Best Free Static Web Hosting

Best Free Static Web Hosting – Finding the best free web hosting plans for personal websites, projects, or just for fun can be difficult when you’re strapped for cash.

The best free web hosting plans should be able to give you enough freedom to test and produce your own web applications and websites. You should be able to host your static websites and simple web applications for free with the best free web hosting plans online.

Best Free Static Web Hosting

Best Free Static Web Hosting

Here is a list of today’s best free web hosting plans for quickly building and deploying web pages and web applications without thinking about the cost.

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Netlify is an open source content management system for building and hosting websites. Netlify offers a generous free tier for hosting static websites on the platform.

Vercel is a cloud platform for static sites and front-end frameworks built to integrate with commerce, headless content or databases.

By combining development best practices with a focus on end-user performance, Vercel helps teams work faster and more efficiently. Vercel speeds up the process of building, testing and deploying websites by compiling all the necessary code into a single file.

For non-commercial sites, Versal does not charge customers anything to host their applications in the cloud. Under the Vercel ‘Hobby’ pricing plan, you must use the CLI or custom Git integrations.

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Both paid and free plans are available with Vercel. For enthusiasts, even if your web pages or services become popular, you will never have to pay anything.

You can build, deploy, host, and manage websites and web applications in the cloud for free using Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies with a cost-effective way to deliver their websites and web applications.

Best Free Static Web Hosting

Whether you’re building a personal, marketing, rich media, or e-commerce website, AWS’s free hosting option will help you get started. AWS free hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static web applications and websites.

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GitHub has a feature called GitHub Pages that makes it easy for you to create a multi-file website hosted for free at or your own custom domain.

You can use static GitHub Pages websites for your organization, yourself, or your project directly from the repository.

GitHub Pages allows you to serve any static website directly from your GitHub repository. It allows you to host HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other assets for free. Just edit, click, and your changes will go live online.

Student developers can build, deploy, and run free web applications using the full range of free cloud services available through the Heroku platform and ecosystem.

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Heroku’s free plan helps you learn and get started on the platform. Heroku Buttons, Buildpacks, and many Heroku plugins also have a free plan. Heroku Free Hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static websites.

Firebase web hosting is offered for free, but once you exceed the limit set for free users, you will be charged for additional features.

Firebase Web Hosting is an easy way to host static websites because it offers an SSL certificate so your website is hosted securely with HTTPS. Google Firebase Free Hosting is one of the best free web hosting plans for deploying static websites.

Best Free Static Web Hosting

Use GitLab Pages to deploy a static website at no additional cost. Host your website for free as your own GitLab instance or on You can publish static websites directly from a repository in GitLab.

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To publish a website with GitLab pages, you can use any static site generator such as Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, Harp, Middleman, Brunch or Hexo. You can publish any website directly in simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript. GitLab Pages does not support dynamic server-side processing.

Surge is a cloud platform for hosting static websites for free. The plugin is very easy to use and offers customization options for those who need them.

With Azure Static Web Apps, you can quickly develop modern full-stack web applications with powerful static front-ends and dynamic back-ends through serverless APIs.

Free Azure Static Web Apps is one of the best free web hosting for hobby and personal projects.

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Host your website for free at Easily create, publish, and host Canva websites with search-optimized domains, password protection, and full responsiveness across all devices.

Create one-page websites such as biolink websites, event pages, landing pages, newsletters, and portfolios with Canva. You can add images, videos, text, graphics, charts and embeds to your Canva websites.

On the free domain, Canva Free users can publish up to five (5) websites, and Canva Pro users can publish unlimited websites.

Best Free Static Web Hosting

Here are some of the best free web hosting sites for hosting static websites, personal websites, and web applications in no particular order:

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Host A Static Website On Aws

The rise of static websites is the reason why old things come back again and again. Small and large businesses alike use static websites and their extensive benefits. Therefore, static websites are back stronger than ever.

Well, web development trends come and go, but one thing always remains – the desire for a high performing website. End user behavior is rapidly changing as they expect faster page speeds and a more engaging experience with no room for disappointment.

Web developers are constantly pushing websites to achieve more goals and adding more features to apps and sites to meet this demand. But in this process, the performance of the website is compromised.

Best Free Static Web Hosting

A common myth about static websites is that they are a new technology. Static sites have been with us for years, and they are the mainstay of web development. Early developers used vanilla HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create a website without any libraries, plugins, or frameworks.

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Simply put, the content of a static website remains the same after each visit, as opposed to where it changes. Your server generates these static files and returns them to browsers. These websites can get data from almost anywhere, including APIs, CMS, and other content files.

A static website avoids unnecessary complexity and focuses more on improving efficiency and performance. It does not depend on the database. Instead, it includes basic HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create stylish business profiles and landing pages.

As a result, it helps you say goodbye to long loading times and annoying lag. Therefore, developers can build fast, reliable and efficient applications to provide the best user experience while reducing development time.

Because serving a static website does not involve back-end systems, client-server requests, or database queries. It works with its servers always ready with fast HTML output. Additionally, it may include a cache feature to eliminate latency.

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With no database to exploit, no basis for unauthorized access, and no plug-ins or plugins to root your system, static websites offer much more security than a dynamic website. This way, you are protected from phishing campaigns, online spying, malware or any kind of data loss.

A static website is relatively easier to scale and respond to, while the overall application is more stable. The server can handle large traffic events due to the low load associated with static files.

Basic HTML files require less space which makes hosting these websites simpler and easier. You can reduce costs by directing your resources to merge automated builds or Git to merge system changes.

Best Free Static Web Hosting

If yes, then let’s find out the best platforms where you can host your static website to reap its benefits.

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With Netlify you can publish web projects from Git repositories without complicated server setup and maintenance. Automate your processes using its CI/CD pipeline for web developers. You can even preview the entire site to see what your website will look like before it’s published.

Deploy your static website to our global, multi-cloud CDN – Edge is designed to optimize performance. Netlify supports many third-party apps and tools, including plugins such as analytics, diagnostics, forms, and animal databases.

Use automated workflows through Netlify to simplify everything with atomic deployments, unlimited rollbacks and snapshots, cache invalidation, custom headers, DNS management, redirects, and proxy roles.

Netlify hosts your website on an additional global delivery network to deliver your web pages consistently and quickly. You can also manage your DNS zones through their dashboard.

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Stay secure with automatic HTTPS because Netlify provides free TLS certificates through Let’s Encrypt.

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