowly.

Things You Can Do With Your Vps

InMotion offers a comprehensive support package. You can contact them via email, phone, live chat and support tickets. There is also a YouTube channel and a community forum. Moreover, there are many articles to browse through to find the answer to your question.

Overall, InMotion offers very busy support channels, which will help you resolve your query quickly.

InMotion Hosting has four plans to choose from. It will cost $26.99-79.99 per month. However, there are many options to register for a longer term. If you do, you can expect to see a reduction. In a three-year period, these prices drop to $17.99-53.99 per month.

Best Free Vps Hosting

You may have a number of questions πŸ™‹ about VPS hosting that we’re going to try to answer here. We can’t cover every question, but between the below and the deep dive above, you should have enough information to explore further later.

Best Asia Optimized Vps And Hosting Providers

VPS hosting gives you a piece of space on a server, just like other types. However, the difference here is that the service uses ‘virtualisation’ to provide you with private and dedicated resources for your space. This allows the hosting company to optimize the number of servers it manages, while allowing you to run your website on a virtual machine.

As such, the experience will be as simple as other types of hosting, but with more

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